There is a growing belief that the coronavirus release in China was no accident.


China could have knowingly released COVID-19? The thought came to mind last night. So, a new post in the form of a poll was created. Oh my. From the interviews posted in the last article, it was astonishing to read the responses.

og: china
The flag of China. Courtesy Pixabay.

99% of the answers, so far are from individuals who fervently believe the release of COVID-19 was intentional. But, previously this author’s summation was it didn’t make sense for China to do something like this on purpose.

So, here was the statement posted from early this morning: Just a thought: What if China DID release the virus on purpose and used its citizens to spread it?

Needless to say, there are a lot of people who want President Donald Trump to fail. And, they hail from many countries, not just in the United States.


The responses to the above question were varied to a certain degree. So, beginning with the most reasonable to the most direct answers, it goes like this: The deep state and mafia-types have failed to remove the US president. So, there was a collaboration to create a distraction that would close down thriving economies and even the next US election. The most direct answer was to nuke them and Agenda 21.

On the other hand, the closest response received to debate an intentional virus release was more like a why and it didn’t make sense to do it. Further, they went to lock down the Wuhan area. However, the truth has been discovered they didn’t lock down until well after 2 months of the existence of COVID-19.

It has been established that the coronavirus itself is a product of genetic recombination. This cannot occur in nature. This article from the New York Post in February details people purposefully placing mucus from infected individuals on buttons in elevators and hand rails.


Had it not been for others who responded with the same observations, this would not be mentioned. While watching the news of President Donald Trump’s daily briefings with Vice President Mike Pence and his team of experts; this writer was perplexed with some comments.

Without wanting to take and publish anything out of context, it was unnerving, early on, when one comment in particular was stated. It was that the president would say ‘it was artificial in its origin’, in so many words. After review, it was pertaining to the economy, but his body language didn’t match up. The thought came to mind. Is President Trump speaking in code about the virus outbreak? Just an opinion, perhaps, but there it was, nonetheless.

Also, while watching a popular weekend show on FOX, the US Northern Command representative, Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy was asked about the preparedness of the US from bio-warfare attacks. Of course, he stated the military was ready, but the approach was odd. Then, a promise of a segment discussing that COVID-19 was not natural would come. It didn’t. However, a short video showed China researchers harvesting bats. More codes?


If one takes a little time to review human history on wars fought, as well as, some of their methods, some interesting revelations are found. Wars have been fought for sex, land, religion, power, and wealth. These days it has boiled down to power. Does it not seem it is so in this case? It is not the point of this article to elaborate on China influence in the United Nations or in multi-country trade deals and tariffs. But, it doesn’t take rocket science in some cases to determine what is logical intent. And, it isn’t hard to fathom what is not logical intent.

Comments were also made that this has a side effect of population control. The vast majority of deaths are occurring in elderly populations. Also, many deaths are occurring in those who have pre-existing conditions; especially in those with respiratory maladies.

At last count, COVID-19 has made it to 210 countries. Globally, the present number of cases are 2.5 million infected; 160,000 deaths; 600,000 recovered. The curve of cases in the world do seem to be leveling off. There are now plans underway to reopen businesses. Keeping economies shut down too long would be a worst case scenario with tragic results.


This was just received from friend and contributor, Mike, from Asia. Shi Zhengli of China is the virologist who has been studying SARS and the bat coronaviruses.

Mike sent the following two images. This prompted more research to find out more about this.

Attached is the following YouTube video for your review:

The information in this video is most interesting in a negative fashion. It is recommended to view this 10-minute video. We’ll leave it up to the viewer. Hopefully, one day the real answers may come to light. Until then, researches and investigations continue.

Thank you all for reading and thanks goes out to all the contributors who helped in the creation of this article.

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Tom Rogan speaks of UFOs near vessels carrying nukes. At least four fatalities have resulted from aerial encounters.

Nukes and UFOs one says has a connection? Well, let’s take another look, shall we? This author was alerted to a FOX News report clip from friend Cornelia Moise of Milan, Italy, today. So, as research ensued, interest peaked. From experience, unidentified crafts have visited military nuclear bases and naval vessels for many years.


After the last four years of researching the Rendlesham Forest Incident, there was something to UFO activity in the proximity of nukes and related nuclear materials near RAF bases. But, that is another, ongoing story.

After reviewing the YouTube video, it was imperative to search for verification. The FOX News website was reviewed, but no news clips could be found. Without speculating as to why, other media sites were searched.

Tom Rogan tweeted his upcoming interview with Tucker Carlson. A copy of the tweet is found below.

og: Rogan
Tom Rogan tweeted his upcoming discussion with Tucker Carlson the same day of the show airing.


What was most interesting to Tucker Carlson, as well as, this reader was the candor from Tom Rogan. But, at the same time, he was concise in his deliberation of what he had learned, thus far. The Pentagon has been lying to the American public. An apt assumption for the Pentagon is they just don’t understand. That, in itself can foster the fear element. The newest ally to assuage the dubious reputation of many in ufology, is the United States and British military.

og: nukes
Both China and Russia have reported UFO activity near nuke bases and vessels. Aerial encounters have occurred.

