What will our future be for mankind. From NWO, WHO, NIH, to whatever is next; we have not been told the truth.


War came to mind after so many news reports. Why? Because, news media in its ignominious glory, tend to bend, wind, and distort the truth beyond all believable perimeters. The irresponsibility in United States news media has no bounds. Period! Yet, their strings are being pulled from strong forces behind the scenes.

Next, comes the inevitable saber-rattling from China and the United States. Each have been blaming the other for a number of reasons. Simply, the United States claims the COVID-19 virus came from a viral research lab in Wuhan, China. The Chinese government claims the virus originated in the United States.

Militarily, the naval forces of the United States have, in part, moved to the South China Sea. Much of the Chinese navy resides in those waters. While tensions escalate, both sides (as well as many countries on the sidelines) realize the futility of conflict; especially one in a nuclear age. China has resumed underground nuclear testing.

Ufologists, please bear with some history, first. We’ll get there. And, there is a connection.

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Since the 911 debacle; WHO would have considered such an attack?


In the viewpoint of this exclusive, war is not likely. The following timeline is drawn from from a logical process of how society subtly changes over time. Its process has evolved and the pattern changes little.

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Many valiant soldiers have fought in each war to defend their country. The causes have been varied. Yes, they have come from many countries. But, we are talking about the United States, here.

From war comes peace. Peace comes from freedom. From freedom comes understanding. Understanding becomes acceptance. From acceptance comes complacency. Complacency breeds a desire for security. From a desire for security comes entitlement. Entitlement engenders expectancy. From expectancy comes vulnerability. Vulnerability enables both passive/active attack. From attack comes slavery, in many forms. Slavery breeds rebellion. From rebellion comes war.

Do not repeat history. Breed respect while there is still time. And, time is growing very short. Nothing happens by accident.


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WHO, in the NIH, or UN, or other war nations could have ever stooped this low? Yes, it is the NWO and its deep state evil minions. Do NOT be fooled.

The world is looking at the United States, big time. The US has endured a degree of polarization that is historical by nature. But, is it too late? No. It isn’t. And, there are perpetrators who have great powers that are testing the waters of socialism in the country, as we speak.

With the wranglings between political parties at a fever pitch in Congress, this author sees no solution to the problem. Even though opposing party members in both houses bicker and complain, openly; they privately cover each other’s lousy backsides in secrecy.

However, there was a spark of justice re-lit with the Department of Justice (DOJ) dropping all charges against Lt. General Michael Flynn. Interestingly, just hours before the DOJ filing, special prosecutor, Brandon van Grack removed himself from the case without explanation. Or, so we hope? Stay tuned.


The point of mentioning the above is to stir more critical thought into the minds of productive realists who care about the United States and its unique structure. We call it the Constitution. Most people haven’t even read it in this generation.

After almost four years of every attempt in the book to remove President Donald J. Trump from office, inclusive of an incredible coup via an impeachment attempt, it has all been about this in the news. Almost all media organizations played into this attempt to remove the present president. Although, the House voted along party lines to impeach Trump, the Senate moved in a majority vote to exonerate him.

Case closed? Not even close. However, this time there are subtle actions underway to move forward with indictments against some key individuals who tried to oust Trump with lies and subterfuge. Attorney General, William Barr has impressed into service, John Durham, as the key investigator into miscarriages of justice. He is looking into actions from some top level individuals who work (and have worked) in some key areas of government. Will we see results, soon? Many have been waiting for quite a while. And, we are talking about the swamp, my friends. It is quite deep and much larger than people know. Answer? No.


After conducting a number of private interviews with those who hail from three different generations over the past few years, this author has discovered some startling results. Frankly, it is true that the United States is heading to a more socialist line of thought in the younger generations, starting with the Millennial group.

There has been a trend towards socialist doctrine in many countries for the last few hundred years. It is where such a dialectic of life and reality is totally derived from the senses. This got its start with a subjective view of dialectical materialism. In short, it was G. W. F. Hegel who gave it its start. This was an opposition to the metaphysical mode of thought, which he considered to be an abstraction. Later, his views and approach was picked up by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Why bring this all up in a war article? See what happens as the web of deceit unfolds in our present-day world. Remember, President Trump has been saying since the beginning the United States will never turn socialist? You are about to see the big picture of this historical, global deception, underway.


This author spent much time studying Marxism and Socialism at the university attended in the 1970’s. Success came quickly in understanding the applications begun with Hegel. Studies continued that were inclusive of Giuseppe Garibaldi and his red shirts in the mid-1800’s. Although, grander in scope in Italy and parts of South America, he was successful in Italy because the government was so indecisive on what to do. Does this bear relevance to the US today?

Thanks to a contributor friend who lives nearby, what follows is a simplification of what efforts are taken to create a social state. This is what is happening to the United States, as we speak. And, it is happening, as part of an international undertaking. Remember the NWO (New World Order)? It is alive and well. And, it is coming to a neighborhood near you. But wait, there is more! It is already here; in the guise of power grabs and little wars near you. Of course, the public version of war is against the coronavirus that has been released upon the world.

Simply, you haven’t seen anything, yet. In every attempt possible, utilizing the most ‘respected’ experts in the world, they are busy trying to keep the US economy (and others) shut down. Without being too divisive, it is patently obvious because of vehemence, hatred, and out-and-out vitriol of warring parties (remember Garibaldi?) in the US; all out efforts are underway to stop President Trump from being re-elected in November of 2020.


Without trying to scare the daylights out of a God-fearing American public, the above introduction was meant to ease the readers into what is definitely underway in the US. Saul Alinsky, who died in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, in 1972, provided a simple version to understand how to create a social state, i.e. a socialist state. Unlike the dictates of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto, Alinsky simplified it. There are eight rules to follow. They are being perpetrated upon our citizenry, presently. It is all about controlling the masses.

  1. Healthcare: Control healthcare and you control the people.
  2. Poverty: Increase poverty to its highest level. As long as they receive what life requires, they won’t fight.
  3. Debt: Increase it to an unsustainable level. Then, increase the taxes to produce more poverty.
  4. Gun Control: Remove any ability to fight the government (Constitution). Then, create a police state.
  5. Welfare: Take control of the essentials; food, housing, water, and income (clothing, too).
  6. Education: Simply, take control of what people read, listen, and view. Take control of learning in schools.
  7. Religion: Remove the belief in God from government and schools.
  8. Class Warfare: Divide people into wealthy and poor. This creates discontent. It is easier to tax the wealthy.


