Universal Digest has received a report of UFO activity from Farmersville, just six miles east of Visalia in Tulare County, California, USA. The following is a post-interview accounting of the incident viewed and photographed by two eyewitnesses.

UFO phenomena, now becoming more widely known as UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) events in the central California area have been reported by multiple witnesses in multiple sightings in 2015, especially in the Visalia, six miles west of Farmersville. These UAP sightings are continuing in 2016.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”Tulare County” location=”Farmersville, Tulare County” zoom=”10″ height=250] 

The witnesses produced a summary of their observation on social media. The following is their original statement:

At 11 pm I was heading down RD 156 in Farmersville with my fiancé going south. Just crossed over the railroad tracks and started slowing for the light. At Visalia rd/Caldwell when I looked off to my right and seen a bright orange light like street light color. I asked my lady see that. Is it blinking or moving? She said no. At first I thought helicopter or drone. From those houses west of Santa Fe. But then it dimmed still no blink. Revealing the star it was in front of and moved north at a shall pace. Then went south again at the same pace. I seen a faint red light going faster appear from the south end of it. And the orange one started going north again. Then dimmed more and started going north-west till it disappeared.
This pic is off that light no flash and from my phone. Look at it in the dark. Freaked her and I out seeing this whole thing.

Jason, the photographer of the craft, has given Universal Digest permission to use his first name and original, unedited photo (featured below):

Jason Avila UFO

As promised to Jason, Universal Digest consulted some experts for their opinions of the above snapshot. The results and comments were quite interesting.The featured picture was sent courtesy of Scott Browne. One of the most interesting comments was, “…the black upper and lower parts were weird…” produced by one of the photo diagnosticians. There are obvious structures just above and below the orange light, noted by all. The following are some enhancements we derived from the original photograph:

During the interview, Jason was quite glad to mention more details of the craft observation. What follows is a brief question and answer session:

Q: Could you estimate a possible size of the craft?

A: Size no idea all we’d seen is the orange light.

Q: Could you estimate a possible distance you were from the craft?

A: Cause at first I thought it was the helicopter light then realized it was moving wrong to be that. I was going down RD 156 going south. It was to my south west. Kinda over the Costco area of Visalia from where I sat and watched it till it disappeared (Insert: Relative distance according to this comment is two miles – pretty large craft).

Q: Could you estimate a possible altitude of the craft?

A: And coming up with a altitude is hard as well being all I seen was at night (Insert: Impossible to determine since no landscape was in the picture field).

The same day as the interview was taken, a gentleman commented that around the same time and day (on social media), he had observed two helicopters flying in close formation in the same area, but he was too far away to say for certain the crafts were military.

Jason was further candid in commenting his first sighting had been in a town not too far south in the central valley. He estimated he was around ten to twelve years old, at the time. Here are his comments:

…my friend asked if I wanted to see something crazy. (Well it was evening sun was down but the sky still glowed from it and stars were just starting to show.) I said sure. He said look up and was describing a star to look at without pointing and told me to not point at the sky. Once I found the star he was wanting me to find. He said point it out. As soon as I did it went from stationary to moving and gone in a second. He said he had don’t that a couple of times before same result. I’ve never been able to repeat it though.

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We at Universal Digest wish to point out to all how difficult it is, so often, for persons to come forward to share their experiences regarding unidentified flying crafts or other phenomena that is unexplained because of the possible ridicule or accusations that one is delusional. In Jason’s case, we applaud, appreciate and accept his accounting for exactly what it is. It is a truthful summary of an event that was quite unsettling. Had it not been for his friend, Mike Truesdell who supported Jason’s getting in contact with us, one would not be reading this article. Mike is a reputable UFO researcher in the area who has also had many experiences over the years. A sincere thanks goes to all those who helped with this publication.

Central California continues to be a hotspot of aerial activity that cannot be explained away as commercial or military. As always, you, the readers are free to make your own decisions; however, please be reminded Universal Digest has received similar accounting’s from over ten witnesses in 2015, alone.

