Wave clouds have not been seen for a while. Could this be part of the HAARP project?


HAARP, or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has been around for many years. Has it been found to create beneficial weather effects in regional areas? This writer says yes, it may. Also, it can and has been used by nations to adversely affect weather patterns in other regions of earth. Some wild theories abound and one is that it is a mind control device. So stated Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota, at the time.

Originally, the H.A.A.R.P. project that began in Alaska, and it was a military project. Reports came in that its amplifications were ‘frying’ the motors of wind turbines near Ridgecrest, California. They were generating electricity for sale to electric company grids, there.

Under the guise of being an educational project, it has remained there until this day. The Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, owns it now. However, recent reports indicate it may be closed down soon.

This author’s educated opinion is that it may have served its purpose in the evolution of exact science research. Or, has it? The United States Air Force transferred HAARP over to the university in August of 2015.


Who knows where this will lead? From a military inception to an educational, college-based dogma of application, it will reveal itself over time. Whether, what is exact science, military classified applications, or a matter of public scrutiny, one may not know until it is to be revealed one day. Please, don’t hold your breath. Pun intended.

What this writer has discovered over the years is most interesting. From the past to the future is where we go from here.

Viewed over a few hour period, the HAARP project from Alaska could be in play.

Remember, the earth’s atmosphere is only a breathable 3 miles up from the surface. From 20,000 feet, the atmosphere height averages 7.5 miles; 39,000 feet (12 km). The range of heights are around 5.6 miles; 30,000 feet at the geographic poles (9 km) to 11 miles; 56,000 feet (17 km) at the equator. The heights can vary due to weather changes.

HAARP and its future of ionosphere research perhaps other applications are not going away any time soon. Further, discoveries may be found to positively affect weather patterns, thus improving the human condition.


First of all, let us understand the various layers of the atmosphere (stratiphication): 1) Troposphere, ground up to 7 miles (0-12 km). 2) Stratosphere, 7 to 31 miles (50-80 km). 3) Mesosphere, 31 to 50 miles (50-80 km). 4) Thermosphere, 50 to 440 miles (80-700 km). 5) Exosphere, 440-6,200 miles (700-10,000 km). The ionosphere (consisting of electrically charged, [ionized] gas particles) is located in the thermosphere at 37 to 190 miles (60-300 km). Jet streams occur in the ionosphere.

For example, the International Space Station orbits in the exosphere at 254 miles (409 km). This is considered the outermost part of earth’s atmosphere, which is a micro-gravity environment. Therefore, the space station must make occasional thruster boost upward to maintain orbit. Also, it increases its altitude at times to receive manned and supply ship deliveries.


The HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) was established in 1993. As mentioned, the United States Air Force and U.S. Navy managed the project. Also, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects) were involved. And, BAE Advanced Technologies built the HAARP facility.

Consequently, it is no small wonder how and why so many conspiracy theories have abounded over the years while noting the big name military and research organizations that are involved. One book written in 1995 covers many aspects and theories considered regarding the HAARP project. This image is from the author’s library. Here is a link to the book that was provided in 1997.

Written by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning in 1995, they address advances in Tesla technology, artificial auroras, and possible NSA (National Security Agency). They call it the new “Star Wars” program.

The following is an image from a search regarding atmospheric patterns created by the project:

This image indicates HAARP generated atmospheric cloud patterns.

We have more to learn from both theories, as well as, from official sources. Ultimately, it is up to the reader to decide from what is written with links provided what is true. Who may determine what is true or not with so much disinformation thrown about.


What can one decide from experiments, as well as, where atmospheric science is applied? Again, what is the truth and what is not? Comments and queries are most welcome. Others who wish to do so may shed more light on what is written here.

This was another view of the wave cloud event from central California.

In sum, it is this author’s opinion that it may be possible to move jet streams further south to temper warmer climates. Reports of possible rain in late May could occur. It didn’t, but temperatures did lower, dramatically. So, can the HAARP project be an experiment for good, too? Who knows? But, we did observe this for the first time in sky-gazing in this area for over 20 years.

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REDMOND'S REVIEW is published weekly. Darren chooses each book of interest from lists that are free to read.


Souls are protesting in multiple countries while we speak. And, not all of these souls are black. In this week’s book review from the annals of REDMOND’S REVIEW, Darren felt it important to publish this book review in light of recent, historical events occurring in the United States, as well as, in many countries of the earth.

