A new galaxy has been discovered…

The wonders of scientific discoveries continue unabated with the latest being a ‘dwarf’ galaxy, approximately one-quarter the size of our own Milky Way by astronomers at the Cambridge Institute of Astronomy, in the United Kingdom. This anomaly seemed to appear out of nowhere so when the astronomers trained their telescope in the suspected area of sky, again, to their utter amazement, it appeared at maximum resolution.

What they discovered was the galaxy they have now named Crater 2 and it is dubbed as one of four actually orbiting the Milky Way in which earth resides. Previously invisible, astronomers had been noting radio signals emanating from that area of space. After exhaustive research, the galaxy has been pinpointed, yet because its star cluster is so diffuse it is considered quite dark compared to other astronomical entities.

The orbital distance of Crater 2 is approximately 380,000 light years away from our viewpoint. Astronomers at Cambridge contend this discovery is no less remarkable because of the difficulty in proving its existence. Other astronomers worldwide have commented that this is certainly a nice piece of research to achieve such results.

The following image depicts area star clusters where constant radio signals have been detected outside the Milky Way:

Galaxy Images From Radio Signals

The following image is a NASA picture of our own Milky Way galaxy:

NASA Milky Way

The You Tube video shown below comes courtesy of TrendsonFire. It is a bit tongue-in-cheek, yet it is also informative:

Although, we are moving headlong into the 21st century in our day-to-day lives, we must note that each day also brings new and exciting discoveries, many of which are constantly improving our lives in so many ways. Universal Digest wishes to recognize a contributor, Alex Rodriguez from the United Kingdom who brought information of this recent discovery to our attention.

One thing is certain in our future is constant change and more discovery!

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Extraterrestrials May Exist – Vatican Announcements

Last month, the press was notified, albeit vaguely, that the Vatican would again announce their acceptance that extraterrestrials may exist and it does not conflict with church beliefs. The claim was that Pope Francis himself may make such an announcement. Now, in June of 2015, some claim this may be a rumor since the announcement was not made. There may still be such a possibility with the Pope planning a visit to the United States in September.

In late 2014, I wrote the following article (with educational updates):

In Light of Vatican Announcements 2008 to Present – Extraterrestrials May Exist

In the confession booth the priest heard the parishioner’s request, “Bless me Father, for I have been abducted.” The priest gave the sign of the cross and stated, “Take your Bible and read Ezekiel Chapter 1, verses 4-28, Chapter 2 verses 1-10, Chapter 3 verses 1-15. Then, recite 3 Hail Mary’s and you will find peace. “Thank you, Father, Amen,” responded the parishioner.

There are three basic kinds of persons noted regarding UFO/UAP information: One who has experienced an encounter and knows it was not terrestrial; one who has not experienced an event, but chooses to believe and is interested in knowing more; and one who has not had an experience, does not choose to believe and does not care to know more.

For the record, I am one who has experienced events and knows what was experienced is not terrestrial and the first sighting was in 1967. Some most esteemed colleagues and trusted friends have not experienced an event; however, some who have are not only in agreement, they are promoting this analysis.

Although, I do know some who have not had an experience and do not care to know more, I do not fault these people because the concept of us being alone in the universe has been ingrained in our psyches for the longest time, until recently.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”Italy” location=”Vatican City” zoom=”10″ height=250]


Now, since there have been so many occurrences, events, reports, and history, which not only was the stuff in news, it has become the genre of advanced thought to date, of the increasing belief we are not alone and not only are being visited, but have been for many thousands of years.

There has been a cool flap, “Science fiction tends to become science fact.” I will take this statement further (and this, too is not new), “If you can think it, it can happen. Nothing is impossible except a closed or denying mind.” Scientists, physicists, authors, playwrights, researchers, producers, directors, and others have worked diligently to advance such themes. Something interesting is amiss, would one not say? Within the last one hundred years, increases in technology are hardly measurable to date, is it not? One of the biggest problems has been the creation of fake events and hoaxes to make money. That is where essence of learning is skewed and incorrectly directed.

Pictures shown below have been updated in a new format. Please click on any picture to view tile mosaic and to exit, either click on X in upper left corner or press “Esc” on keyboard of computer:

Now: Faith. Since the earliest thoughts I have had on this subject, one thing has been consistent; faith. It has not been shaken, it has increased. To wit, I would like to propose why the United States and a few other governments are not disclosing that we are not alone, they can’t! Still, in a society of immediate news and instant gratification in many areas, fully 50% of the population in the US alone would still be highly disturbed if it were known we were not alone to the extent there could be a societal collapse to a degree or worse. It is only natural that one of the most venerated and followed religions in the world should be the entity to reveal such a truth. The purpose of this article, for now, is not to expose, contest, or even mention more than has been stated thus far; it is to educate and help promote the human condition as best as can be. Please, think about what is written here. I hope to have kept the concepts submitted to be as simple as can be deliberated, at this point.

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That was last year, so please note we are in the most interesting of times and, even now, I see the changes in our society of a colder nature. Where is the mutual caring of our fellows. What, again, have the years and testimonials of the past brought us to be? May it be the next blockbuster movie?

Faith is a very personal understanding of the Universal Laws of Being. Faith is also a belief in eternal life that cannot be changed. It is not in any way, shape or form, something that can be destroyed by negative thought or action.

What is most important to know is there is something afoot, or it would not be news. This is my editorial.

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