Whether it is because nukes are the subject or there are other circumstances yet unknown, Russian and Chinese jets have actively encountered UFOs. The Russians have reported at least four pilot fatalities. Rogan goes on to explain he doesn’t have the exact method of how they were killed, but he was told the word ‘encounter’ is a fair assessment of the actions involved.


The following are links to a couple of Rogan’s articles from the Washington Examiner:

Notably, one should click on links he provided, including this one detailing ill-advised engagements of pilots to encounter the UFOs. They otherwise seem quite friendly when not engaged.

This almost goes without saying again, as it has many times, but if these advanced crafts and entities wanted to destroy us and our infrastructures, we would be powerless to resist.

It is becoming more apparent that these crafts and entities are either extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, or both.

Rogan noted that these craft can travel hundreds of knots underwater. They can travel at hyper-sonic speeds almost instantaneously. These UFOs possess anti-gravity abilities, as well.


This author has been an investigative writer and researcher in the areas of ufology for years. This was a must update for the Universal Digest readers and viewers who would not have known about this present situation. There is no doubt that 2020 is going to be a very interesting time in history.

See you next decade.

Written By: Ed Smith

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. This article was produced being mostly unedited. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. The opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website.

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Nimitz-class carrier: USS Carl Vinson with naval group entering South China Sea

A United States Aircraft Carrier strike group has been deployed to the South China Sea.

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Nimitz-class carrier: USS Carl Vinson with naval group entering South China Sea

The Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier, USS Carl Vinson began routine patrols in the South China Sea on the 18th of February.

The announcement was posted on the US Navy, Carl Vinson Facebook page.

Nimitz-class carrier group entering the South China Sea, led by the USS Carl Vinson.

The strike groups Commander, Rear Admiral James Kilby said, “Previous weeks of training in the Pacific has greatly improved the group’s readiness, also we are looking forward to demonstrating our capability and effectiveness whilst building upon existing strong relationships with our Allies Partners and friends in the Indo-Asia- Pacific region.”

The United States has been critical of China claiming almost all of the resource rich South China Sea and the construction of man-made islands for the build-up of military infrastructure and facility in the area saying they could be used to restrict access to the strategic sea lanes.

Approximately 5 Trillion dollars of trade passes through the Sea lanes each year.

Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam all claim parts of the South China Sea because of the rich fish stocks and sea rights of use in the area. Also, the area is rich in oil and and other mineral deposits.

The continued wranglings of various countries’s right to use in the area is not new. What may be more applicable to current events may have very well been exacerbated by the election of a new president in the United States.

The influence of China in the area of Malaysia and Indonesia is well known. What is not well known is that China, in this particular theater of operations is continuing an island-building expansion process and the surrounding countries are quite alarmed. If the work continues, it could result in Chinese containment of the area. In short, China would control the sea lanes and control of any extra-country intercessions in the South China sea.

China continues to claim it respects free shipping and international commerce in the air and water.

Written By: MickG  – Thailand


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China is in the process of building its own islands and bases in the South China Sea. This is an ongoing progression of establishing a permanent presence in a shipping lane where around one-third of maritime shipping passes each year. While being in the news spotlight in the past week, China’s activity has actually been a deliberate project of a huge scale for quite a while.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”China” location=”Spratly Islands” zoom=”10″ height=250]


In a time where the world’s attention has been on events occurring in the middle east and Russia, China was running at full speed to complete its projects before people in news reporting began to notice. There have been brief encounters between the United States and China in recent weeks that were almost unnoticed. Now, this has changed and the news hounds are in full focus, until the next potential crisis arises.

For the record, most do not know that of the 10 leading economies in the world, Russia is ninth while China has risen to the second largest economy. To this end, if China is an enemy of various nations in their hemisphere, who can be a factor in stabilization? The answer is the United States. Although, Malaysia is perhaps number eight in military might in the world, it is not in position to be a factor in this dispute, much less, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, or Taiwan. The potential for a tragic flash occurrence of conflict is real in this region.

[Tweet “Could there be conflict between China and the US in the South China Sea?”]

In just the last two days, China is claiming it will cease its island building operations at Mischief Reef, but the fact remains, it has completed oil platform operations, as well as, bases at Fiery Cross, north of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. It is apparent both China and the United States do not want conflict and in keeping with past history, this, too, may pass.


Until recent communications between the two super powers were underway, China was actively working to create and continue building islands, bases and actual island communities in the area. Any and all protesters were blocked from approaching each island project inclusive of colliding with other ships (as shown of Japanese ship above). Further, China changed its air force status from defensive to defensive/offensive status.

This is a game of international politics, so may the global public be aware. Cooler heads should prevail, as in this age, like no other, a semblance of reality regarding what regional or global warfare could do would be just plain stupid. Period.

Even those in elite positions are realizing there is a global economy and community that should be bolstered and maintained. No matter, how, why, when, it was formed and perfected, it is reality.

Your comments are welcome on this issue.

The author has not embellished so you may. Smiles.

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