This featured picture is a closeup of Tom O'Donnell's hastily drawn view of UFO as it passed overhead.


Tom O’Donnell has been a good friend and social media colleague for a while now. His work with Trevor Cole’s group, ET and UFO Research Group has grown to 8,000 members in a little over three months. I have the honor of being one of the group administrators and adviser. Of some responsibilities I have is to create announcements and new member posts. The global response has been quite fulfilling and the interest is great. Ongoing work to approve posts and new members is part of administrator work.

Tom has a unique ability to ask pertinent questions to stimulate group interaction and participation. Trevor Cole, the founder is also adept at creating engaging posts that stimulate further group interest and participation.

Before we get into how this event transpired and what was then discussed in the administrator group private chat, Tom has offered a little more information about himself with a brief history. Please note he is an experiencer with seven occurrences since he was a teenager.


Tom O’Donnell born 10th February 1977 Manchester England
Currently living in Shire Green, Sheffield
Area manager for a security company

Interested and believed in ufology since my 1st unexplained sighting in my early teens, 2 tic tac orbs like starlight dancing around the night sky like cheeky stellar willow the wisps.

The sighting which i had tonight comes almost a year after my last sighting in October 2017 to which my other half was witness . She is not a believer but she can’t explain what she saw that night. But, that’s another story.

The account I’m about to give lasted no more than a minute though it has played through my mind for what seems like days since. It was just before twenty to 9 at night when I had gone into the kitchen to get a drink of water. As I stood by the dark kitchen window next to the sink I looked up and out and saw something I have never seen before.

It was a craft that looked like a plane on its side without fuselage and it made no noise. It looked very close overhead. I froze temporarily, but only for a moment. Running to where my phone was on charge in my haste I kicked a table and fell over. I retrieved the phone and ran to the back door already prepping the camera. It was still in sight, but moving away. I held the camera up and recorded what i could until it disappeared behind trees.


The following is the actual transcript of our conversation just after Tom video-taped the UFO after it had passed directly overhead. The featured picture is his drawing of exactly what he saw as it passed over his home. He estimated the craft’s wing-shaped design to be around 25 meters (82 feet) across. It had a flashing white light located underneath in the middle section. There were no navigation lights of any kind on it. Trevor started the question and answer session and I came in during this time.

Pictures and videos will be shown after the conversation.

From Facebook ET and UFO Research Group private administrator chat (Note: Tom’s name is contracted due to keyword frequency):

TOM: Just captured this

T: Went past like a plane on its side. It made no noise

T: 100% not a plane

TREVOR: Not one that I’ve seen before

T: I broke my toe and carpet burned my knee trying to get my phone ????

TREVOR: Hahaha

TREVOR: You broke your toe? I hate carpet burn

T: Kicked a table and it hurt lol

TREVOR: Did you get any more of the footage Tom? There was only white pulsing light no other lights

T: No it went behind trees

TREVOR: I hope your cameras ok

T: I fell trying to get camera off charge

TREVOR: Sorry to hear that Tom I didn’t mean to say that

T: I wish I’d got it closer. Blew my mind

T: Cameras fine it wasn’t filming me ??

TREVOR: Post-it Tom and explain what you said you seen


TREVOR: What do you think Tom it was

T: No idea. It had like wings but on the side with no fuselage. Ufo

TREVOR: I believe you mate don’t worry good catch

T: Not saying It was off world but it was not normal at all. On the video it’s making the cloud brighter as the light pulses. How far out???? Still on a high from seeing it

TREVOR: I know it gets you all worked up and excited I done it ages ago I spotted something in the sky. It’s so surreal

T: 1st time I’ve captured. 7th sighting

TREVOR: Absolutely. It looks quite big Tom there is 3 lights is that the whole craft pulsing. Was pulsing from centre lighting whole thing up

TOM: Was big

TREVOR: Remind me of the Phoenix lights. But not as big

ED: Just finished updating the group announcements. They contain Larry Hollenbeck’s latest video. The other announcements I did are gone.

T: Was like the wingspan of a large ish passenger plane ..

ED: Tom, so, did you try to kill yourself capturing a video of a UFO?