Most of the above is being completed, as we read. There isn’t much more to go. Younger generations are programmed with a negativity that ownership is futile. The bottom line is an elite superstructure (some family-oriented), are about to complete a very long project to control the global citizenry for good. Look this up for yourselves: Vladimir Lenin started such a venture with the Bolsheviks in 1918. Stalin finished the job stating his converts were ‘Useful Idiots’.

Make no mistake, my friends, none of this is conjecture. The proponents of completing a global, interdependent economy have already completed this task. Providing China with ‘most favored nation status’ was the last step. All the ‘economic’ doors have been opened. But, this author is not saying it is all bad, but it was part of the global elite (family) entities who were perpetrating this with much bigger plans for the future.

Now, we are beginning to see the “BIG PUSH” underway to complete the task. A while back, this author stated while watching a nation of citizens where there were more ‘takers’ than there were ‘givers’ was rather prophetic. Now, we are seeing the next step in the plan. It hasn’t changed from the beginning! We’ve been played. But, we now have more people buying into this philosophy of a ‘social state’. So, what comes next?


From the outset, recent history of World War II has delivered evidence of an alien influence, which helped the Germans. In light of all history, there have been many incursions of extraterrestrial (or divine) influence in human history.

The focus, here, after much research, is to determine how much influence there has been, overall. This author’s determination is the influence has been a continual factor in the human condition.

What is most interesting in light of the plethora of evidence detailing the history of other-worldly interactions between humans and aliens, are the common denominators. Most all crafts explained, whether in ancient, medieval, or recently noted, are they are ‘saucer’ shaped in nature. Therefore, we will take a little bit of time to visit this situation and compare it to today’s socio-political events.


Whether, these beings, individuals, friends, angels, or demons arrived in ‘nuts and bolts’ crafts, or of an inter-dimensional venue; they are here. They always have been.

Not unlike humans, who were created, genetically from earth itself, so they were in the universe. So, were there so many other life-forms created? Yes. Since the time mankind was given the right to name all the species that inhabit this planet, so were they given the right to proliferate upon it. Just above us, they inhabit the stars.

So, reports from time immemorial have been drawn, spoken, and written in history to let us all know that we are not, have not, and will not be alone in the universe. We are just still so young, we can barely grasp how to keep a sand box clean, as children, much less, share it with others.

It would be more than ecstatic to know we have gained a galactic standing with others in our galaxy, and beyond; however, we must finish some hard and fast facts, first in our own development.


Good friend, Norio F. Hayakawa has given the green light to share two important articles he just completed. This author stands in agreement and is honored to bring them to you. It adds volumes to what is being reported here.

First of all, we’ve stated earlier that readers should be very cognizant of the present efforts from diabolical, demonic forces of all kinds. These range from generational, familial groups of individuals who want to rule the world right down to national, state, regional, and local leaders drunk with power during the COVID-19 crisis. This will end, to a certain degree, but be aware, beware, and be wary of an upcoming false flag called an alien invasion.

As the coronavirus pandemic causing worldly infections and death to a certain degree; what kind of “new abnormal” are we facing? Norio writes well of the post-COVID world. Click here to read Norio’s article.

Lastly, Norio writes a poignant, cognizant article what kind of ‘alien’ invasion there may be? In fact, could it be sooner than people think? Bear in mind, there are world changes in an ongoing fashion. And, there are changes in the sun. Also, what has happened to the insect population? Click here to read Norio’s article.


Face it, the next venture for earth inhabitants are to the planets; then the stars. That means travelling beyond the trappings of earth’s gravity. Inclusive of recent super collider research, we all may be talking about bridging dimensions, as well. Science fiction books and videos have confirmed the incredible imagination of the humans on this blue marble.

But, let’s take a little more in depth look into what we have created, as well as, what has been given to us, perhaps? Wow, this author has lived a life that has researched this phenomena from as early as could be conceived. It is a no-brainer, in the fullness of time, as some are wont to say. We are going to the stars.

There are quite a number of friends and acquaintances who say we already have. Wow, again. Further, the contact has been most well received. When looking for agendas, precepts, and other worldly aspirations; when they are not detected, what may one say? Subjective or otherwise, deductively speaking, they have a message to deliver. I respect it. I have met some incredibly astute, honest, and objective people, over time. Another, wow.


Which one will it be? There are some who say we have been part of a secret space program hosted by the CIA. Gary McKinnon is a Scottish systems administrator, who is also a hacker. While hunting for UFO cover-ups, as well as, other free energy information, he stumbled upon a roster of off-world military serving in other solar systems. Is this a precursor to Star Wars? Is it an augur of things to come since the beginning of Space Force to Star Trek? It is conjecture, at this time.

As for the secret space programs, Richard Dolan has written about it. Further, he has interviewed a number of people about it; some who were about to expire. It was interesting stuff.

Outside of someone named Andrew D. Basiago, who claims to have been off-world, as well. He was cleared by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to speak freely of his experiences. Now, don’t shine this off, but, he called this author to counter an article written. It was about not spelling Mars with a capital. To this end, it became fun after the third phone call to the home phone. In fact, the last call was a lot of fun. We spoke on congenial, friendly terms.

There are more contacts who are quite important. So, don’t think less of what the future may bring. And, an open mind listening has a more positive outcome than one that judges from the beginning.


As a foreword, remember that the United States is the last bastion of freedom, as battered as it may be, to date. If citizens of all generations forget how we obtained our freedoms, beginning with the forefathers who framed the Constitution; all is lost. After undertaking many interviews from those of at least four generations in the past few years, the outlook is grim.

Ronald Edward Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, delivered an unrehearsed, unscripted speech from the heart at the Goldwater presidential convention rally on October 27, 1964.

The above, shortened, YouTube video is attached for view. The full 29 minute speech is found here. This writer cares not the political persuasion of anyone here in the US or the world. But, if those who love freedom anywhere, do not remember history, this last nation will pass away. The danger has never been more great, than it is now.

Summation: When people yearn more for security and free money to survive; just stay home and the like, it is all over. The elite, deep state mongrels, NWO leaders, as well as, the power hungry on all levels of strata will get their way.


So, here is the bad news, first. These despots, international families, national families, state, regional leaders, down to the local leaders involved, will, not, quit. Those sucked into the vacuum of promises for notoriety, fame, and fortune will fall like dominoes. In fact, they are falling like dominoes, as you read this article! There is this red guy in a red suit, with a contract. He says to all public officials in the US and beyond; congratulations. You may pass. But, first, just sign this paper and you are free to roam, at will. Until, your time does come. And, it will. Wink.

After more inspiring interviews, the good news is the spirit of nationality still prevails. Citizens of many of the 197 countries on earth are rather proud of their citizenry. Those demonstratively oppressive nations bear the most harm to their citizens. In the peoples’ plights, they are so limited with resources, it is almost impossible to resist their governments. Hence, they have no freedoms. The elites and those in power do.

