Perception – The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses – The normal limits to human perception.

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Perception – Reality

When reading the above basic definition of perception, I, personally, ‘perceive’ (pun intended), it as being rather vague in meaning, lacking descriptive value. It means so much more.

The term, normal limits to human perception is vague of and within itself. Unarguably, ‘normal’ and ‘limits’ can be ‘perceived’ in various ways by various individuals. What is the norm and is there a limit? Don’t get me wrong, the definition is correct in meaning. But being a deep thinker, I choose to dissect it’s meaning even further.

Our entire lives are based upon what we perceive. Not only by what we see, but what we experience and how we react to those experiences. Each reaction unique to and within itself. The perception itself is constant and the angles by which we perceive it are many. Most tend to view what they perceive from an external angle. But, how about the perception from within?

For example, most individuals tend to concentrate on their outer appearance. Their physical being, going the the gym, exercising, staying healthy, without even thinking about exercising their minds, as well. After all, the mind is where all perception is processed and a healthy mind is as equally important as a healthy physical condition. Perhaps even more so, whereas what our minds dictate, our bodies must endure.

From birth and throughout childhood, our outer perception undoubtedly has an enormous impact on what type of individuals we may be forged into by the environment in which we are brought up. This fact beckons the need to explore and perceive who we really are as individuals from within. Upon becoming adults, we must explore who we really are as individuals and what contributions we will decide to make to the world and others around us.

By becoming familiar with your inner-self, great benefits may surface. The first step being to believe in yourself and whatever it may be that you stand for. Meditation is a good way to start. Once connected to your inner-source, the possibilities become limitless.

Though most perception manifests through an external source, it is critical to rationalize that all feelings, decisions and reactions to that very perception come from within. Why you may ask? Because that is where the real you lies, from deep within. It may take some doing, but at least attempt to become familiar with the real you from within your internal source. Once accomplished, you may come to the conclusion that all else around you is merely an illusion.

Written By: Jim Andre


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