Important What A Child Is…

What A Child Is...

A Child is and is not many things:

A Child  should not be a sounding board for arguments between parents or caregivers. This is important!

A Child can not be spoiled for they are not a food or an item…they can be disobedient, but not spoiled.

A Child is not  aware of your bad day…It is not their fault.

A Child trusts you above all else if you are the parent or guardian…never violate that trust.

A Child can not force you to cater to her/him and over indulge…that is a choice an adult makes…don’t blame the child.

A Child lives in a world that many times you help create…what will that world look like?

A Child during their first few years of life, learns how they will react or respond to the many years of life  later on…TEACH CAREFULLY.

A Child does not have the power to watch what you do each day when they are at school, but if they did, would they be learning something of value if they saw  what you are doing?

A Child learns not to speak ill of others or talk behind others back,  do they see us as caregivers doing the same?

A Child is is smart enough to learn that in games, some one wins and lose, allow them to experience that.

A Child is not going to melt if a teacher uses a red pen to correct an exam or paper.

A Child dreams, a child imagines, dont shatter that gift that a child uses to get the courage to grow.

A Child is taught to understand that some win and some lose, and to accept it with grace. How do we respond in the same situation?

A Child is not aware that others may not like their parents or caregivers for what ever petty reason, a child only knows they LOVE YOU.

A Child is a forever label …you are always and always will be some one’s child…

D Redmond

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