Summation: The United States is SO under attack from other countries under continued attacks of their own from demonic forces. WE THE PEOPLE, are the last of what the Constitution has supported over 243 years. Its Amendments are golden. Attacks are underway. Wake up, please.


Look, there is quite enough evidence in history to see what is wrong. From the past to the present, if we do not get it right this time; war WILL result. The human experience on earth precludes us from not seeing this. If one person just takes a little time to review what is publicly available, one will most certainly learn, as well as, ‘see the light’.

As friend, Norio Hayakawa has explained quite well, prophesy is quite real regarding the Bible. But, do not be swayed by alternate doctrines that do not address the facts. The facts are in front of us, every day. Humanity has not changed much since the beginning. Only technology has, daily.

We are so not alone. But, experiencers who are knowledgeable that without personal encounters cannot understand it. Those who have not seen or encountered an event of their own, would have no concept of how to interpret them. Common sense prevails, overall.


Wars, marriages, fun, play, peace, pleasure, murders, carnage, disease, pestilence, climate changes, growth, loss, love, hate, and more, are always part of life. Remember, please; overall, nothing happens by accident. But, that is another article.

Here is a query for you? Do you think war occurs by accident? Answer: No. Evil forces are trying to take it to the next level. It is all about power, now. You and we are being attacked in America. This is not a joke. It is real.

Just love, while you can. The future is coming, whether you like it or not. From long-term research, this author trusts what Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua, or Emmanuel, said. He is preparing a place for us. And, He will return. Perhaps, the satanic forces know something we are yet to confirm? Their times are almost up. They are incredibly desperate. Hallelujah.

It is all up to you. Those who care and take the time to love will receive love in return. Remember: Freedom is not free. Be brave and stop being fooled. Be resolute. The evil power brokers on all levels will not prevail, in the end.

But, for a time, it is going to be difficult for many. Do not give up hope. All we have is each other, lest we forget.

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website. Further, none of the views expressed here are shared from the prescribed vendors, advertisers, assigns, and affiliates.

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Whales, Sailing, Jim Poushinsky Trips

Whales and human communication with them via ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) has long been researched and documented over the years. I was contacted regarding this phenomena and I have found it to be nothing less than extraordinary. In all due candor, I believe you will find this most interesting.

Jim Poushinsky and I met last year and became friends on social media with a primary concern and regard of whales and ESP (Extra-sensory-perception). We discussed many subjects from UFO/extraterrestrial encounters to his contacts with spiritual and paranormal events; however, his experience in Alaska he was eager to make public. What you are about to read concerns all of us. It also goes beyond some relative area of this author’s understanding, as well.

Therefore, please absorb and enjoy a most poignant article from a friend who was not always wanting to be public in this way. I am honored to know Jim. He is most exact, kind, effusive, eloquent, yet most humble in all approaches to telepathic, emphatic, and worldly observations and experiences. I will preface this article that it is not for those who want to just read for enjoyment; it is also here for the exciting view and experience of the wonders of life all around us. Whether you agree or disagree, Jim has gone to great lengths to be as detailed, as is possible.

Here are three screenshots of the Alaskan Whales Experience.

At article’s end is the video version of the incredible experience. I do this so as not to take away from this story.

Whales, Sailing,  and Jim Poushinsky

Without further ado and appreciation for the trust of a most unique, kind, and nice person of whom I have met, here is Jim’s story of his experiences:

ESP with Whales

This is a true story. Everything I write here is as I experienced it, and I am willing to take a lie detector test to verify this.

Visit to Marineland

I grew up in the center of the North American continent, and never saw a whale until the day my wife Carol and I took our two young children to Marineland in Niagara Falls. The show was to start in 15 minutes, and Carol took the children to the bathroom. While waiting for them I noticed a sign pointing to an underground passage where people could view a young whale through the glass side panels. I descended the steps intending to take a quick look. But, I was disappointed to see the water was murky and visibility very limited.

I turned to the right at the bottom of the stairs and followed the curving pathway past the first glass windows, thinking I was alone. Suddenly, I came upon an amazing sight. A young child was sitting absolutely still on the wide window sill, hands clasping drawn-up knees, and eyes closed. On the other side of the glass with their heads only a foot or two from the child were two dolphins, motionless in the water, with their eyes closed. The only sensible explanation was that some sort of telepathic communication was happening! The word “communion” came to mind, and not wanting to interfere I quickly moved past until I was out of their sight around the walkway, at a further window.

As I stood wondering about what I had just seen, I saw a shape materializing out of the murky water, and realized it was a whale! It pressed the top of its head against the pane of glass where I was standing, and filled the entire window. I reached up and pressed my hand against the window so that only the thickness of the glass separated us. For several moments we were joined together, and I experienced an incredible sensation so intense that I was trembling all over. Then the whale vanished back into the murk, and I was alone.

I returned to the surface and met Carol and the children. The Marineland show was a disappointment, as it portrayed the whales as little more than trained animals. Afterwards, I told Carol what I had experienced, and said, “People think these whales are here to perform shows, but they are actually ambassadors from the whales to humans, and are connecting with certain people who come here to visit.” It appeared I was one of those people, but little did I know what the whales had in mind for me!


It was about 10 years later that my friend Bob, who is a medical doctor, got me involved in meditation for healing purposes. My own career was in social work with mentally and emotionally disturbed people and their families, and the two of us decided to explore meditation as a technique for maintaining our own peace of mind, and for helping others. We met for this purpose with a few other interested people on a weekly basis for several years.

Bob moved into a house in a new sub-division of the village of Metcalfe in rural Ottawa, near my own small farm. Shortly afterwards he confided in me that his entire family was suffering sleep disturbances. He asked if I could come and meditate with him to see if we could determine the problem.

I arrived at Bob’s new home and he suggested we meditate in the living room. On a sudden impulse I asked where the basement was? He pointed to a door, and I opened it and stepped onto the landing at the top of the stairs. I immediately felt the presence of a spiritual entity that was momentarily in the same space as my physical body. The feeling is like the prickly tingling sensation of your bodily hair standing on end, only vibrating inside as well.

As I descended the staircase and walked through the basement I had many more such fleeting spirit contacts. We meditated by centering ourselves in the loving energy of Creation, and asked to transform any negativity present into love and healing energy.

The next afternoon I got a phone call from Bob asking for help. He said he had walked home from his nearby medical office to have lunch. His children were in school, and his wife was away, so he was alone in the house. He sat down in the sun-room to eat, and suddenly he heard voices. It was raining outside, and no neighbors were home. The voices weren’t coming from any physical beings. Being a doctor, Bob was concerned that he might be having a psychotic episode.

