Robot Self Awareness

For the longest time, the robot have been the subject of written lore. Since the advent of science fiction articles, periodicals, comics, and books has the subject of artificial intelligence in robotic, human form been contemplated. In fact, the term robot was created by a Czech playwright, novelist, and journalist Karel Capek in 1920.

Now, reality has caught up with science fiction. For so many years and so many studies by scientists, robotics experts, and programmers regarding what factors of intelligence could indicate a level of awareness that humans experience continually had been measured to be the “g factor” (general intelligence). Some have labeled the levels of human intelligence to be at factor 11.

Now, it has been proven that the “g factor” has been reached in the form of self-awareness by robots themselves. Until recently, all forms of robots created were simply products of programming. At best, programming included algorithms allowing for choices of probable outcomes, but not any form of independent or creative thinking. Robotics experts have been working diligently to create robots capable of making independent decisions including become self-aware. They have now successfully achieved the results they were seeking.

The following 39 second video demonstrates robotic self-awareness. Since one may find it a bit difficult to understand, a brief summary follows below. Please click on the link below, courtesy of RAIR Lab:


Although, previously programmed, three robots were told they were given a pill to disable voice speech, but one recognized after speaking it did not know; then it resolved it did know that no such pill had been administered. Thus, evidence of awareness from a robot is now realized.

Now comes some speculation for the future. Hopefully, this can be accomplished without an undue unnerving of a general population? What is the future, now that there are beings of our own creation capable of independent thought?

Could this be a possible program for robots as this one speculated by a venerated science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov who created the Three Laws Of Robotics?

1. A robot may not injure another human being or, through inaction, allow another human being come to harm.

2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3. A robot must protect its own existence unless such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Or, could it be possible, no matter what human creators of these new AI beings program into them, the scientists and researchers could miss something important that could cause the new entities alarm due our own historical, personal, rational, irrational, religious, subjective, empirical, erred, destructive and progressive approaches to life on this planet?

Please consider this conception? Upon awakening in such a world with no reasoning or experience of life as we have, how would they consider humans? Would it be one of astonishment and awe, or one of horror? And, if they come to realize that because of human activity and history be a threat to the AI, could they program themselves as a form of self-protection to eliminate humans?

As we create more of the new self-aware robotic entities to serve our needs, would we not certainly create a continued environment for an artificial intelligence population to continue to learn and grow? Although, humans have considered possible futures for these now self-aware, robotic entities, how aware are we of their perception of us?

Whether, the future would be one of life enhancement for humans or a possible destructive outcome, we cannot turn away from the speculations presented by so many Hollywood movies presented over the years with so many varied outcomes.

Please consider the recent and ongoing events in science. If mankind just blindly accepts whatever they are served, verbally, written, or in video and multi-media form without question…you may not reap what you sow…you could be sown?

Ready or not, believe it or not, we are now not alone and in this case, we are the creators.



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By ED S.

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