This is a Visalia UFO update regarding events occurring in Visalia, California in 2015. In short, after much research these cases remain unsolved and will be moved to the Universal Digest “UFO Phenomena – Unsolved” category until more evidence can be produced.

Beginning with the case from February 25, 2015, with article posting photos taken by Debbie Mancini with one witness, please click on the article link below:



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Continuing with the next case from June 21, 2015, with article posting photos taken by Terry Wood and three witnesses, please click on the article link below:



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To date, a total of 10 witnesses have made contact, yet four were unable to produce unedited evidence of the sightings so their stories are not included in this article. What is notable is their observations matched what is reported in the above encounters. Please note, as well, that the photographic evidence reported by the above witnesses has passed photo forensics.

Then, there was this discovery! While Terry Wood was reviewing his smart phone, which was new at the time of the encounters, he noticed he had taken a nine-second video of the UFO before it darted away at incredible speed. Video forensics is still underway from outside sources, yet this author does not want more time to pass without publishing this updated article.

The following is the unedited nine-second video of the object in the distance. Please feel free to scrutinize the video and contact us at Universal Digest. The comment area at the end of this article is available or one may wish to use our private “Contact Us” page to make a report:


Since 2014, there have been numerous sightings of UFOs in central California from Kern, Tulare, and Fresno counties. Some, as have been written in past articles by Universal Digest are to date, still unsolved. Anyone with any further, detailed evidence are welcome to contact us. Just this past week, a report was received here from a prominent UFO researcher and spotter of many years that he and two other witnesses encountered an unexpected sighting in a clear, night sky. Their determination: UFO…

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PS: Within two hours of this publication, four new reports have been received, including one more from Debbie Mancini. One came in from Fresno county, recently. Two weeks ago, from a report above Debbie and a witness had two sightings, inclusive of the last being seen on the way to Hanford, CA in Kings County. This author thought he was seeing things over the back yard area two weeks ago, as well. All those making comment are encouraged to contact the author. Thank you.

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Between September 15 – 28 of 2015 (essentially, September 23rd) is slated to be the range of days when an asteroid is to appear out of nowhere to strike the earth, causing an immeasurable catastrophic result with so many casualties it would cause a financial collapse and incorporate martial law.

The purpose of this article is to alert the general population of the fear-mongering by a select few groups and entities who are trying to make money, deceive (for idiotic reasons) and gain notoriety. If you want to blame the government, as usual, go ahead, but I wouldn’t give them much credit. They are humans, just like you. This stupid activity has been going on for a few months and recent history has shown a number of these errant prophecies to be the same or similar, as has been occurring over the years of recorded history.

Here is one of my favorite images from the past year or so indicating a must watch video:



This prompts the following statement: “We’re all going to die. I’m going to die, you’re going to die…just not today.” Now, stop for a moment and be realistic, in fact, try a bit of logic? If it is real, all bets are off, right? My opinion is that yes, at some point, something from outside earth will make contact; however, humans are horrible at keeping secrets and those who are in key positions would not be wanting to lie about it. Further, even with our fairly obscured atmosphere, one can see very well past it. There are thousands who are keeping their ‘eyes to the skies’ and something as large as an ‘earth-shattering’ asteroid would be detected. Yes, I understand there will be detractors to these statements, but we’ll talk about that on September 29th, okay?

Asteroid Hit Earth March 2015


Oops, sorry, we missed another date for extinction…doesn’t that just frost you?

So, let’s move forward to see what NASA has to say about this? Please read this (or just view the headlines and pictures) of this good article provided by I like how this is presented and you will understand a bit further down the article.


So, what do you think, now? Yes, the financial market has been hit, recently. Do you think it is because the financial marketeers are protecting assets and holdings because of a cataclysmic situation? Nothing could be further from the truth, actually. Interdependent, recent, global financial events have occurred. It is cyclic. Pure and simple…that is mead for another article, but not this one. All financial entities, businesses, organizations and yes, even governments and family power structures want success and growth.

Asteroid Chelyabinsk

There are events occurring all the time, as is the above picture of the recent Russian meteor close encounter event.

In the scheme of things and the totality of time, events have occurred of monumental proportions, they are occurring and they will continue to occur until there is notification we must take action. And, hopefully, that will be a prudent one.

Now, here is the good news, none of us get out of this, alive. Have you heard of the “Fountain of Youth” or an “Escape Space Vehicle” being really discovered and/or being implemented? This, too, is mead for another article.

As promised from an above statement, since, I am sure people can still read? I am really looking forward to the 2015-16 US Football Season, YES! Gotta love life! Just give to those you love the life you like? Truly, it will return to you…

Universal Digest

Thank you… 

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