I asked him what the voices were like. He said there were many different voices, but one dominant voice that was disagreeing with the others and seemed to be in charge. They appeared to be arguing with him. I said I would come over after work that afternoon, and we could try meditating again.

Bob and I sat in the sun-room that evening, and again centered ourselves in the loving energy of Creation. We immediately felt the presence of many dark spirits, who surrounded us in a circle. The story that came to our minds was that these were Irish immigrants who had fled the famine in Ireland to come to Canada back in the 1800s. They had brought cholera with them, and were dying from this, a then untreatable deadly disease. The Christian preacher leading them insisted the fatal illness was a result of those getting it being “out of grace with God”. Then he too got sick and died.

The bodies of these unknown immigrants were buried in an unmarked mass grave, that the new sub-division had been partly built over. Their spirits had remained there all these years, in a self-imposed Purgatory. We explained to them that they had friends who were trying to reach them to take them to their higher dimensional home, and these loved ones were the angelic beings of Light they had been hiding from. We then invited these soul-mates to approach, so the trapped spirits could see who they were.

A curtain of shimmering light slowly descended. As it touched the tops of the dark forms surrounding Bob and myself they changed to light. When it reached the ground every bit of shadow had been transformed into light, and as the curtain of light lifted and dissolved above us the sensation was so intense both of us were crying tears of pure joy.

Needless to say, everyone in the house was able to sleep peacefully for several months after that! So when something started disturbing their sleep again, Bob called, and I went over to do another meditation.

This time we encountered a single spirit while meditating in the basement. Bob’s wife worked as a nurse, and the spirit was that of a deceased young girl who had accompanied her home. We were able to help the child connect with those trying to reach her from the other side, and she departed into the Light.

However I could still feel a spiritual presence in the basement after the child departed. I decided to try to communicate using a technique learned from an elderly friend who was a dowser. Ray Wilson had dowsed over 800 wells in our township, including my new well, using his psychic sense to feel the presence of water with a stick. He had also diagnosed my leaky heart valve years before any doctor, using a pendulum made from a weight on a string. He would ask questions and the pendulum would swing side to side for a yes, or in a circle for a no.

Since I could feel the presence of a spirit touching me as a tingling sensation, I decided to try asking questions and taking a touch as a yes, and the cessation of contact as a no. A strong touch would be a sign my question was on the right track, and a weak touch would mean yes, but not relevant.

So I asked questions such as “Is this someone that I know?” and “do you have a message for us?” The answers were frustratingly non-committal. What I did get was that this was a life form on Earth that had both an individual and group mind. Finally in utter frustration I blurted out, “Give me a word!”

“FISH” popped into my mind. Dismissing this, I demanded “Give me a picture!!” In my mind I saw a blue fish swimming towards me.

“There are no intelligent fish!!!” I shouted. And then a thought struck me –
“Are you a dolphin?” No response. “A whale?” Suddenly both Bob and I were immersed and our entire bodies vibrating in shimmering energy that filled the whole basement! “Wow!!!” was all we could say.

The whale had clearly been monitoring the telepathic channel connecting all physical life to the spiritual realm, and noticed us helping the child’s spirit go to the Light. It had nothing to tell us, other than to confirm it’s telepathic presence to us at Bob’s place, in the middle of the North American continent. And, that was my second meaningful contact with a whale. The plot thickens!

The Alaskan Passage

A decade later Carol and I decided to take the honeymoon we had never had to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We flew from Ottawa to Vancouver, and boarded the ocean liner Westerdam for a one week tour of the Alaskan Passage.

It was my first experience on a cruise ship, and I looked forward to seeing the rugged west coast scenery during the week-long trip through the straits of the Inland Passage.

Our first stop was in Juneau, capital of Alaska. While there I decided to go out on a whale-watching excursion. As the small boat loaded with tourists sped away from the town, it was explained to us that Juneau was surrounded by glaciers that deposited sediment into the bay. This sediment was washed out to a shallow spot where the ocean floor rose in a ridge. The water around this sea-mount is rich in nutrients, and supports schools of small fish which provide food for the Humpback Whales that spend the summers there.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and at the sea-mount I was able to get movie footage of the Humpback whales “bubble feeding” near our boat. Our Guide explained what was happening as we listened through an underwater microphone. One whale was blowing a ring of bubbles around a school of small fish. Then the whales called out and rushed towards each other, rising up inside the ring of bubbles.

As we watched, we first saw a cloud of little fish jumping high out of the water, followed by an explosion of some 6 whales emerging head first and rising vertically out of the water, bellies together, with mouths wide open, as they scooped up the fish. The whales then fell backwards into the water like an opening flower, and disappeared to do it all over again, and again.

Our Guide remarked that in the two years he had been there, this was the best whale watching excursion he had ever been on! He noted that it was also unusual to have sunny weather, as it was almost always cloudy and raining.

Later that evening the Westerdam set sail for Skagway, so Carol and I went to sleep in our lower-deck apartment, after some celebratory drinking.

Dream Vision

I found myself having an intensely vivid dream, in which I was in the cab of a transport truck in a blinding snowstorm. Then I was outside looking down on the truck, which had slid off a snow-covered ridge into a snowy valley.

Suddenly the scene dissolved, and I was in a large room with steel walls and high windows that curved around on 3 sides. Below on the floor were some 50 people, all laying still. I realized I was having a lucid dream, and told myself “Ah-Ha! these people don’t know they are asleep and out of their bodies!”

I was still feeling the effect of the alcohol I had drunk, and my attitude was not respectful, but rather one of looking to be entertained.

Suddenly a voice interrupted my thoughts. It said “man-see-otti”.

Then it repeated louder, “man-see-otti!”

And then it boomed with great intensity, “man-see-otti!!!”

I instantly became sober with the realization that a spirit had entered my dream, and I needed to wake up to deal with this! I opened my eyes with my entire body tingling from the spirit contact, and glanced at the digital clock beside the bed. It said 2:10 am.

Carol awoke beside me and asked what was wrong? I told her about the dream and the voice. I got up and sat in a chair to meditate. As soon as I centered myself in the love of the Creator, I realized we had just passed over a sunken ship. The 50 or so people I had seen lying on the floor had drowned, and their spirits were still trapped in the ship. In the meditation, I helped them connect with the Lights of those seeking to reach them from the Higher Dimension. When they had all departed and I was about to end the meditation, I realized there was still a consciousness present.

