They say that it was abolished after the North won the Civil War. Yes and no. The slave owners were not allowed to own slaves anymore and that was a great win for the American civilization at the time. Lots of slaves stayed with their former owners on the farms, due to the fact that many owners were social thinking people and had a heart for the Black slave labor which worked the fields for them. Basically said, they were more or less Bosses and secondly, owners. They handled their slaves with respect, and when the war was finished, they paid that respect back to the him. By not leaving him in a clinch with lots of crops and nobody to harvest.

Slavery has been around since the civilization of mankind, they were simply called by different names according to the land and language used. But slaves none the less. And it continues to this very day. For slavery is not only when one is owned like a piece of furniture. Slavery is also when one has no other choice. Child and adult slavery is still very popular in many lands, because it is human nature that when you can, you tell others to do your work, ergo you enslave them. Bukowski-Modern-Slavery

Slavery takes on many different colors. Work slavery is the simple fact that since the industrial revolution we have become increasingly enslaved to Big Business and the names of the slave owners has also taken on a flair and style. With such fancy names as Manpower and the rest, we, on our own accord, are enslaving our selfs into low paying jobs (maybe even picking cotton!) while the conglomerates become increasingly wealthier.

Debt is another form of slavery, especially when the companies loan you money at exorbitant rates. Remember the man sang; “I owe my soul to the company store!” One only has to read the Credit Card statistics for the USA to realize just how enslaved some poor folks have become.

And what about the woman who would want to get a divorce, but knows that her man will kill her if she would even breathe a word about it? Marital slavery!

But one day it will cease to be, when we cease to be!

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