In this week's REDMOND'S REVIEW, Darren shares his thoughts on CS Lewis's book, "Spirits in Bondage A Cycle of Lyrics."

Humility and Service ‘Humility’ is the book I review and it was written in 1895. It deals with just one subject, and oh, how that subject can be misinterpreted. It is twisted by those looking to manipulate you. Humility is called a weakness. It is just ignored. This book was written by Andrew Murray and… Continue reading HUMILITY, SERVICE AND GOD

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Darren cares about the future of families, children, and humanity.

UNIVERSAL DIGEST SUPPORTS DARREN REDMOND’S EFFORTS Darren Redmond is the Executive Director for a non-profit organization, P.A.I.N. Parents & Addicts In Need has been helping so many families in central California over the years. His message is painfully clear about the fentanyl-laced Xanax tablets that have been taken by unknowing children. This article points out… Continue reading DARREN REDMOND – FENTANYL WARNING

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Darren Redmond presents "Your Voice."

“Your Voice” is written as an exclusive article from the heart of Darren Redmond. YOUR VOICE When I bring up a question about your voice and its origins do you know from which I ask? I can assure you I do not mean the name of a TV show. This does not mean the voice… Continue reading YOUR VOICE – DARREN REDMOND

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Darren Redmond reviews his latest article about the election process. He advocates kindness and caring while the US primaries are underway. Those Americans who aspire to political service should approach it with such an understanding. Happy birthday to 'Dr. Seuss' on the same day!

ELECTION DAY WITH KINDNESS This article is one for the books. Look at the kindness, caring, and honesty from the writer of this article. THE POEM: Over in the land of you know where, stood a place of marvel, with just a touch of despair. Now this little place has had many problems. From time… Continue reading ELECTION DAY WITH KINDNESS

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