This turned out to be the Humpback Whales I had seen feeding earlier in the day. They had watched the spiritual healing I had just engaged in. I greeted them, then went back to bed.

When I awoke in the morning, my mind was pre-occupied with questions about what I had just experienced. While waiting for Carol to get ready for breakfast, I decided to go for a quick walk through the ship. I told myself there must be a chart somewhere for people to see the ship’s course. Now this was a huge boat (the Westerdam) with many floors and some 2000 passengers, and we had only discovered the dining room to date. Nevertheless it was like I was being guided, and I found myself going up several flights of stairs and across a large room, to a partially opened door that said “Explorer’s Lounge”. Nobody was there, and I went in and looked behind the door. A chart was laid out showing the ship’s course.

I located Juneau, our departure point, and Skagway, our destination. I estimated from the time of departure and the expected time of arrival that we would have been about half-way in between when I woke up from the dream. I put my finger on this spot. There was a red dot there, with a line to an explanatory box. It read, “This is the site of the worst maritime disaster on the Pacific Northwest Coast. On October 23rd, 1918, the CP steamship Princess Sophia ran aground on Vanderbilt reef. All 354 people aboard died. The first distress call was picked up in Juneau at 2:10 am.” The exact time I had awakened from the dream!

That morning we arrived in Skagway. I went ashore determined to find more information about the sinking of the Princess Sophia. A short walk from the dock I spotted The Skagway News. Great! A newspaper would have archives!

But when I walked in the door I realized that it was just a bookstore catering to the tourist trade. Disappointed, I turned to walk back out, and found myself staring at a book, “The Sinking of the Princess Sophia”. I immediately bought it, and back at our ship read with great interest. In the enclosed photos, the room at the front with the high windows arcing around on 3 sides was an immediate distinguishing feature, that I recognized from my dream.

The Historical Record

During the rest of the cruise I saw several more whales. One morning I decided to take the back stairs to the upper decks. I looked out the stern from the lowest open deck, to see a whale’s tail and half its body sticking straight up in the air just behind the boat. Nobody else witnessed this.

Another time we were in the dining room and the loudspeaker announced whales had been sighted ahead of the boat. I got my 8mm movie camera and went up to the right side of the flying bridge. The whales were spread out in the ocean ahead of the boat. As we approached, one of the whales suddenly raced towards us on a collision course with our bow. At the last second the whale flipped on its side and slid down the starboard side of the boat, passing directly beneath me as I filmed.

I can’t remember ever viewing the video of the whales I took on that trip. My wife always jokingly referred to it as, “…some whales and 18 hours of shoreline!” and we have never watched it. My memory of the whale encounters is so vivid and complete I have never bothered to look at the film.

The book about the Princess Sophia told a horrifying story. The ship had been carrying passengers headed south for the winter. When it ran onto the reef it was sitting flat and not leaking. Rescue boats arrived from Juneau in the morning and attempted to rig a line that people could slide across from ship to ship. However the waves were becoming rougher and the line kept dipping into the ocean, making it increasingly risky. The decision was made to wait for calmer seas, and the rescue boats went back to Juneau.

A blizzard raged that night, and at 4 a.m. a radio message was received from the Princess Sophia that the ship was sliding off the reef and sinking. Two rescue boats attempted to sail from Juneau, but in the blinding snow they couldn’t see, and they collided in the harbour. When the storm finally let up enough for boats to leave the harbour, they found the frozen bodies of the passengers all along the island shores. People had been able to swim in the relatively warm ocean, but when they came ashore soaking wet they froze to death in the blizzard. The only survivor was a small dog.

When our week-long cruise ended back at Vancouver, I spent several days researching the sinking of the Princess Sophia. I visited both the Maritime Museum and the Archives. I found very little information.

The Maritime Museum had a huge main display commemorating the sinking of the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean. It also had an entire room dedicated to the Canadian Pacific passenger ships. However the Princess Sophia was missing from the many vintage CP posters. The only mention of her was in 3 small photographs on the wall.

Outside the Maritime Archives I was greeted by a number of ravens. These birds have a special meaning for me, as they are associated with the spirits of those souls still trapped in the physical world by the traumatic circumstances of their death. The ravens and crows and buzzards are carrion eaters, which gives them an intimate connection to those spirits still attached to the corpses they feed on. This relationship makes them speakers for the troubled dead.

Inside the Archives I found very little information on the Princess Sophia. The only newspaper article mentioned that it had taken over a week to collect the bodies because they were so widely strewn, and some 50 were still missing and presumed to be in the sunken ship. The boat with the corpses had arrived in Vancouver on November 8th, 1918, the day WW1 ended. In the joyful celebration over the war ending, the story of the Princess Sophia had gone untold and unnoticed.

At the Inquiry into the sinking, it was ruled a natural disaster and no fault was attributed to anyone. The only compensation CP made to the survivor’s families was a refund of the fare, and some payments for lost luggage.

It is understandable that CP as a business would want to downplay this disaster and keep it from the public mind. Likewise those in Juneau who failed to rescue the crew and passengers had reason to try to forget. However it undoubtedly took a toll on the lives of those who were or felt responsible, and on the relatives of the 350 people who died, a toll that continues to resonate into the present amongst both the living and the dead.


There was nothing in the book about man-sea-otti, the word or words I had heard in the dream.

After visiting with friends in Vancouver, Carol and I rented a car and took the ferry to Vancouver Island. We stayed for several days in Nanaimo. I drove across the Island to view the beautiful west coast beaches. At Tofino I went out on a whale watching trip in a zodiac boat, where we had a brief encounter with a gray whale.

On the way back to Nanaimo, I picked up a couple who were hitch-hiking. They told me of the old growth forest park, and we stopped there en route. I was delighted to see the giant trees, and walked up to the biggest tree and put my hand on it. After enjoying the vibes for several moments, I became aware of loud gasps and upset stares from nearby people. They drew my attention to a sign that said not to touch the trees, because such contact would harm them. I replied, “touching the trees with loving respect does good, not harm. The sign refers to disrespectful touching.” People thought about this, and most agreed.

Our visit to Nanaimo was drawing to a close as the time neared to return to Vancouver and catch our plane home to Ottawa. I decided to take a walk along the boardwalk at the waterfront, where I discovered a shop that was an art gallery for a local Coast Salish First Nation artist, William Good. Whales were the subject in much of his work. We went for a coffee together at a nearby outdoor restaurant, where I told him my story of connecting with whales.

When I finished he said, “I think I know what ‘man-see-otti’ means. ‘Otti’ is Haida for ‘spirits of the land’.”

And suddenly it made sense! Man-sea-otti = man spirits of the land in the sea! I gave a heartfelt thank-you to William Good and bought one of his drawings.

