Mike Truesdell and his friends are becoming known as superb community contributors with their hard work and dedication to bring entertainment and enjoyment to the young and old alike in various city parades over the Holidays! The latest float entry with a UFO theme was an absolute success at the Exeter, California, New Years Eve parade, sponsored by the local Lion’s Club! What seemed to be a limited number of entries in this year’s parade event was no less met with over two thousand spectators being supplied by various food courts and other amenities.

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The subject of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) has been and continues to be a very popular subject in our national society, as well as, other societies from many countries around the world. Mike and his team of contributors and participants were most excited to play their parts in the parade to bring home the point that their global view is we are not alone in the universe. Their attitudes were electric, as they prepared for the event and they approached it all with the ultimate in professionalism, authenticity, and a wonderful sense of humor!

Universal Digest was present to conduct a brief interview, as well as, obtain some quality images of their presentations. Although, it was all a bit hectic when a small glitch occurred regarding the location of the spectators, street side. They hustled to change displays on the float from the left to the right side to provide the best in spectator viewing. They were very successful in a short time. It was well worth it to note the reactions of children, parents and adults alike! Not only was the Exeter UFO theme a huge success, the team’s efforts were recognized by winning the first prize of $500 from the Exeter Lion’s Club’s Charity Fund. The Lion’s Club is well known in Tulare County, California, as a very active community organization in many areas of service. Thanks to this club, the New Year’s Eve parade provided the inhabitants of Exeter and surrounding cities a very positive, memorable experience.

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Mike Truesdell is an avid and experienced UFO spotter and researcher. Please enjoy this spontaneous and rather “off the cuff” interview:

Of course, a few moments of display in the parade was met with many days of preparation for the event. Here are some of the pictures of the progress that ensued to bring about the most successful results:

The following short video shows the last minute preparations to adjust float displays to accommodate parade view:

Then, there came the test “light show” before the parade started:

After such a successful showing at the Visalia Candy Cane Parade, the team decided that extra security should be provided! Mike and Brinda manned the AREA 51 SECURITY SUPPORT VEHICLE to follow the Exeter UFO float:


The Exeter UFO float was a huge success and the parade attendees raved at the spectacle. The parade announcer acclaimed how this humble team had provided the public with a noteworthy community service and requested more follow such a wonderful example as did Mike Truesdell and his team, Brian, Brinda and Mike, John, Arlon, Cindy, Jade, and Kim.

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Mike Truesdell and his team have already set their sites to create another float for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day parade in 2016! All are invited to attend; however, residents of Tulare County in the beautiful central valley foothills of California, USA. Please mark your calendars and plan to be there!

We here at Universal Digest are again appreciative to be selected to cover this event, as well as, those upcoming parades provided by such enterprising and resourceful community servants!


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