So, let us hope cooler heads prevail in the coming weeks, as the global economies slowly return to some form of normalcy.


Penned in 1903, “The Souls of Black Folk” written by W.E.B DU BOIS, should immediately be placed in my opinion on the Mount Rushmore of books dealing with American history from the perspective of a sociologist.

og: Souls
In this week’s REDMOND’S REVIEW, we learn of the view of the souls of black folk from W.E.B. Du Bois.

Specifically, the trifecta of first hand accounts, second-hand stories, and the use of music to enlighten the reader is incorporated into the telling the story of the tapestry of the black experience in America.

This is a book that resonates today, and is an extremely important work written into the fabric of American history.

This book, in my opinion, should be required reading for all who are in schools. If I ever was put into a situation to run a school system, I would add this to the curriculum.

For me, the anger, the sadness, the hope, and the causality, of much that still faces America today was brought to light in this masterful work written in 1903.

This is found free to read in literary domains.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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Important What A Child Is…

What A Child Is...

A Child is and is not many things:

A Child  should not be a sounding board for arguments between parents or caregivers. This is important!

A Child can not be spoiled for they are not a food or an item…they can be disobedient, but not spoiled.

A Child is not  aware of your bad day…It is not their fault.

A Child trusts you above all else if you are the parent or guardian…never violate that trust.

A Child can not force you to cater to her/him and over indulge…that is a choice an adult makes…don’t blame the child.

A Child lives in a world that many times you help create…what will that world look like?

A Child during their first few years of life, learns how they will react or respond to the many years of life  later on…TEACH CAREFULLY.

A Child does not have the power to watch what you do each day when they are at school, but if they did, would they be learning something of value if they saw  what you are doing?

A Child learns not to speak ill of others or talk behind others back,  do they see us as caregivers doing the same?

A Child is is smart enough to learn that in games, some one wins and lose, allow them to experience that.

A Child is not going to melt if a teacher uses a red pen to correct an exam or paper.

A Child dreams, a child imagines, dont shatter that gift that a child uses to get the courage to grow.

A Child is taught to understand that some win and some lose, and to accept it with grace. How do we respond in the same situation?

A Child is not aware that others may not like their parents or caregivers for what ever petty reason, a child only knows they LOVE YOU.

A Child is a forever label …you are always and always will be some one’s child…

D Redmond

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I want to be very accurate and clear with my viewpoint on the use of technology by children to help enhance learning both in a structured environment and during free play.  I have read studies, heard from so called experts, and of course read more than a few articles on when may be the appropriate time to introduce technology such as computers, smart phones and interactive video games and come to my theory based on many years of being a parent, and the research I have read while earning my Masters Degree in Education.

As a passionate proponent of differentiated instruction, I view the use of technology with children through that prism.  I have come to conclude that an individual traits, ability to receive stimuli, and “natural fondness” for a certain method of learning, can many times improve  a child or  adults ability to learn something in a way that would allow that person to reference that knowledge when called to do so.  Technology should not be a baby sitter, while  true, nor should a coloring book, or pet or coin collection.  A caregivers ability to interact with a child to facilitate learning both, and this is the key, during specific learning modules and during extemporaneous play is part of the way a child  or an adult learns and processes information they will retain for use.

A child with supervised but, not to an extent to sequester a child natural creativity (the first step to learning) can find a bounty of harvest titled  productive information when allowed to “play” with supervised technology. Children at the ages of 8 or 9 can freely and with bold vigor, drag, and drop, define words, learn languages, understand group goals, and accountability, all through the use of technology.  These are traits that many children may find appealing  and willing to absorb rather than wrote memory rituals that we still advocate today.

We ourselves as a society may have learned through osmosis, that easiest way to do away with something we find new or challenging is create the evil that it may bring. The enemy is the new shiny object; the enemy is trying something new.  Of course I am not implying their is not a dark side to technology and children.  That is why I advocate caregiver oversight.  The studies I have seen against children using technology seem to be easily rebutted and with little scholarly merit.

The final question, of course, then is how old should a child start using technology; the answer is simple, when an observant and engaged caregiver believes they may be ready.  The readiness should be declared with a ponderousness of evidence and good council from the child’s  teachers, instructors  and other parents that know your child. The one variable I would be against is not opening up your child to technology before a certain age, because of fear or some one who themselves may be afraid of change and differentiated instruction.

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