Thinking about Whales

I have heard that the great whales have brains that are 4 feet across, with 8 times the folds (and hence the surface area) in their forebrains than humans. Since we know from evolutionary studies that body parts that are not useful are lost, clearly the whales are using their huge brains for some meaningful purpose. And since dinosaurs had huge bodies with tiny brains controlling them, it is not reasonable to assume the whales require large brains to swim through the water!

Whales are mammals like us. And like all mammals their brains are divided into two hemispheres, connected by a cord of nerve fibers. Of all the mammalian species, humans have the least dense interconnecting nerve cord between these hemispheres. Why is that?

Human consciousness is mostly centered in the left brain hemisphere, along with spatial orientation in the here and now, and speech. During sleep our awareness switches to the right brain hemisphere, and we call this dreaming.
When we become aware of right brain thinking during our waking state we have been taught to dismiss such thoughts as day-dreams, imagination, or if they are persistent and overwhelming as hallucinations.

Despite this social suppression of our right brain awareness, we occasionally admit to having feelings or intuitions that we have learned to pay attention to, because personal experience has taught us they often prove to be true. And some of us have experienced lucid dreams, telepathic connections, and out of body experiences which we keep to ourselves, because we don’t want to be considered crazy by others and jeopardize our careers and social status.

My own experiences lead me to think that present human “socially correct” awareness is based almost entirely on left brain thought processes that keep us fixated on activity in the day-to-day world defined by our physical senses.

This limits us to an ego-centered vision in which our consciousness finds itself entirely alone in an uncaring universe. In this left-brain view, we came from nothing, and at the end of our life, extinguish into nothingness. Life has no meaning except for the ongoing satisfaction of our own physical senses and drives. So, we eat, sleep, have sex, take mind altering drugs and alcohol, seek thrills, enjoy being told we are better (wealthier and smarter) and having power over others, surround ourselves with consumer products, and care little about destroying the natural world we will soon be disappearing from forever, because ultimately everything is meaningless.

Not so if we include our right brain activity in awareness and understanding of life! As the whale informed me in the meeting at Dr. Bob’s home, we mammals have both an individual mind and are connected telepathically in a group mind. Carl Jung called this the collective unconscious.

For millions of years our ancestors understood this, and lived in harmony with the natural world. Then in the 10,000 years since the last Ice Age we developed agriculture and technologies that have precluded and severed our relationship with nature, including the loss of our connectedness to all the other species on our planet. Humans have become a destructive, malevolent force turned against the natural world, and against each other. We celebrate our war victories at Memorial Day services, not the achievement of peace. And we worship the all-mighty “Economy”, not the sacredness of life.

The whales and other mammals and the ETs and our spirit guides and soul-mates are all trying to guide us to a sane future, in which we re-evolve our lost telepathic ability, and realize that ultimately we are all One with each other, and with the entire Omniverse. They are trying to wake us up to become the whole brain individuals that we have the potential to become, and that reflect the higher spiritual beings who we truly are.

Rendezvous in Banderas Bay

Several years after our Alaskan Cruise, Carol and I took a week long winter vacation at Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. On our second day at the resort on the Marina, a large gray cat approached me and greeted me by purring and rubbing against my leg. Then I heard a voice calling “Chico! Where are you Chico?”

As I looked in the direction of the voice, a man’s head with fuzzy gray hair appeared rising upwards, as he ascended the stairs from the dock. A second head appeared underneath. It was a life-size portrait of Einstein with the same fuzzy hair on the T-shirt he was wearing.

As the owner of the cat ascended the stairs from the dock and came towards us smiling and saying “There you are Chico!” I said, “You must be Captain Andre!” “How could you know that?” he responded.

“Because I read up on this resort, and several people said to be sure to look up Captain Andre, the Zen sailing master,” I smiled in return.

Andre insisted I go sailing with him, and it turned out I was a natural sailor, with a feel for the helm. We took 3 winter vacations in Puerto Vallarta, and I spent some 6 weeks in total as a volunteer helmsman on his 40 foot Beniteau sailboat. Shortly after our meeting, Andre had a dream in which we were sailing together on a Viking boat in heavy seas. He was on the steering oar, and I put a bearskin cloak around his shoulders to keep him warm. Seems we were old soul-mates who had shared a past life!

Andre and I updated each other on our stories of this life in the course of our sailing on the Pacific Ocean. So he was familiar with my whale story. We had a number of contacts with whales, dolphins and sea turtles as we sailed in Banderas Bay. At one point we were surrounded and accompanied by a huge group of dolphins. I stood on the bow and counted 4 dolphins side by side surfing on our bow wave. On another occasion a Humpback Whale the length of our boat swam alongside, about 20 feet off our starboard. Her baby swam in the space between. It kept leaping out of the water to look at us before falling back in.

The Tobacco Ceremony

Andre was retired and lived on his boat. He was paying his expenses by taking tourists for boat rides, and I was his volunteer crewman. One day we had a group of women from Salt Lake city in the USA charter the boat. They wanted to see whales. I explained how the whales were telepathic, and offered to do a tobacco ceremony to see if I could connect with the whales and arrange a rendezvous.

I had first learned of the tobacco ceremony while listening to a CBC radio program in Canada. The interview had been about a group of women who went on canoe trips in the wilderness of Lake Superior. Before departing they would do a traditional First Nation tobacco ceremony to show respect for the natural world in both the physical and spiritual dimensions of existence.

At that time I was about to go on a 2 week canoe trip through Algonquin Park in northeastern Ontario with my two children. Our earlier trip the summer before had been very difficult. Stormy weather and high waves had trapped us for 5 days on an island near the center of Lake Opeongo, the largest water body in the Park, until the way out was revealed to me in a dream.

In the dream I was looking down at a giant ogre-like figure, about 40 feet tall, lying in the bottom of a ravine. Someone said, “It’s not dead, only unconscious. And when it wakes up it’s going to know you did this to it!”
I looked up to see all my friends in the physical and spiritual planes standing with me looking down at the monster. Then they added, “And we’re all leaving now, so you’re going to be on your own.”

I awoke in the pitch dark of the middle of the night, to find both my kids wide awake. I told them the dream, and asked what they thought it meant?
“It means we should leave dad!” my daughter responded.

“Leave when?” I asked.

“Right now!!” they both agreed.

So we packed up the tent in the dark, loaded the canoe, and set out for home. The lake was momentarily calm, but as we reached the shore we could see the whitecaps forming behind us, as the winds rose and made it impassable again. We made it safely home, but a short time later heard on the news that two campers on an island near us had been killed and partially eaten by a bear.

