This article is a ‘UFO’ tribute to some hard work by dedicated individuals spearheaded by Mike Truesdell of Visalia, California. Mike is a UFO spotter and long-time researcher in the central valley area.

It has been well known that the central California area has been a hive of aerial sightings for many years…and some of it is not military, commercial, or individual (drone) activity. Many unsolved cases have arisen of UAP (Unidentified Aerial Activity), as well as, UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects). Mike has logged many sighting events; however, this is one unique sighting that had grownups and children alike of an entire city clapping and cheering!

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Here are some of the pictures provided depicting the construction process. It started with the “UFO” and the float props, such as wildlife, lighting, and presents were built around it:

As the weeks passed before the deadline loomed, Mike and his friends were quite resourceful in craft and float design, as well as, finding parts and supplies from various sources to make this project bear fruit. Among some of Mike’s friends who contributed with ideas, compressor use, and some cash were Brian, Jade, John, Arlon, Cindy, Brinda, Kim and Mike.

This team effort produced the following spectacular results for the historic Candy Cane Parade held yearly at the end of November when night falls in Visalia, California:

The weather was chilly, yet clear, and the city attendance was outstanding! The next day, social media was abuzz at the unique and a most popular float that stood out among some of the terrific creations and community-involved contributions in the parade’s history.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”California” location=”Visalia” zoom=”10″ height=250]


This festive occasion (and good weather) brought out the best by so many ushering in a holiday season that will not be soon forgotten. Area television and media organizations were very responsible and personable during this event. For this author, living in Visalia, California, it constantly makes me want to brag about how wonderful our community really is, as well as, the people are who live here. Now, and in the future, Visalia is where home is!

When the results were reported by the city newspaper the day after the parade, Mike Truesdell was humble, yet so excited to discover he and his friends had won the first place prize of $100 for the best float under 20 feet in the parade! Congratulations to everyone involved! Since Mike and I began our interviews and conversations, it has become quite apparent how much he cares about this community. His plans are now set to enter the next parade in nearby Exeter on December 31, 2015, and, of course the enthusiasm is the same as it was for the Visalia parade. It is sure to be an exciting event to attend, as well.

In times like these, it is so refreshing to see how everyday folks still take the time to produce results to bring smiles and happy memories to children, parents, and adults, alike. In sum, this is not just an article about a UFO tribute, it is also a tribute to wonderful people who not only understand the human condition, they improve it.

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