China has developed a hand-held laser weapon capable of carbonizing human tissue from over on-half mile away.


Laser (Light Amplified by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation) devices have been around for many years. In fact, when I was in high school, a friend of mine who was an absolute whiz with science, had competed his assembly of a ruby-style laser. So, one day we decided to erect it on the floor down the hallway from English teacher’s translucent glass door. When the beam hit the door, it diffused immediately with diverse, harmless red rays emanating throughout the classroom. Suddenly, the door flew open and all the students ran out screaming, followed by the teacher! Knowing that it was bad for anyone to look directly into the beam, we turned it off and quickly returned to our classroom (Physiology class) with the disassembled parts to safely put away in our desks until the class ended and we could remove the parts and place into knapsacks.

Well, those were certainly the ‘good old days’ and we, as youngsters would periodically embark on various treks that today would probably place youngsters in harms way that simply didn’t exist in the 1960’s. An example would be to find in the newspaper the city center water fountain display had been mysteriously soaped. A water-based spray of soapy froth would effortlessly waft down the streets from the fountain. Ah, what fun it was. Now, not only are matters worse, everyone is wrapped so tight it seems few can have innocent fun, including those with REAL fireworks any longer. Sad, this is. Who is to blame? In my humble opinion, no one. Technology and other socio-political reasons exist. However, I refuse to speak further save for the technological aspects and what is affecting all of us, today. As for my friends, some went to MIT, NSA, and the Pentagon to name a few locations.

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Laser weaponry has been around for years. Most governments are constantly utilizing newest technology to develop more exotic weapons for their military arsenals.

I would like to start off with a rather anecdotal tone: ‘What weapons created on earth wind up in space.’ We will review this after the following part of the article.


Next, let us take a look at the latest Chinese laser weapon development with an AK-47 style laser weapons that can carbonize human tissue from over one-half mile away:

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China has developed a hand-held laser weapon capable of carbonizing human tissue from over on-half mile away.

The Chinese laser weapon is known as the ZKZM-500 and it is classified as a ‘non-lethal’ weapon. However, its capability to cause more than skin and tissue burns is a reality. Because it can pass through windows and other clear objects, once it reaches the target it can set clothing on fire. Notwithstanding causing skin carbonizing there is a distinct possibility it can cause the clothing a person is wearing to burst into flames. Of course, in a worst case scenario the causal result of the weapon discharge could result in fatalities.

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This is part of the laser handout. It weighs around 6.6 lbs. and is based off the AK-47 rifle.

One of the developers stated that the weapon would create pain beyond endurance. The weapon is an AK-47 style design and weighs about the same, around 6.6 pounds. There are claims it may be used on covert operations. The deployment of such weapons will be utilized by Chinese anti-terrorism military and police. Because this weapon is silent and is invisible to the naked eye, its manufacture will be tightly monitored. In US dollars, each weapon will cost around $15,000 (100,000 yuan) each to produce. More information can be found at the South China Morning Post.

The rifles will be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack similar to those found in smartphones. It can fire more than 1,000 “shots”, each lasting no more than two seconds.

China has reported that they are looking for partners to manufacture the laser weapon. It has just been learned that Elon Musk’s Tesla electric automobile manufacturing will move some assets to China to manufacture in Shanghai. This is pure speculation, but since Tesla touts the most advanced lithium-ion battery technology in the world, will they be approached? Time will tell.

As an aside, it is noted that the Chinese are certainly inventive. Recently, they have developed ‘bird’ drones that are so life-like they can hardly be discerned from real birds in flight. Yet, they can effectively monitor and track human and vehicular movements on the ground. Chinese government officials have been public that the secure monitoring of the manufacture of such technology is extremely important. Were these inventions to get into the wrong hands, misuse could be quite serious a matter.


This brings me to the next part of future implications of where and how deployment of such weaponry could wind up? Yes, they could be utilized in space. Whether mounted on orbital vehicles or being developed to the extent they could be more powerful is a real problem to consider.

Common sense dictates that it is only a matter of time until space is militarized from earth’s leading countries. Many claim this has already occurred. To a limited degree, yes, it has. However, I do not believe it has been developed to the level some claim. I will agree that classified projects have been underway since we started launching rockets and satellites into orbit. We have launched more into space, as well as, to other planets in our solar system. It is only natural (and financially smart) that classified (secret) experiments are placed ‘piggy-back’ with other projects. There have been ‘death-bed’ confessions from those were involved in secret projects reported. I have spoken with a few people over the years that claim we are not only ‘not’ alone, but have had more involvement than the public even has an inkling of knowledge. My point here is simply this. All things develop over time. Technology is growing exponentially. Let us hope we have enough common sense, as well as, technical smarts to get along, develop what we must to share space without any aggression leading to war not only on earth, but in space, as well.

