Spoken from the heart, Darren Redmond publishes a message about personal responsibility.

Cell phone camera-taking of dramatic events or standing around watching is the subject of this article.

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About the Cell Phone Commando, is the latest message from Darren Redmond regarding personal responsibility in society.


Respectfully, for the purpose of my message on this Thursday morning, I care not about your race, religion, sexuality or Presidential choice. I care about all people and their positions.

I want to point out the “Cell Phone Commando” title and message, not the people that share videos, but, the ones who stand around with others and watch.

You are making a choice to passively record an event with your cell phone and not to help, please think again.

Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days? Every one is recording? No one cares enough for “the cause” to step in?

When a bar I was working in was held up in Brooklyn, I did not try to grab a camera, I did not hide because I did not have a gun. I ran over and took action and soon the man and his gun were no longer a threat.

It’s how I was raised, many many people of ALL AGES, BACKGROUNDS, HEREDITY, and BELIEFS have a similar story as me.

Camera commando? You are a Voyeur and nothing more. See no one else filming, yes film. If however, someone else is filming, take some sort of action.

Collectively and individually, we are our brother’s keeper.

May God bless everyone, every where, every day.

And, may peace, an everlasting peace, be with you all, always.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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Meteor Over Bangkok – Again!

Universal Digest was one of the first to publish the last meteor event near Bangkok, Thailand on September 7, 2015. There were numerous captures of the meteor as it disintegrated in both picture and video formats.

Again, thanks to a heads up from friend, Michael Gerlach, another meteor entering the earth’s atmosphere has been reported and covered by even more media sources with videos and pictures today, over Bangkok, Thailand on November 2, 2015. This time, it was noticed and recorded over a vast area of surrounding cities and provinces. Please note the featured picture has a different date; however, has been verified to have occurred on the evening of November 2, 2015. Interesting to note, another meteor was reported over Italy, as well, over a third of the world away from this event.

The following excerpt is from the Bangkokpost.com with accounts and videos from eyewitnesses:

A large ball of fire was seen streaking across the night sky in several parts of the country, including Bangkok, on Monday.

The suspected meteor was seen in Bangkok, Chon Buri, Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburi, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Pathom, among other provinces, around 8.35pm, according to messages sent to the JS100 Twitter account.

“I could see it clearly in Chum Pphae district, Khon Kaen province. It’s moving west,” said @Libpon on her Twitter account sent to JS100.

“I saw it on the expressway on my way to the Rama II exit, too,” said @Kinokim_knk on another account.

The Thai Astronomical Society said shortly after on the Facebook page after the incident that it was “expected” to be a meteor.

Several parts of the country saw a bright fireball on Sept 7 and the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand confirmed later it was a meteor.

The following YouTube videos and pictures are provided. With best efforts to translate, credit is given where possible.

Video courtesy of Saran Pol:


Here are some photos and snaps from the Bangkok area, credit given in titles where possible:

Thanks to all contributors whose paying attention to such details are again bringing to the United States and other nations via Universal Digest.

This is not to be confused with lunar-bound space debris, WT1190F, noticed on October 3, 2015, which is supposed to enter and disintegrate in our atmosphere somewhere off the coast of Sri Lanka on November 13, 2015. The conjecture is this object is not more than 2-3 meters in size and is space junk of Russian origin. It was first discovered in 2013.

Let us keep our eyes to the skies…

Universal Digest

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Why Body Cameras on Public Officials May Be a Horrible Idea

Why Body Cameras on Public Officials May Be a Horrible Idea

The reason for this article is not to stir up controversy, nor try to gain attention by pom pom waving for an alternative idea, but rather to hopefully cast a glimpse into the mind of the human collective and learn from what society has shown us in the past. With the recent incidents between public servants and the public itself, a loud drum beat for  police officers to wear  body cameras has been heard from civil rights leaders, politicians, ratings-focused “news” shows, tenured professors and local politicians looking to stay in office.  Even some local police chiefs after meeting with politicians or community organizers have come out in favor  of body cameras.

On the surface it does seem like a wonderful idea. Sort of a why not sort of  thing.  This way we can see “first hand” what transpired during  the interaction between civil servant and public citizen. Video evidence to solve the situation once and for all. Keep public violence, looting and disobedience  at a minimum because we can see what happened.  All of this sounds logical, but I offer that this may create more problems then  any  body cameras may offer to help.

First, reaction, timing and professional responses often happen on instinct, a literal hundredth of a second response to a situation that may be developing before the public servant. As some one who stopped  a gun holding assailant who was robbing a bar I was bouncing in, I reacted, I did not wait to see if my body camera was angled correctly to provided those who judge the best line of sight or sound.  I saw a situation, reacted to it, and disarmed the man with the gun. Why would we ever want a public servant to wonder if the camera offers the best angle for the servant to be cleared of any wrong doing.  Reluctance to act and react can lead to death.

Think about it,  we as a society, are creatures of habit. When we hear of an interaction between a public servant and the public, how much time goes by between the time you hear of the situation, and your thoughts wondering where is the video?  Do we want to live in a society where conviction in courts or even in public opinion rests on video and not in the  gathering of all the evidence? If the video itself becomes the paramount decider of innocence or guilt, I hearken back to my first  reason why body cameras my be a bad idea. May a public servant hesitate to make sure the “camera is rolling” or the picture or angle of interaction shows best to those who may view?

Dashboard cameras  do not hinder decisions, they are stationary and generally give a good  view of what  is recorded.  A body camera can not offer  these intangibles.  “Experts” will be called in questioning what the camera does not show, or side conversations or question the legitimacy of the video itself.  A “cottage industry” of “expert body camera interpreters may spring up” and cause  the murky video legitimacy testimony clog  and hinder all other evidence that may be presented.

While not a direct correlation think about this, when ever we hear of a religious issue  being brought to court, we often hear the term “separation of church and state”  as if this is written in the Bill of Rights, it is not, it came from a judges decision in a court case. It is now dogma, may we with body cameras see the same type of dogma, where if the camera does not show it, it didn’t happen or does not exist?  The  establishment clause in the first amendment is law that has morphed into some thing else.

May body cameras on public servants which may risk the lives of those who wear them, create a situation where all other evidence takes a back seat to “lights camera action?”  I worry this may be true.

Darren Redmond

June 12th 2015

Authors Note

Darren Redmond has over 20 years of direct managerial experience in the fields of Marketing and Sales. In addition he holds a Masters Degree In Education.  Darren Redmond has also coached on the Collegiate level; Division one Softball and Division Three football

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