T: Little bit, Ed

ED: Interesting video, Tom. Famous now, you are. Contact Blake Cousins and he’ll make you famous. Lol. So, what do you think it is, really?

T: It was not anything I have seen before so it’s unidentified and was flying

ED: Makes sense to me. agree. Now, how big do you think it was?

T: Moonlight is bright here so I could see the whole thing for a while

ED: Also, there were no other colored flashing lights, like nav lights?

TOM: Correct

ED: What did it look like in shape, then?

T: It was like a giant flying wing with no body on its edge top and bottom maybe a little further back than the middle

ED: With only bright white flashing light it’s interesting. Now, did is continue a straight line to the clouds or did it veer in any other direction?

T: Can’t draw for shit

ED: Or triangle? Wonder if it could be a TR-3B

T: Light pulsing in middle. It was more narrow than triangle

ED: Do you know what that could be?

T: No lol

ED: Much the same as the Phoenix lights depictions I got from some witnesses. You see how I go into question mode (hadn’t noticed Trevor’s questions, yet)? You are answering very well.

T: Was closer at 1st but seemed to go straight but away. And not high at all

ED: Okay, now, how big do you estimate?

TREVOR: Ed no way would be tr3b in my opinion. Neither was the Phoenix lights

ED: Agreed, when you said giant wing, yes.

T: 25 meter span maybe bit more maybe bit less. Was fast and quiet. The noise in the background is distant motorway

TREVOR: So it was silent Tom

T: But I get high planes and low helicopters that I can hear above it in the day

ED:Okay, 25 meter span with no sound at all. I could only see the video from expansion of it on the screen without further analysis. Yes, pretty area where you live in what city, again, please?

T: Sheffield UK. Near M1 motorway. Woolleywood woods

ED: Ah, got it, near M1. Been on that a few times. They drive too slow for me. Yes, nice woods. Are you near any airport? (Have to ask) Miliary base? MoD

T: Doncaster 17 miles north. No bases not RAF

ED: Perfect. What time was it in the evening?

T: Flight path was all wrong for the other planes I see. None go lower than the tree line from my view and all are usually really high and are audible. Finished filming a minute before I posted it in group chat

ED: So, confirming it was not heading to or from the Doncaster field, correct?

TOM: Correct

ED: Yes, I saw that and caught up (earlier conversation in chat). Guess what my friend?

TOM: What?

ED: You have qualified for an exclusive UFO interview. After this, I’d like to see you on Messenger in the next day or so, please?

TOM: Haha. Ok

TREVOR: Tom it looks like you’ve caught yourself a UFO

T: I think so. 7th time and get the capture

ED: It was worth furniture and personal damage, right?

T: Hell yeah! I wasn’t missing it again after the last one

ED: These things most often happen too fast. Well done. I’m serious, not joking. Lord knows I joke around enough. I’m serious.

TREVOR: It’s because you’re working for me Tom the aliens of following you

T: Haha they always followed me. Same trees but earlier.the middle of those are where it goes. As far as the trajectory goes

TREVOR: Oh I see that’s interesting

ED: Hey guys, this is how all this stuff happens. Well done, Tom! We’re on, my friend.

TOM: It’s a reference point if nothing else

ED: Absolutely.

TOM: The trees

ED: Yes, even the video has good reference points…very important!!!

T: Full moon nailed it

ED: Yep, again, well done, seriously, Tom.

T: Thank you sir. Pays to look out and up

ED: Most welcome. Yes, you live in a kind of hilly area, mate. Is it about 10:28 pm there?

T: Yes. Yep Yorkshire sales almost

ED: Okay, I’ll catch this up, get notes together and we’ll talk on Messenger tomorrow? Again, actual time of event, mate?

T: Will have to be around this time then. Long day at work tomorrow. 2138 I would say

ED: Oh crap, doctor’s appointment, so how about Friday or weekend, Saturday?

T: Give or take a min. Sure either or

ED: Perfect! I’ll shove things out of the way to get the article started. Because of the times we can ask around for other activity noticed in your area, as well. Cool, new job going well?

T: Will check the usual places for any other sightings in the morning. It’s all good thanks

ED: This is one I don’t want to sit on and yes, do that. Tom, I mean it, well done. This is how this stuff happens.

T: Thanks Ed

ED: YW and thank you, too. This will get a lot of hits around the world with your name on it, mate. Once James’s article is out this will all blend in. Here is my email, Tom, if you’d like to send the video and image, please? Also, I’ll wait, but when we see each other we’ll figure out the best ‘featured’ pic to place on the website.
If your video is in .avi or .mp4 we will have an easy time of it. I do have Prism video converter software to help us. Also, I can pull great images from it for the article.

T: Ok no problem .It’s just whatever the standard settings are on a s8

ED: No problem S8 is cool. Here is the email, Tom: [email protected] On something like this, I’m going to start the article right now in a question-answer format with a background lead in. It will be ready when we hook up. Yes, I’m putting everything aside, mate.
Your answers were immediate, clear and spot on. Hey, Michael Gerlach, funny how this works out, eh? Remember our first times? ??

TOM:Want me to send the video over email?

WED 4:23 PM

ED:Yes, please. Also, please send any other images (like full moon over woods) and pics of you and/or you with your family. I’m working on this right now as we speak.

End of Conversation


Here is a gallery of images Tom O’Donnell took to compare with the video, as well as, what he took that evening:


Here is the original YouTube video Tom took with his Samsung 8 camera. A special thanks is in order to Charles Lamoureux for helping Tom to brighten the video for more clear viewing:

Here is a brief daytime panoramic video view of the same exact area where Tom caught the UFO:

My friends, you cannot make stuff like this up without gaps in exact accounting. This was transcribed from written text (minor grammar editing). Truth is stranger than fiction in so many cases. We are experiencing a very soft disclosure.

Thank you to the above friends for their approvals and participation to make this a successful, accurate, and on-point article.

Written By: Ed Smith, Tom O’Donnell, and Trevor Cole

Special consideration is given to Larry Hollenbeck, Charles Lamoureux, and Michael Gerlach (in order of appearance in article)

Universal Digest is pleased to present current, as well as, contemporary subject matter in many categories from a global, regional, and local perspective. Content is provided and verified to the best of evidence submitted for research and/or study, as well as, from those of/for whom the article is published.

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Meteor Over Bangkok – Again!

Universal Digest was one of the first to publish the last meteor event near Bangkok, Thailand on September 7, 2015. There were numerous captures of the meteor as it disintegrated in both picture and video formats.

Again, thanks to a heads up from friend, Michael Gerlach, another meteor entering the earth’s atmosphere has been reported and covered by even more media sources with videos and pictures today, over Bangkok, Thailand on November 2, 2015. This time, it was noticed and recorded over a vast area of surrounding cities and provinces. Please note the featured picture has a different date; however, has been verified to have occurred on the evening of November 2, 2015. Interesting to note, another meteor was reported over Italy, as well, over a third of the world away from this event.

The following excerpt is from the with accounts and videos from eyewitnesses:

A large ball of fire was seen streaking across the night sky in several parts of the country, including Bangkok, on Monday.

The suspected meteor was seen in Bangkok, Chon Buri, Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburi, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Pathom, among other provinces, around 8.35pm, according to messages sent to the JS100 Twitter account.

“I could see it clearly in Chum Pphae district, Khon Kaen province. It’s moving west,” said @Libpon on her Twitter account sent to JS100.

“I saw it on the expressway on my way to the Rama II exit, too,” said @Kinokim_knk on another account.

The Thai Astronomical Society said shortly after on the Facebook page after the incident that it was “expected” to be a meteor.

Several parts of the country saw a bright fireball on Sept 7 and the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand confirmed later it was a meteor.

The following YouTube videos and pictures are provided. With best efforts to translate, credit is given where possible.

Video courtesy of Saran Pol:


Here are some photos and snaps from the Bangkok area, credit given in titles where possible:

Thanks to all contributors whose paying attention to such details are again bringing to the United States and other nations via Universal Digest.

This is not to be confused with lunar-bound space debris, WT1190F, noticed on October 3, 2015, which is supposed to enter and disintegrate in our atmosphere somewhere off the coast of Sri Lanka on November 13, 2015. The conjecture is this object is not more than 2-3 meters in size and is space junk of Russian origin. It was first discovered in 2013.

Let us keep our eyes to the skies…

Universal Digest

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