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This week on REDMOND'S Review, Darren discusses "The Power of Concentration," written in 1919. Theron Q. Dumont is the writer.

Power of concentration is the subject of this week’s REDMOND’S REVIEW. Darren highlights the fact that people, more now than ever are distracted by so many situations in their living environments.


Written in 1919 and free in the public record, “The Power of Concentration,” by Theron Q. Dumont is as important of a self help guide, as it was when it was written over 100 years ago. Basically, this book reminds the reader that we are creatures of habit. That we allow ourselves to embrace the habit of distraction. That we are far from too busy, but rather, we chose not to focus.

Learning and embracing the skill of concentration has a tremendous “upside” to moving forward in life and to a over all strategy of personal advancement. Concentration is a “muscle” that needs to be exercised, according to the author. Failure to exercise an individual’s concentration capacity is to let a persons ability to focus start to diminish.

Time and again, Theron Dumont gives example after example of the detrimental effects that the lack of the ability to concentrate brings forth.


It may be important to note, this book was written before the acceptance of A.D.D as variables to limits on concentration. Rather, the author gives very specific exercises a person can perform to help increase a person’s ability to concentrate. Free to read in the public domain, this may be a valuable self help book for anyone’s personal library.

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This week on REDMOND’S Review, Darren discusses “The Power of Concentration,” written in 1919. Theron Q. Dumont is the writer.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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By Darren Redmond

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