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Saint Ignatius and his biography is the subject of this week’s choice of REDMOND’S REVIEW in, “The Autobiography of St. Ignatius.

Darren Redmond is the Director for a non-profit organization in Fresno, California. He is a consummate family man. Darren works hard to help other families and youth who battle with many forms of addictions.

Among other things in his busy schedule, Darren has joined Universal Digest as a contributing author to bring what he considers (as do many) important as a conduit for easy reading for his followers and readers, here.

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REDMOND’S REVIEW covers “The Autobiography of St. Ignatius” this week.


Originally published in 1643, the “Autobiography of Saint Ignatius” brings to us the first hand insight into the incredible transformation of a warrior to worshipper. Ignatius found himself briefly in front of those situating for the Inquisition in Spain, and help form the Jesuit order.

From having his leg almost blown off from a cannonball in battle, to making the decision whether to murder a man because of blasphemy, going back to school at the age of 33 when many at his age did not, putting into focus spiritual exercises and meditation to enhance one’s mind for clarity, Saint Ignatius, in his own words, brings the reader along during his transformation and spiritual journey. A teacher and nurturer of education, the Jesuit order and its approach quickly grew and its legacy is still being felt today.

Free in the public record, this autobiography captivates and informs the reader And, it gives everyone a glimpse into the world in which Saint Ignatius walked, as well as, the blossoming of scholastic thought and process he helped to manifest.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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By Darren Redmond

Darren Redmond has a Master’s Degree in Education and for over 22 years has worked directly in the field of Marketing , Advertising and internet products. Daren Redmond has also coached on the Collegiate level Division One and Division Three Athletes. The author is also a contributing writer to the Online Magazine, Universal Digest.