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Souls are protesting in multiple countries while we speak. And, not all of these souls are black. In this week’s book review from the annals of REDMOND’S REVIEW, Darren felt it important to publish this book review in light of recent, historical events occurring in the United States, as well as, in many countries of the earth.

So, let us hope cooler heads prevail in the coming weeks, as the global economies slowly return to some form of normalcy.


Penned in 1903, “The Souls of Black Folk” written by W.E.B DU BOIS, should immediately be placed in my opinion on the Mount Rushmore of books dealing with American history from the perspective of a sociologist.

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In this week’s REDMOND’S REVIEW, we learn of the view of the souls of black folk from W.E.B. Du Bois.

Specifically, the trifecta of first hand accounts, second-hand stories, and the use of music to enlighten the reader is incorporated into the telling the story of the tapestry of the black experience in America.

This is a book that resonates today, and is an extremely important work written into the fabric of American history.

This book, in my opinion, should be required reading for all who are in schools. If I ever was put into a situation to run a school system, I would add this to the curriculum.

For me, the anger, the sadness, the hope, and the causality, of much that still faces America today was brought to light in this masterful work written in 1903.

This is found free to read in literary domains.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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