The next year we wanted to go to the Park again, so after listening to the radio story about the tobacco ceremony, I decided to give it a try to see if it might improve our luck. En route to the north entrance to the Park I stopped at a store and bought a pouch of tobacco.

After parking our vehicle and loading our canoe, we paddled around the point out of sight of the departure area, and started across the open water of the large lake. The wind was blowing ever more fiercely and we were paddling into white capped waves reminiscent of our experience the year before. It looked like we would have to turn back. At that point I decided to try the tobacco ceremony. I told the kids to hold the canoe bow-first into the waves, and I opened the tobacco pouch. I took out a pinch and said “I ask that we be One with the spirits of the air, of the water,”And, then my concentration was broken by urgent calls from my daughter and son!

“Why are you interrupting me?” I asked.

“Look dad!!” they both insisted.

I looked and saw that the canoe was sitting in a patch of perfectly calm water that extended out 5 to 10 feet all around, while beyond our boat the waves continued unabated. We knew that we had been accepted by the spirit life of the Park, and joyfully paddled across the lake and into the interior. During that 14 day trip we met a moose on almost every lake, some 12 in all, and they each let us paddle up to them as they munched on water lily roots. We had wonderful weather, and it never rained during our travel days, only after we had our tent set up for the night. And we got the best camp sites.

Upon hearing this story, Captain Andre said that the native people in Mexico did not use tobacco in their ceremonies. I pointed out that the whales wintering in Banderas Bay were the same Humpbacks who spent their summers in the Alaskan Passage, so would be familiar with the sacred use of tobacco. The women chartering our boat were open-minded, and encouraged me to proceed.

I held some tobacco and asked to be connected to the whales. I explained to them that I was the human who had helped free the spirits of men trapped in the sea, at the place where the whales dined up north in the summer. I said that we would really like to meet with them if they could spare the time today. Then I spread the tobacco on the ocean.

We motored out of the Marina and raised the sails. Shortly after we noticed that the big whale watching boats were converging on a location far out on the horizon, so the whales must be there. We headed in that direction. As we got closer we could see that the whales were trying to escape the power boats full of people. These boats had paid for government licenses to observe whales, and were supposed to keep a safe distance from the whales, but instead appeared to be competing to see who could get the closest. By the time we sailed up to the periphery, the whales had vanished, and the power boats were leaving to get their passengers back to port in time for supper.

As the last of the whale watching boats disappeared from sight, with no whales to be seen, Andre said, “It’s a long way back so we might as well return under power.” He leaned down to turn on the engine, but didn’t do so, because at that moment a 40 foot long Humpback Whale leapt straight up out of the water about 30 foot off our starboard side.

The whale was straight up and down in the air with its tail clear of the water by a good 6 feet (my height!). It then turned a perfect cartwheel, looking at us as it did so, and re-entered the water in a vertical position, headfirst. As it disappeared, a second whale burst out of the water right beside it, and rocketed straight up to the same height, only doing a perfect back flip to re-enter. At this point the women were excitedly shouting, “It’s the tobacco!”

I lost count of the number of whales that jumped in sequence, so don’t know for sure if it was 6 or 8. But, I do know that as we sailed away, one whale waved a flipper saying “good-bye” until we were out of sight. Needless to say there was no doubt in any of our minds that we had made a telepathic connection to those whales!

A Holographic Message

After 4 years in Puerto Vallarta, Captain Andre set sail to cross the Pacific. He had a lady friend with him, and they intended to make landfall in Tahiti. There was a long period of no contact with them. Then one day as I sat at my computer, I suddenly saw Andre’s face materialize like a holographic image, a few feet to my right. He looked straight at me and said with great emphasis “We’re okay!!!” He repeated this twice. However his stressed out look made me laugh at the contradiction between the message and his state of mind. He obviously had been through some difficult times.

Two days later I received a frantic e-mail from Andre’s daughter. She said he was two weeks overdue in Tahiti, and both she and his lady friend’s daughter wanted to know what to do to report them missing, and how to organize a search for them?

After doing an internet examination of weather reports in the area of the Pacific they were crossing, I wrote back saying I thought they had been delayed by a typhoon off Japan that had disrupted the prevailing winds and caused cross waves. I said to wait a few more days and they would likely arrive at their destination. I didn’t tell her about the reassuring holographic message I had telepathically received two days earlier, because I didn’t want her to think I was nuts.

The next morning I received an e-mail from her thanking me and saying she had her first good sleep in days. That afternoon she wrote with the good news that her dad had just e-mailed that he had finally arrived in Tahiti!

Andre sent me an e-mail shortly after. He said they had experienced many difficulties in the Pacific crossing. The ship’s propeller had broken, leaving them without a motor in the doldrums. The winds were so variable the sails had all been ripped by the continual shaking. And the propane for the stove had run out, so they were unable to cook food. As they limped across the Pacific at a walking pace they eventually neared Tahiti. Several days before landfall their boat was surrounded by a huge group of whales. Andre said he remembered my telepathic connection with whales, so he asked them to send me a telepathic message that they were okay.

I wrote back and told Andre I had received the message!

That’s all for now, but I do think this is a story that the whales want to be told, so I am trying to get it to public attention. Perhaps it can be part of a new beginning in how we think about whales, and about the other living creatures we share Mother Earth with.

by Jim Poushinsky, M.S.W. (retired)
Ontario, Canada

Jim’s video experience:

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors and all who want to share their experiences. This article was produced being mostly unedited. We do not claim credit, we simply want to make it more available to the general public.

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A friend will care about you no matter what.

Friend Lives Matter – They Really Do!

Friend lives matter. How do I know? Easy and hard, this was to understand. I was going to write an article for a couple of friends of whom I appreciate who helped with comments and some graphics to reestablish the Universal Digest website with its latest innovations. I was going through some things in life no different than anyone else must endure, from time-to-time. My emotional state was not depression, but maybe it wasn’t far from it. I was feeling pretty alone. I was stuck in a quagmire, some not of my doing and some, I am sure, was.

Then, it hit me like a softball up side the head (didn’t want it to hurt too bad). I started remembering all those comments that had been made to me from friends, over time. I started listening very hard to all this and I suddenly realized: I didn’t have just a couple of friends, I had a whole bunch of them. The list was short, at first, so I thought. Then, the more I thought about it, the more it grew. It is a list that is not only long, it is way, way, way, long! So, no friends names are mentioned, here. You all know exactly who you are and why I am writing this article. It is a tribute to each and every one of you. I’m floored with humility and appreciation.

Do not forget for one moment seeing what is good in a friend reflects on who you are.
Do not forget for one moment seeing what is good in a friend reflects on who you are.

