Darren cares about the future of families, children, and humanity.

UNIVERSAL DIGEST SUPPORTS DARREN REDMOND’S EFFORTS Darren Redmond is the Executive Director for a non-profit organization, P.A.I.N. Parents & Addicts In Need has been helping so many families in central California over the years. His message is painfully clear about the fentanyl-laced Xanax tablets that have been taken by unknowing children. This article points out… Continue reading DARREN REDMOND – FENTANYL WARNING

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REDMOND'S REVIEWS are provided frequently at Universal Digest.

PLYMOUTH SETTLEMENT, A HISTORY 1608-1650 Plymouth was settled by Pilgrims arriving from England in 1608. In this week’s rendition of REDMOND’S REVIEW, this book review details some of the history of the time Plymouth settlement. THE HISTORY OF THE PLYMOUTH SETTLEMENT, 1608-1650 AD As the political narrative, along with the mandated tenured professors indoctrination on… Continue reading PLYMOUTH SETTLEMENT, THE HISTORY

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REDMOND'S REVIEW covers the historic revelations of a Muslim's accounts in "Martyred Armenia."

MARTYRED ARMENIA “Martyred Armenia” is the object of this week’s REDMOND’S REVIEW. This was written in 1916, by Faiz el – Ghusein, a Syrian-born Muslim who was a Turkish official at the time. He wrote of his first-hand accounts of the atrocities perpetrated upon the Armenian people. This is a short book in the public… Continue reading MARTYRED ARMENIA REDMOND’S REVIEW

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This dempanic has crossed genetic lines. This comes from a recent report at the New York, Bronx Zoo. Sad.

Dempanic? Of course. Pandemic; yes. Dampanic; absolutely. So, let us start with this disclaimer, please? UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion… Continue reading DEMPANIC-PANDEMIC-DAMPANIC

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