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Google Earth View of Stripe Cloud

Stripe cloud formation crossed the earth from the north to south polar regions over a three-day period of time. It was noticed on Google Earth, hence the featured image from MrBB333 who created a YouTube video after being contacted from a witness who sent him four videos depicting the defined cloud-line phenomena.

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Google Earth View of Stripe Cloud

Universal Digest was alerted from a friend and contributor, Terri Wong, who posted in the California Digest Facebook group. I sent a response to MrBB333 because of the objective views he took to build evidence that this ‘fixed’ climatic event occurred over a three-day period with witnesses involved (Please see the YouTube responses). I have since contacted a friend and fellow researcher, Dennis, in the Netherlands. He corroborates the other witnesses claims of what he called a ‘weird’ phenomena in the sky that lasted for the day. Further, some responses to the YouTube video stated they, too, observed the strange strip cloud overhead that stretched from one horizon north to the horizon south, as well. One response from a witness claimed to live in southern California, USA.

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Stripe Cloud YouTube Video courtesy MrBB333. This is well done and objective.

As MrBB333 claimed, Google Earth claims this was just a processing glitch. I have seen similar glitches in the past while viewing Google Maps and Google Earth; however, it has not been anything quite like this.

Here is the YouTube video. Again, I consider this to be a fair and objective determination that this stripe cloud formation was certainly fixed and not affected from other cloud formations above and below this phenomena. Please view the evidence produced illustrating the stripe cloud being viewed from the International Space Station, as well as, being viewed from the ground.

UFO Sightings Hotspot wrote an article on this observations. Click their link here to view their input and what the Netherlands witness had stated. For public information, I have copied the responses in a caption below.

The witness who submitted the footage to MrMB333 writes:

“Just to share a really strange cloud line in the sky above the Netherlands I’ve spotted on February 20, 2018.”

“Some strange straight lined cloud formation, quite wide and reaching beyond the vanishing point of my eyes.”

“The cloud line seems to be of a different kind of cloud material then the other clouds around and behind it.”

To reiterate, Dennis, who also lives in the Netherlands reported to me pretty much the same detail of the event. He didn’t take any videos or pictures, but does validate it is what he saw, too.

As the saying goes: Sometimes facts are stranger than fiction.

Written By: Ed Smith

PS: After publishing this article, some continued interaction occurred with some physics friends. I propose this theory due to recent climatic changes in California. What if the polar-to-polar stripe cloud that crossed the earth for three days (February 19-22) was of technical origination? I contend the human mind is almost limitless in what it can imagine, conceive, and create. Whether we got help from those from ‘other’ places or not, this seems to be a benevolent situation. California is now receiving (from a reported-almost stagnant weather front) rain and cooler weather that is due to last the entire week. It is just a theory. Anyone who cares to comment below are most welcome to do so.

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