Universal Digest

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Today, around 1:30 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time US) over New Jersey at Barnegat-Manahawkin, reports began of eight or nine mysterious sonic booms occurring as far north as New York state. Within one hour the speculations were rampant! Even Twitter noted reports of earthquakes, alien invasions and other possible exotic phenomena.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”New Jersey” location=”Barnegat-Manahawkin” zoom=”10″ height=250]


Universal Digest began following events as they transpired from whatever was available from news reports, as well as, social media. Interestingly, in this day and age of news information, reports from friends and contacts in social media proved to be less speculative than some other media sources. First reports online were recognized on our Facebook fan page and reported as reviews came in. Those who live in the areas effected reported tremendous shaking, loud sounds, and even snow being shaken off the roofs of buildings. To all friends who took the time to share their experiences, we cannot thank you enough.

NORAD (North America Aerospace Defense Command), USGS (United States Geological Survey), McGuire Air Force Base, and other area authorities were quick to respond to the sonic boom events. The first response officially noted was from McGuire AFB that stated they had nothing flying in the area. USGS stated there were no seismic activities indicating an earthquake potential. NORAD responded they were not tracking any kind of aerial activity that could produce such results. Of course, area authorities were quite busy responding, as well as, dispelling any type of dramatic events, but they were active in working to find answers.

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At the time of this article’s publication, it has been speculated that off-shore Naval aerial activity is what has caused the regional disturbance. Can this happen? Please read the following brief documentation to explain why the answer is yes. Further, please understand that no military operation is at liberty to divulge anything regarding activity performed in the interest of national security. Have situations occurred where the general population is aware of unusual activity? Again, that answer is yes.

Please do note this report, as well from a number of interested persons contacting Universal Digest. How come we had the same, recent events in South Carolina? This does not seem to be an unrelated occurrence, does it? What is going on? We are working to use common sense, here. Is there military activity going on to protect us, or are we being approached in some other fashion? Could it be from other international entities or from somewhere else?

Now, in retrospect, let us view and review what the “sonic boom” phenomena is. In an effort to accommodate the reader, this will be written in as brief a fashion as is possible.

Historically, such “boom” related events occurred as early as 1953. The result of the fly-by over the air force base damaged every building:

Sonic Boom Hyperbola - Sonic Boom Curve

In the early 1990’s over a wide range of the south-western US, especially the Los Angeles County basin an number of boom sounds were reported. This was attributed to the experimental, classified Aurora project, at the time:

Sonic Boom 7

In the 1980’s NASA made sure people knew that returning space shuttle flights would exude a “twin-boom” event, whether it returned to Edwards AFB or Cape Canaveral:

Sonic Boom Shuttle Twin

Even in the 1980’s the SR-71, now known as the “Blackbird” was a classified aerial event even for active enlisted personnel who were sequestered and not allowed to see the landings and takeoffs of the craft during refueling:

og: image

To finish with the best possible explanation of today’s event, Universal Digest wants the reader to consider the following factors: First, if something is falling out of the sky and/or entering the atmosphere, it is going to burn up and make an “aerial” mess. Second, if it is an earthquake, it will shake you first, not make a sound and/or make a sound with related land-visual effects, but not an above-heard sound. Third, if it is simply a sound from the air it will be something passing very much faster than the speed of sound and you will not see it. Fourth, if it is an alien invasion and the military has not warned everyone, yet? It is much too late to make such a consideration.

Respectfully submitted from Universal Digest.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, a hotbed of UFO sightings?


Unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and the Las Vegas connection of aerial phenomena have been one-in-the-same occurrences for many years, especially due to nearby AREA 51 and NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE with its constant military, commercial, and individual activity.

The purpose of this article is to take an objective view of media reports, especially in social media, relating to possible visitations by craft not of earth. What is real and what is misinformation, disinformation, embellishments and/or hoaxes of what is reported from media sources in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA? Please, question everything you see, view and read. It is well known that over 98% of UFO sightings cannot only can be explained, they are faked. Don’t forget the preponderance of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), Photoshop, and mobile phone apps.

Area 51 images of signage and warnings:

Nellis AFB images:

What is essential to critical thinking skills is common sense. It is most important to study and check sources before making a decision whether or not the article one is reading is accurate. Since a picture, as well as, a video can speak thousands of words while viewing published information from any media sources, one must be extremely careful. Is it a UFO, UAP, drone, helicopter, propeller craft, commercial jet, or even a military craft?