This is another reason (of many) Space Force is being created. The defense of earth can no longer be monitored and controlled from ground-based means. So, in sum, common sense being used in technical innovation is one thing; how we use it is another.

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Military Air Force Museum - Space Force Addition Soon - Time Flies

Military organizations in the United States will soon have its newest addition, Space Force. The idea of such an entity has been mentioned on a number of occasions from time-to-time. Until recently, no one has considered this to really be an option after over sixty years of space exploration. Now, there is a permanent habitation (ISS-International Space Station) orbiting earth that has become the norm instead of the exception. So, it means we are here to stay above the earth and beyond.

It is only a matter of time, effort, and technological growth. Such growth is occurring at an exponential rate; however, please bear in mind the fragility of the human body. It must be protected from any negative form situation where damage can occur. I stand in complete support of how the space program has developed over the last sixty-plus years. Having studied the process since childhood, it is amazing to behold. It is only a matter of time for more improved methods of human habitation of space are implemented. This includes propulsion and more artificial gravity innovations are invented.

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International Space Station view.

There is one thing of great importance being sometimes overlooked by people in the general population, as well as, in government, political, and business communities, globally. There are nations that can now launch ICBMs (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles) into a low-space arch to land pretty much anywhere on earth on any concentrated populated area. It is almost impossible to defend humanity from such an attack. Ground-based defensive mechanisms that exist today are inadequate. Satellite-based defenses are also inadequate and will be mentioned later. It is only logical and basic common sense to realize the next step in earth defense is not on earth, it is above it. The bottom line in defending and preserving humanity is creating the means to secure it.

Seen above are some source images of the recent one-year flight of the X-37B spacecraft. It orbited the earth and although known that it had been launched on its mission, no mention was made as to why and what it was doing up there. I will speculate, here, without going into so much detail it could lose the reader. Common sense abounds. If the military didn’t have closely-held secrets about experimentation and future implementation of plans in action, who else would know? The enemy would know that is who. Remember the old WWII (World War II) term for the Navy? ‘Loose lips sinks ships.’ It is no different today.

The X-37, loaded with gear and technology, made precise measurements of the hows and whys a space-faring fleet of craft could not only manage a space-like tour in micro-gravity environments, it could be effective at repelling atomic missile threats across the globe. Further, what better implementing of technology could help how to construct, maintain, and utilize space crafts capable of managing observation and, unfortunately, when to effectively combat aggression from rogue governments. Although, satellites, weaponized to perform the deeds have been speculated and planned for years, it has not been able to be effective to combat a missile destruction in real time, so to speak. With the human control on the ground it would be pitifully late in responding.

Perforce, please realize this. Technology is advancing so rapidly, almost no one in any military situation can keep up. That being said is applied to all organizations, globally. Conversely, also note the average implementation of up-to-date technology runs approximately thirty years behind. Are there up-to-date, exotic air and space crafts in existence, today? Common sense would dictate a certain yes, as an answer; however, I contend the numbers would be incredibly limited in scope without help from others more advanced than we are. Hmm, speculation around events occurring with possible alien contact engendered with then President Dwight D. Eisenhower comes to mind from the 1950’s. In fact, his great-granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower contends, to date, this is the case.

For the layman to understand, the transit of newer, hyper-sonic missiles takes only scant minutes to make the journey compared to older systems. Recently, Vladimir Putin of Russia proclaimed they have missiles now capable of striking anywhere, at any time. They, as he says are invincible. Now, if there are active, manned space craft in orbit with tech that can down such a missile in real-time action, would it not be preferable? This is not to say Russia would do such a thing, it is simply that it now can, according to its newly re-elected president.

Please bear in mind, recent history has shown the need not only for divisions in the military to be active as the following entities: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Now comes the time for the Space Force. Until now, both the Air Force and Navy have shared a paltry and lightly-funded attempt at a ‘Space Command’ in case of anything unusual of consequence. Nothing happened. I tried in vain to find some photos I took of the Pacific Space Command in San Diego. There is only a museum in the city, now. It is there, somewhere with the plethora of other photos, in an unfortunately not-well-done catalog. Sorry. So, after peering through thousands of photos, both in my library and online, I found very little. Here, below is some evidence of what has existed:

There was a consideration of a clear and present danger of weaponizing satellites in space. In 1983, then President Ronald Reagan called for the launching of the ‘Star Wars‘ initiative. Fortunately, there are supposedly no weaponized satellites in orbit around earth, to date. Again, to implement an effective defense from ground bases would be woefully inadequate. Therefore, nothing more than improving visual and other technical surveillance has been implemented, to date.

In 2009, there was a collision between a Russian and United States satellite and it was remarkable. Until that time, the only satellites that had ever been disabled were from impacts with space debris. Although, conspiracies and fears arose from the collision, it was determined to be accidental.

