Kevin Halsall and Larry Hollenbeck - OGO Experience!

Experience the OGO Evolution 1. I had a chance to do just that first hand at the Abilities Expo at the LA. Convention Ctr. in late February 2018. For me, the experience was to see first hand just how much of a life changing Experience the OGO could make in my life and the lives of many others.

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Experience the Ride! Larry and Kevin together in a full picture at the Los Angeles Convention Center

First, I was impressed with the turnout, not only from the people at the show, wanting to experience the OGO but, by the OGO Agents as well. They came from California, Florida and the Yukon. All were there to test ride the OGO, lend their support and gain knowledge about the experience to pass on to their customers. I was also especially impressed with the range of disabilities the OGO is able to handle. The mobility device uses Segway technology for balance and the active seat operated by the core muscles of the rider. It’s not only for those with immobility in their legs. Although, I did not witness this first hand, through talking to people who arrived before me, I was told of a gentlemen who was a quadriplegic, who gave an impressive display on the Ogo. Quickly picking up on the sensitivity of the device, and active seat motion, he was able to balance the Ogo with little movement, while stopping to talk. Then, he turned to go with ease. Proving to all who were watching, the Ogo has a wide range of use for many disabilities. The smiles that it brought to the faces of the people who told me the story, said it all.

During a brief lull in the crowd of people at the OGO booth, I had a chance to speak with the creator of the OGO, Kevin Halsall. What came across to me in speaking with Kevin was his genuine love for what he does. He told me a wonderful story in a few words, saying that aside from working in the shop, the shows are the only vacation he gets.

Kevin told me that he is dedicated to his work, but even more revealing, was that he loves to interact with people. After all, a convention show is hardly an easy job, believe me. He loves listening, and you can see it in his face. He quickly picks up on the needs of others and stores the information for future abilities of the OGO. This way he plans and anticipates on the intricacies of how to keep improving his invention.  He is great fun to speak with and I am privileged to call him a friend. I feel we have much in common in terms of improving the human condition.

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Kevin Halsall and Larry Hollenbeck – OGO Experience!

I did find an answer to my reason for testing the OGO. One of the habits you get into while using a wheelchair is that your attention and concentration is focused on the ground, looking for obstacles to avoid, such as pebbles and even cracks in the sidewalk which your wheelchair might have trouble crossing. Not so, as it goes with this mobility device. While I was riding the OGO, that’s what I was doing, looking at the ground out of habit without thinking. Kevin noticed this, and said, ‘Larry, look up at me.’ As soon as, I looked up he started to walk in a semi circle. It was then I realized I was keeping a constant distance between us, while looking at him and not at the ground. That was my life changing moment. Skills that I had used when I was walking came back, suddenly! Skills I had not used for many years returned. It was a wonderful experience. At that moment it was all I could do, to just smile, and make a mental note.

It was not until I had a chance to reflect on the experience that it brought me to tears. The thought that such a small thing could have so much power to change my view of mobility in my life. It put me back in sync with simple walking skills I had lost.

If I had to make a description and compare my OGO experience to something, I would have to say it’s like playing pool. All of the mathematics of angles and speed are done on a subconscious level, but you don’t notice it because you’re having to much fun enjoying the game. With the OGO, the fact that you are in constant balance and using your (mental) walking skills to navigate, is so very natural you don’t think about it. You’re having to much fun enjoying the ride.

I now understand the reason the OGO team picked the phrase ‘Grab Life by the Wheels.’ Riding this most incredible mobility innovation is a natural process that puts you in touch with all of the walking skills you know and love. In fact, I feel in balance and at harmony with life. With the OGO… The horizon is much less farther away and makes life’s challenges and adventures, much more accessible.

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OGO – A new ‘roll’ of Mobility

Written By: Larry Hollenbeck

Universal Digest Contributing Author and Graphics Expert

Universal Digest is most humbled to have in league such caring and talented contributing authors. It goes without saying that Larry Hollenbeck has provided some of the most beautiful graphics for this website and for all to enjoy. Thank you, Larry and all, as we move forward as a truly blessed team in 2018 and beyond.

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Abilities Expo 2018

Abilities Expo 2018 at the Los Angeles, California, USA, Convention Center hosts a plethora of activities booths covering many different programs and organizations that accommodate people with various forms of mobility issues.

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Abilities Expo 2018

This is the first year OGO Technology will be attending the convention to present and represent a most innovative form of wheelchair technology that has its origins in Segway tech. I have been honored that the principals of OGO Technology has accepted and posted some of the banners to promote their most innovative wheelchair that is revolutionizing the mobility market.

og: abilities
OGO Technology – Grab Life By The Wheels!

Please join us at the Abilities Expo, LA Convention Center, February 23-25, to kick off the New Ogo Mobility Device. This is the first major showing of the device and Ogo Creator, Kevin Hasall will be there with his good friend and tester of the Ogo mobility device, Marcus Thompson. Also in attendance will be our California Ogo Agent, Gretchen Ryan. They will be giving test rides on the Ogo and answering any questions about the device. They are urging everyone to Grab Life by the Wheels.