[themepacific_googlemap title=”Nevada” location=”Las Vegas” zoom=”10″ height=250]


This author has visited Las Vegas and surrounding areas for years. Further, after conducting many queries, interviews, meetings, source studies and related research regarding UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects), as well as, UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), the decision is not to reveal source names with a few exceptions, although permissions have been received. It is a pleasure to have met and conversed both verbally and in type with some very credible sources and to all of them, a respectful thank you is given.

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Please note, this article is not written to condescend or accuse any areas of media, organizations, groups, or individuals, as to authenticity or lack thereof in public posts. In fact, it is believed that the most misguided and/or errant reporting had its roots in a verifiable passion to tell the truth. Just report events for what they are. It is a free country with free speech. If one chooses to report false events, they can do so. Let’s face it, science fiction is most entertaining and does tend to become science fact. However, isn’t it time to be objective and truthful in one’s research from media sources to the public?

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, it was decided to take some pictures of local aerial phenomena. In just a few minutes, it was surprising how many interesting snapshots resulted. One brief video is also provided.

Here are some snapshots from the camera:

And, this is a brief video from the camera with sound:


The following is a short video taken by Greg McDaniel on YouTube, who with kind consent after quite an interview process, wanted to share what he discovered that others had claimed were UFO sightings from Red Rock Canyon area (visited a few times and have seen same as darkness had fallen). He noted they were the headlights from a park ranger’s vehicle. Mr. McDaniel has taken the time to complete objective research in related areas to state normal events occurred. His candid and honest approach is appreciated.

This is the following video of vehicle headlights in the Red Rock Canyon area where some had claimed there were UFO sightings. Courtesy of Greg McDaniel:

There has been a “mountain” of UFO activity being reported in the Las Vegas area over the last couple of years. However, from where does it come? Let us take a look at this “phenomena” as has been documented from social media sources. Recently, reports came in of hundreds of UFOs being sighted in the Las Vegas area, as an example. This query comes to mind: If such an event was true, would it not be reported, worldwide within one day! What does the reader think of this? Remember the “Phoenix Lights” event in Arizona in 1997?

What if someone would take pictures or videos of such aerial events or evening traffic flow of vehicles (as displayed above) in the Las Vegas and Clark County area? Isn’t it possible to make it look as if something unusual was amiss? Wouldn’t it also become worldwide news if multiple UFOs were actually flying or hovering over a constantly active city of millions of people, working or vacationing twenty-four hours a day?


West Las Vegas Area


Please view the “Nevada Triangle” picture. From credible sources it seems most sightings are occurring away from the Vegas area, mostly in California, Arizona, and east of the triangle, New Mexico. Not that there have been valid UFO/UAP sightings in the Las Vegas area, but now with the build up of Area 51 and Groom Lake area by the Air Force and other government agencies, it seems to be commercial and military.

Let us take a look regarding the present state of technology. Doing the best to keep up with military tech in aviation and space exploration, we cannot ignore the fact the United States (and some allies) has been much more than forthcoming in aerial development and space exploration. Example: Since the advent of the B-2 Bomber, anti-gravitational navigation has been introduced according to credible sources. Review this technology, online, if one is so inclined. It exists on YouTube, as well. Also, the latest “triangle UFO” sightings are becoming a “glimpse” at the latest anti-gravitational technology. Again, it seems most sightings are from our own military. The B-2 bomber has been viewed high overhead in the central valley region of California in the 1990’s when it was still classified.


The truth is the military is more than 100 years ahead of what is being publicly admitted, whether it is US or allied in origin. The next generation of fighter craft will be carrying laser equipped, energized pods to repel any other aerial phenomena aggressive tactics! This is subject matter for another, future article; however, addressing the fact of UFO/UAP activity in the Las Vegas area is the point.

Now, you, the reader can be the judge of what is really happening in the Las Vegas area. Is there much to present UFO reports, or is it more to do with airplanes, jets, drones, traffic lights, and helicopters?  

Universal Digest

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