Over time in history, almost every civilization created and maintained a military form of security to protect its territories and citizens. In the beginning of human history it was with clubs and spears. So, we’d call that the army. Over time, it, too, developed.

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Military ancient warfare

If it was an island civilization or a sea-faring nation, it needed to protect its trade routes and other country interactions with a navy. When other nations tried to invade or take over the victim country a military navy was an imperative. When piracy became an issue (and to some extent, still is) a military option was the only method to remedy the situation.

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Military naval warfare

Some of the latest innovations have occurred over time. What happens next is not so much a secret. It is realistic. Period. From here, I will state, emphatically that a new branch of the government, in this case the United States government, for now must take the Space Force lead. I will always respect the ones who work to protect humanity. There is so much more to know, in the near future. I will comment at article’s end in a small summary.

Then, history unfolds. As mentioned above, the concept of a Space Force is not new. Here are a couple of examples:

Again, it is only common sense humanity would strive to reserve and protect itself. Sometimes, the need is to protect humanity from itself. The ultimate common sense comes when one understands that if some other extraterrestrial entity wanted us eliminated, it would have happened by now except for something else very important to know. There is a lot of good out there and they are already here. They always have been here, since the beginning of our own time. The benevolence of the good extraterrestrials far out ways the bad ones. Note, the common denominator in existence is a constant battle between good and evil.

In sum, let us look at the possibilities that there are secret space programs. Richard Dolan has produced some of the most convincing research in this area. Some witness interviews are rather chilling. As in the Universal Digest networks in social media, especially the latest group to arise, ‘Space Force Digest‘, subjects in ufology, extraterrestrial issues, military situations, and new planetary discoveries are being discussed. There is an incredible cross-section of administrators who have been invited to take part in the process. Conspiracies and half-baked theories with no back up support are being discouraged. This is an educational group dedicated to making the public aware of the upcoming, new Space Force from the United States. This author feels certain as it develops it will be no different than the ongoing continued multi-national space efforts in existence, now.

As stated by General Douglas MacArthur in 1955 (NY Times) and Admiral Robert E. Byrd who commanded an expedition force to Antarctica where it was claimed they encountered exotic aircraft and what they called flying saucers, extraterrestrials are out there and ultimately, the next world war will be with them. These are only two of many reports I have found. Whether, this is continued deception or more false flags is what we all want to know. Now, use common sense to see that in any case, a space force is to be here to protect humanity (even from itself). If and when we do encounter and publicly acknowledge other races of beings from elsewhere, human history alone gives prime examples of benevolent, as well as, malevolent encounters. Common sense would indicate such future encounters may not be much different. However, let us hope that it is.

Universal Digest is pleased to present this new and fresh approach to the next step in the elevating of the human condition. Our destiny is the stars. How we get there is not going to be by accident in any way, shape or form. Thank you for reading and viewing.

Written By: Ed Smith Founder-Universal Digest

PS: Am humbled to be a part of it all. Just passing by…

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Nimitz-class carrier: USS Carl Vinson with naval group entering South China Sea

A United States Aircraft Carrier strike group has been deployed to the South China Sea.

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Nimitz-class carrier: USS Carl Vinson with naval group entering South China Sea

The Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier, USS Carl Vinson began routine patrols in the South China Sea on the 18th of February.

The announcement was posted on the US Navy, Carl Vinson Facebook page.

Nimitz-class carrier group entering the South China Sea, led by the USS Carl Vinson.

The strike groups Commander, Rear Admiral James Kilby said, “Previous weeks of training in the Pacific has greatly improved the group’s readiness, also we are looking forward to demonstrating our capability and effectiveness whilst building upon existing strong relationships with our Allies Partners and friends in the Indo-Asia- Pacific region.”

The United States has been critical of China claiming almost all of the resource rich South China Sea and the construction of man-made islands for the build-up of military infrastructure and facility in the area saying they could be used to restrict access to the strategic sea lanes.

Approximately 5 Trillion dollars of trade passes through the Sea lanes each year.

Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam all claim parts of the South China Sea because of the rich fish stocks and sea rights of use in the area. Also, the area is rich in oil and and other mineral deposits.

The continued wranglings of various countries’s right to use in the area is not new. What may be more applicable to current events may have very well been exacerbated by the election of a new president in the United States.

The influence of China in the area of Malaysia and Indonesia is well known. What is not well known is that China, in this particular theater of operations is continuing an island-building expansion process and the surrounding countries are quite alarmed. If the work continues, it could result in Chinese containment of the area. In short, China would control the sea lanes and control of any extra-country intercessions in the South China sea.

China continues to claim it respects free shipping and international commerce in the air and water.

Written By: MickG  – Thailand


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