We are living in a world of people that are wrapped way too tight. Something is wrong, so let’s fix it. It comes by giving. All lives matter. Black lives matter. White lives matter. Smart lives matter. Whiner lives matter. Dummy lives matter. Ignorant lives matter. Inter-dimensional lives matter. Inter-galactic lives matter. The list only stops at the limits of your imagination. Why limit it?

So, here it is for all it is worth and it is worth more than most could or, at least, would try to comprehend. So, as has been said before: “Get in, sit down, and shut up! We’re going for a ride.”

Everyone has heard, “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” “All good things come to those who wait.” “Operate without agenda, be honest and your good reputation will grow (I say).” Hey, we all make mistakes; I make them all the time. So, why judge anyone or anything else as being the reason you become a victim? It only happens when you let it, so stop it! This is important for all of us to realize. Just simply, let it all go. Stress is stupid. Where it can be eliminated with the wave of a mindset, make it so.

As we mature in life, we must determine what is and is not important to be happy. Do your best to be good and remember, even the most evil of people want to be be very best they can be. Realize, good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. So, hedge your bet, think before you act and forgive everyone else of everything! Clean the slate and watch what happens! It cannot help to get better when you realize from the outset you are ‘doomed’ to succeed. If you want something bad enough, it will happen, but just be careful of what you want. We all fail, at times in the success process; however, true failure comes in giving up and saying, “I cannot do this.” Yuck!

Yes, there are those who will try to bring you down to their level for various reasons, jealousy, envy, money, notoriety, lies, deception, and the list is long. Just walk away. Remove the yoke, if you have one. Life isn’t fair and many times it is. Get over it and do what you should do to make life work for you. It has been the gift, immemorial. Remember, you cannot help anyone else until you have helped yourself. Forgive, forgive yourself, forget where possible, and love with all your might. It works. It is true: Where one road ends, another one begins.

Well, the harder I work, the luckier I got. So, I stopped flapping the jaws and started listening to people who are actually trying to help me. I started hearing things like, “You rock,” “I care,” “I want to do this for you,” “What do you need,” “What do you want,” “You are smart so here is some recommendations,” “We follow you if we want the truth,” “You always give credit to others,” “You are kind, so that is why I talk to you,” “You are so honest,” “Handle your business, bro’,” “When you get to my age, you start thinking about what is important, and, it isn’t much,” “I am really glad you are my friend,” “I’m proud of you,” Your wisdom is infectious,” “That is the way you’ve always been,” “Be the beam,” “Now, I know why we get along so good, you listen and care,” “I can help you,” “I trust you,” “Call who you need and get the help you want; it will be fine,” “Real friends care and I do because I don’t have an agenda to help you,” and “I love you.”

In sum, it is always up to you to handle your life, not anyone or anything else. So, quit your bellyaching and get the job done! Now, the friend list has gotten even longer. Maybe you are too busy to be lonely, but then it hits you – you have never been alone. Not for a second, unless you tried to keep everyone out and what a waste that is…

Something else dawned on me. I had been the one in most cases to initiate and maintain contact. I have learned from so many mistakes, in the past that the bottom line of getting what you want by taking with an agenda, doesn’t work. So, patience is truly a virtue. Do not be in a hurry to accomplish anything except to help someone else first, without agenda. Then, some really weird stuff starts to happen and it is all good. So, now, I have ‘throttled it back’, so to speak to give everyone else, including me, some space. Guess what else I found out?

The listening thing kicked in. Wow. The purpose of relationships started making sense. Yes, blood is thicker than water, yet I found in so many areas like these, people tended to slip in blood when things got rough, but not so much in water. That is when I discovered something very unusual and weird about friendships.

Family is everything to you, but don't forget a real friend. More often, you are closer to a friend than a family member.
Family is everything to you, but don’t forget a real friend. More often, you are closer to a friend than a family member.

A friend, I mean a real friend, won’t spare you details, but he or she will always be there for you because they can see who you are better than you can. There is no agenda, nor will there ever be. That is real friendship, pure and simple. It’s like one of these universal truths that most of us keep missing because of a number of reasons. Some reasons come to mind: First, we tend to take people, friends, and things for granted. We become complacent because it’s all good. Well, that is just fine until your world crashes into a heap. Then you say, “What happened?” The answer comes all too quickly, you were not paying attention to the important stuff, stupid!

Do not take a friend for granted. Pay attention.
Do not take a friend for granted. Pay attention.

Appreciating your friends is not on the minds of as many as there should be in this crazy, ever-changing techno-world in which we live, but appreciate them, you should and must. Because, down the road of life, could you imagine how truly lonely it could really get if you don’t? Family and some friends, over time, do pass away. To me, it is a travesty to forget for one moment, how valuable a real friend or family member is. Even for a moment in time…the horror.

Let’s take a look at lives that no longer matter: Dead people! They can do no more here. To many of us, they so quickly become a memory. To those less associated, they are quickly forgotten. Therefore, their only further contribution is to have the body become fertilizer. Period. The spirit has left the building, so to speak (for those who believe this). Just imagine, if you will, as dust from which you came, so, to dust shall you return. There are life forms that revel in this! The little animals, bugs, and the like are having a hay-day with the decay process. Then, without fanfare or announcement, a little root shows up to find all these nutrients! A message is sent upstairs, “Hey, stem, stalk, leaves, get ready! Get the chlorophyll hopping guys! Call in the flowers to get the bees working to spread the word! This community is thriving! I found the mother-lode!” So, whether you like it or not, or even care, life will all go on without you. So, why not make the most of it and give a damn about those around you? Especially, give a damn about those who give a damn about you! This is not rocket science.

Everyone wants to feel good about things in life. When you have a friend who shares the same goal, happiness results.
Everyone wants to feel good about things in life. When you have a friend who shares the same goal, happiness results.

As I close this melodrama, how about a little bit of motivational music that only a real friend can enjoy?

Now, I not only feel better, am happier, and glad to have taken the time to produce this article, I can sleep better at night knowing I touched at least one friend who will benefit from reading this. When it comes to punch the final time card of life here, I am choosing to take the eternal road home, some day.

Until then, I imagined receiving this message, “Hey! You, down there. You think you are ready to come up here? Wrong, wrong, wrong, you are, and I can say that. You have fallen way too far behind. Get the message out with the rest of your talents to share, love and create, or you will have to deal with ME! Got it? Now, get back to work. When you are finished, I do want you to know; you have more friends up here than you ever thought possible while on earth. Love awaits.”

Friend Lives Really Matter

Written By: Ed Smith

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Pass it On: