Spoken from the heart, Darren Redmond publishes a message about personal responsibility.

Cell phone camera-taking of dramatic events or standing around watching is the subject of this article. CELL PHONE COMMANDO Respectfully, for the purpose of my message on this Thursday morning, I care not about your race, religion, sexuality or Presidential choice. I care about all people and their positions. I want to point out the… Continue reading CELL PHONE COMMANDO

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While the ISS crew starts the week with emergency drill exercises and magnetic cell research, Expedition 52 flight engineers Paolo Nespoli, left, Sergey Ryazanskiy, center, and Randy Bresnik visit Red Square to lay roses at the site where Russian space icons are interred as part of traditional pre-launch ceremonies on July 10 in Moscow. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Emergency drill exercises and magnetic cell research is underway as the new week begins aboard the International Space Station. The next Expedition 52 crew to arrive towards the end of July are shown below strolling through Red Square in Moscow on July 10th. The three Expedition 52 crew members practiced evacuating the International Space Station… Continue reading EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS ON ISS

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