New Horizons On Pluto

New Horizons has reached the dwarf planet, Pluto and has sent back a library of digital photographic data that will take months to process!

Please view some of the pictures, as well as, some informational pictures and renderings regarding the solar system’s outermost ‘planet’:

NASA has provided a full coverage of the July 14, 2015 of New Horizons space probe flyby of Pluto. In recent weeks, we have been informed of the incredible progress and now the success of the mission was sealed today when NASA scientists verified that the New Horizons probe had survived the passing by of Pluto and is now continuing further outward from our solar system.

Please click on the following link to the NASA website to view and enjoy related videos and updates to not only the successful nine-year mission covering over three billion miles since its launch from earth on January 19, 2006:


What will the New Horizons space probe find next? Will there be new, amazing discoveries to be found as the probe approaches the Kuiper Belt? As noted by mission scientist, John Spencer, there is no evidence of impact craters and the icy mountains discovered on the surface rival the size of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. Further, methane has been detected on the surface by New Horizon’s atmospheric sensors. Also, Hydra, Pluto’s smallest ‘moon’ has been estimated to not be more than 43 by 33 kilometers in size.

Who discovered Pluto, originally? It was Tombaugh Regio in 1930. Now, seriously, how silly must one be to think these advances in exploration would be a passing whim? Since 1930, only 85 years have passed, which was almost directly in between the world’s most devastating wars in history. 

What will be the next major accomplishment of NASA’s well-planned and researched unmanned and manned space program?



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