VACCINE PLAN AND IMPLEMENTATION Vaccine development and dispersal came rapidly in the year 2020. A number of pharmaceutical organizations jumped into action to combat the developing pandemic. This author has written 5 other articles concerning COVID-19 and it’s affects on the human population since November of 2019. Much more information has surfaced. Also, many more… Continue reading VACCINE, CHINA, EXTRATERRESTRIALS

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The current state of the world is discussed in this two-hour exclusive interview with Dave Emmons and Ed Smith.

Current state of the world is the subject of this KCOR broadcast from June 18, 2020. On talk show host, Dave Emmons’s show, “The Strange Truth,” he interviews Universal Digest Founder, Ed Smith. All gloves were off during this broadcast regarding the present state of world governance and political activity. CURRENT STATE OF THE WORLD… Continue reading CURRENT STATE OF THE WORLD KCOR

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Joe Biden is seen here in a number of poses with other women.

Ghislaine Maxwell, past girl friend of Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested after a long stake out. This is a scintillating article from Tony Elliott. Also, it speaks for itself with facts. GHISLAINE MAXWELL ARRESTED With the recent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s supposed ex-girlfriend, many politicians in Washington are sweating bullets since she has… Continue reading GHISLAINE MAXWELL ARRESTED

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Courtesy: Getty Images. Police forming a line during a public disturbance. This is happening now in real time across the nation.

RIOTS: ONLY THE BEGINNING Riots occur when two or three people congregate in a public meeting to display a protest to the existing governing body. Throughout history, riots have resulted from a myriad of causes. These barbaric acts were not ignored. In the past, they were swiftly quelled with violence in return. Now, matters are… Continue reading RIOTS: ONLY THE BEGINNING

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