This is an image of a young Darren Redmond. He reviews Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains.


Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains, written by Charles A Eastman in 1918, I put into the ‘must read’ file, for those who want to learn more about North America’s first people.

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Darren Redmond reviews Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains, written in 1918 by Charles A. Eastman. It is free to read.

Its author, Charles Eastman, a proud Santee Sioux, out of Red Falls Minnesota, learned many of the stories communicated in this work from his grandparents via the same ‘oral tradition’ generations before he did. A graduate from the Boston School of Medicine in 1890, his non-white skin and background made him unwelcome by some in American medical society, and because of his traditional medical background, some from the first American culture, simply did not trust him at first.


This work goes into great detail not just about the events that took place over many years, but the thought processes behind these events. I found it particularly interesting when he talks about the very human condition of individuals looking for glory, some for virtual reasons and some for nefarious ones. I am always entertained by the retelling of the story of how Sitting Bull got his name. The time spent with this book is well worth it.

As a footnote, the author worked for his people as a doctor, as a representative in Washington, D.C., and as a founder of the Society of American Indians and helped create and found the Boy Scouts of America.

Lastly, this book is free to read in the public domain.

If you read it please let me know what you think and share this.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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