Crew Researching Mice – Human Impacts

Mice and microbe research are underway aboard the space station.

Microbe and mice research continue on ISS. The aurora and the night sky above Earth’s atmosphere are pictured from the space station. A portion of the station’s solar arrays and a pair of nitrogen/oxygen recharge system tanks are pictured in the foreground. The three orbiting crew members living on the International Space Station today explored… Continue reading Crew Researching Mice – Human Impacts

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The aurora is pictured as the International Space Station orbits Earth during a nighttime pass.

Viewing an aurora lights display while passing over earth on the night side is nothing less than spectacular. Read on about the exciting scientific research and experimentation that continues. Not only are the crew of the International Space Station improving life in space, they are constantly streamlining and saving the space program money with the… Continue reading AURORA LIGHTS AND SCIENCE FROM ISS

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