Want to add some exciting new activities to your life? Abilities Expo showcases a wide range of events that not only entertain you – they also give you the opportunity to try new things, expand your interests and discover ways to be more involved in the local Los Angeles area. Again, it is February 23 – 25, 2018, Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall A.

The convention hours are as follows: Friday: 11 am – 5 pm, Saturday: 11 am – 5 pm, Sunday: 11 am – 4 pm. Below is an image of the floor plan in the convention center:

The OGO booth is number 714. To note, there are hundreds of booths and many activities of interest occurring during the three-day event.

I am excited to be a part of this new, innovative business venture becoming established in the United States, originating from New Zealand. OGO Technology can also be found on Facebook. Their latest video can be found here for review. Thank you for reading this article.

Written By: Larry Hollenbeck

Editing By: Ed Smith




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Falcon9 rocket liftoff.

Falcon9 of SpaceX lifted off for its final launch mission of 2017. The main reason in writing this article is in response to the plethora of conspiracy enthusiast around the world thinking this was some sort of exotic UFO situation. It was not, in the least.

SpaceX stated that this was its eighteenth launch of the Falcon9 vehicle, sending another number of satellites into orbit from Vandenberg AFB (Air Force Base) from the central California coastal area. The 10 satellites launched are for communications and the Iridium NEXT group will be stationed at 388 miles above earth.

I was contacted from a number of friends who were wondering what was going on. Then came the conspiracies from around the world. Amazing how people can jump to conclusions and create something out of nothing without conducting any form of research first.

A very good friend of many years, Greg Mancini of Mancini Productions alerted me to his friend, Vernon Wagner, of Bakersfield, California who sent him some photos of the launch from his own camera. For the record, Bakersfield is at the same latitude and Vandenberg AFB so he had the perfect view. With appreciation, both Greg and Vernon have given me permission to mention them and share the photos submitted below. The featured picture is one of the ones taken. I wanted to share this from direct contacts and not from media sources to give even more credibility that this was simply a rocket launch. From here in central California, we see such missile tests and launches on occasion.

Then, a little later yesterday, another good friend of many years sent me the following photo she took from southeast Arizona.

og: falcon9
Here is a view of the Falcon 9 SpaceX launch all the way from southeast Arizona.

Thank you all who took the time to help me get this information out to the global public. I do recommend taking a responsible stance when viewing some of the ridiculous publications and/or posts trying to portray this as some sort of exotic UFO event. It certainly is not!

As promised, Greg and Debbie Mancini of Mancini Productions have been operating ‘A Bridal Odyssey‘ in Visalia, California two times a year. They have celebrated and made so many thousands of newlyweds happy as they embarked on their lifetime ventures and husband and wife. So, whoever may be able to utilize their services in central California. Anyone interested can use Google search and click on the link above. If one has trouble doing this, please feel free to contact Universal Digest for assistance. Thanks, again, Greg, Debbie, and Vernon for helping get the truth out about the recent launch from a personal perspective.

Mancini Productions has provided the central California community a wonderful show that has made thousands of newlyweds happy as they begin their journey of matrimony, hopefully, for a lifetime.

Please remember everyone, an ounce of common sense and doing one’s homework far out-ways careless speculation and embellishments.

Written By: Ed Smith

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to present this recent launch event for education of those who considered this to be an exotic, possibly UFO event. With the preponderance of publications being produced worldwide, we consider this to be important for the global public to understand. It was a rocket launch. That is all, nothing more.

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Expedition 53 Commander Randy Bresnik aboard the International Space Station took this photo of the California wildfires in the Los Angeles on Dec. 6, 2017.

Wildfires in California are raging on earth below, as the present crew activity is underway to receive a crew member replacement. The space station is now at the elevated orbit to receive the next spacecraft.

og: image
Expedition 53 Commander Randy Bresnik aboard the International Space Station took this photo of the California wildfires in the Los Angeles on Dec. 6, 2017.

Two International Space Station crews are preparing to swap places at the orbital lab next week. In the midst of the crew swap activities, Commander Randy Bresnik also sent down dramatic photographs of the wildfires in California.

The Expedition 52-53 trio is getting its Soyuz MS-05 spacecraft ready for a three-and-a-half hour ride back to Earth on Dec. 14 after 139 days in space. Sergey Ryazanskiy, the Soyuz Commander, will lead his crewmates Randy Bresnik of NASA and Paolo Nespoli of the European Space Agency to a parachuted landing on the steppe Kazakhstan.

Next, the Expedition 54-55 trio will blast off Dec. 17 aboard the Soyuz MS-07 spacecraft and take a two-day trip to its new home in space. Anton Shkaplerov, a veteran cosmonaut from Roscosmos, will lead the flight to the station flanked by first-time astronauts Scott Tingle of NASA and Norishige Kanai of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Back on orbit, Bresnik shared pictures he took on social media of the wildfires threatening the greater Los Angeles area in southern California. He wrote on his Twitter account, “Thank you to all the first responders, firefighters, and citizens willing to help fight these California wildfires.”

More wildfire photos can be viewed on the NASA portal and Flickr.

Written By: Mark Garcia NASA

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for some of NASA’s projects and work. This article and some others were written by NASA and are mostly unedited. We do not claim credit, we simply want to make them more available to the general public.

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