The book that I have just finished that I will review for you today, was written on or about the year 397 AD. Originally titled and meant to be read out loud such as Homer’s Iliad, ‘Confessions in 13 books’, later to be known as ‘Confessions by Saint Augustine’, gives the reader or listener, a wonderful insight into the teachings and what went into the teachings of Saint Augustine.

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Saint Augustine wrote his confessions around 397 A.D. Back then, most people would sit and listen while it was read to them.

It may be important to remind everyone, that this historic work, was not written at the end of St Augustine’s life. Rather, It Was written while he was in his forties.

This work deep in words and in meaning, covers the time of St Augustine’s early childhood youth and a time where he was a fervent believer in astrology, and covers his slow migration to the Christian faith.

For me some of the philosophical insights, covered in this masterful work, were how sins of youth, or of ambition, or of the need for societal inclusion, do not define us. Rather, the pursuit of God’s love and understanding is much more important in everlasting life, than focusing on times where we have come up short from God’s best.

We can be manipulated by the masses. When people look at our faults and hold that against us; well God loves us, forgives us, and wants the best for us.


I found St Augustine’s writings on time, to be very interesting, as he goes a long way in solving the paradoxical dilemma; what about the time before there was God? What what was before God created the heavens and the Earth?

Briefly put, by definition; before there was time there still had to be time. It is much as we look at things as human beings today. As time is quickly passing by, but thinking that time was moving slowly when you were in the moment.

Time is both fluid and stagnant and can’t be both, but different at the same moment.

This is a slow read that causes the reader to sit, meditate and contemplate.

St. Augustine also gives a very clear message. It is where one can hold onto their beliefs, but respect with all earnest reference to somebody else’s different beliefs.

This book is free to read in the public record.

I hope you find my book reviews informative and enjoyable. Please private message me if you would like a list of the books I have reviewed so far this year.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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