This week's launches the shoe box-sized mini-satellites shows a pair of CubeSats, with the Earth’s limb in the background, is seen moments after being ejected from a small satellite deployer outside of the space station’s Kibo lab module.

The week’s last cubesats are launched while the crew aboard the space station continue their tasks and science research. The week’s final set of CubeSats were deployed today from outside the Japanese Kibo lab module’s airlock. Inside the International Space Station, the Expedition 51 crew continued exploring microgravity’s effects on muscles, bone cells and vision.… Continue reading WEEK’S LAST OF CUBESATS LAUNCHED

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As the stations hosts the launch of cubesats above earth, the Cygnus cargo craft is pictured as the station orbits above the state of Florida and the country of Cuba.

As the station hosts the launches of cubesats above earth to observe the upper atmosphere, the crew continues science experimentation and research. The International Space Station is an orbiting platform to continuously explore a wide variety of space science both inside and outside the orbital lab to benefit humans and industry. For example, the five… Continue reading STATION HOSTS CUBESAT LAUNCH

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What cubesats will orbit above is pictured in Earth’s atmospheric glow, the stars of the Milky Way and an external pallet at the tip of Japan’s Kibo lab module are seen in this night time photograph from Oct. 10, 2016.

CubeSats are now orbiting the earth studying the upper atmosphere. It is back to business as usual aboard the space station. New CubeSats were deployed into outer space from the International Space Station today to study Earth and space phenomena. Meanwhile, back inside the station the Expedition 51 crew continued exploring how the human body… Continue reading CUBESATS DEPLOYED AND SPACE STUDIES

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With bone cell and fluid shift observations underway, here, astronaut Jack Fischer works outside the Japanese Kibo laboratory module during a spacewalk on May 12, 2017.

Bone cell and fluid shift observations and experimentation continues aboard the International Space Station. Again, for the record, micro-gravity environmental existence is very hard on the human anatomy. The Expedition 51 crew members are back at work today on human research after a historic 200th spacewalk at the International Space Station on Friday. More Cubesats… Continue reading BONE CELL AND FLUID SHIFT PHYSIOLOGY

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