Jim Poushinsky observed a UFO similar to one reported by James Thompson from Arkansas just four days earlier in Ottawa, Canada


Poushinsky posts in social media just after a KCOR radio broadcast on “The Strange Truth” with show host, Dave Emmons. He interviewed Edward James Thompson about his four hour extraterrestrial invitation event on June 30, 1992.

This article is about Jim Poushinsky who elaborated on not only seeing a UFO near Ottawa, Canada, but, he saw it in almost exact detail four days earlier (Skeptic Broken article) in June of 1992! Had it not been for Jim reporting his event on a Facebook post, no one would have known, much less connected the two events together.

This author was contacted at Universal Digest in 2017 regarding Jim Poushinsky and his telepathic experiences with whales. After a few months of research, the article was published on August 6, 2017.


Jim Poushinsky and this writer have remained in occasional contact over the last three years. When he took the time to enlighten us with his June 26, 1992 UFO contact, we were most excited. Here was an event of something observed so well detailed, it helped put the association together. Since this time, Jim and I have accumulated more information to help him share his experiences with the public domain.

What follows is Jim Poushinsky with his social media post.


The description of the room with multicolored light on the walls that went out and a ball of energy appeared with lightning coming out of it – reminded me of seeing a UFO while driving home with my family at night in the country near Ottawa, Canada, in 1992.

First we saw what appeared to be a burst of lightning from the ground illuminating the bottom of clouds in the sky above, then darkness. A minute or so later it happened again, and again and again always in the same spot! Out of curiosity I drove towards it, and as we got closer we could see a dome shape the size and height of the top of a barn silo, that was covered with different coloured strands of lights going down the sides – my wife remembers pink, I remember shades of blue, and possibly green. Then the lights would all at once go out and a column of lightning-like light would hit the clouds above for several seconds, and when it stopped the coloured lights would come back on!

As we got close to it we could see cars on the cross-road ahead slowing down and stopping to look at it. Then it went dark and the lights were no more. I drove across the road past a grove of trees and there was a cleared corridor for high voltage transmission lines attached to steel towers, that the UFO must have been hovering above. The next day I called Ontario Hydro and they confirmed there had been power fluctuations happening in the lines that were attributed to sheet lightning.

Interestingly, this happened on June 26th, 1992, just before Jim Thompson’s experience! Maybe they were recharging their energy ball?

I also had a confrontation with 2 balls of lightning the size of grapefruits at open doors to my round barn, in a storm where a ball of lightning the size of a soccer ball went into my neighbour’s barn and grounded in his electrical panel, totally melting it into an unrecognizable piece of slag metal, back in those days. There is no scientific explanation for ball lightning! Could this be the free energy source Jim was shown?

Thanks to the Jim Poushinsky post above, he and I moved into another new light. He wants to share his past life experiences since our last article. Readers will find this most interesting.


It has been so good to have my whale experiences on your website so people can share them! I feel that I should do something similar with my different ET encounters. Those include a Gray taking me on her ship, much like James Edward described, a Preying Mantis paralyzing me, and a ball of yellow light paralyzing me and entering my brain. Those all happened in my pre-adolescent years.

Still need more regression hypnosis to find out what happened in the last scenario. Then there’s all the UFO sightings and psychic connections in my adult years. The problem is sorting them out from the spiritual contacts and the lucid dreams and visions and Out of Body Experiences that started in childhood and have persisted throughout my life.

It’s like glimpses into a higher dimensional awareness that we need to evolve our consciousness to partake of, and through doing so connect together for the highest purpose. The ETs want to help us get there so they can evolve their consciousness to their next higher dimensional awareness, and to do that we have to take their place, because we are all connected.

Jim Poushinsky and his interactions with other beings (not of earth) do include reptilians.


The following experience, written by Jim Poushinsky is most interesting. Of his many experiences, including UFO sightings, extraterrestrial encounters, and past lives, he wanted to share this to the reading public. He does this in hopes others who have had experiences may feel more comfortable sharing theirs.


Here is another connection revealed to me that I wrote about: The problem with science driven understanding is that it is limited to the physical realm of existence and has no awareness of consciousness! I have become aware of my physical deaths in several past lives that are relevant to this one. As an adult I connected to one while doing regression self-hypnosis meditation to investigate painful leg pains that caused me to scream as I tried to go to sleep at age 6 and 7 when living with my aunt and uncle at a Forestry Base on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

The doctor I was taken to had said there was nothing wrong and “it was all in my head”. So my uncle threatened to give me a reason to scream by strapping me with his belt if I ever cried out again, and I had suffered from then on in silence as the pains repeated. In the healing meditation I found myself paddling a birch bark canoe the bow and stern of which curved in circles signifying the Sun and the Moon.

I was paddling downstream in fast current between rocky cliffs with my attention focused on paddling around a fallen tree that blocked my view ahead. I managed to swing out around the tree only to find myself shooting over a waterfall to fall a hundred feet to the rocks below. Next thing I knew I was hovering above the body of an older indigenous man wearing buckskin clothing and laid out on his back.


My attention was suddenly distracted by a flash of light, and I saw it had come from a semi-circle formed by indigenous people. There was ceremonial smoke in the air between us, and they were raising and lowering sticks about 2 feet long that had copper discs about 2 inches in diameter attached at the ends. The discs were polished like mirrors so they reflected the sun towards me. And as I looked into the next rhythmic flash I suddenly found myself transported through the light beam to the Sun, watching as the image of a body was encircled by blue tentacles of Light and pulled into the Sun.

og: Poushinsky
Jim Poushinsky shares one of his many past lives experiences for the readers.

I had the intuitive feeling that I was watching my death in a previous life, and that the pains in my legs were the pains I had dissociated from consciousness as I died in that life! The experience was so profound I wrote to the archaeologists at the National Museum in Ottawa describing the birch bark canoe with bow and stern curved into circles, and the spiritual ceremony using copper mirrors to guide the spirit of the dead to the Sun. They wrote back telling me there was no evidence for this, no historical record of such a canoe shape, and no copper discs used as mirrors.


A short time later I took my young children to see a movie at the Museum. The movie was a disappointment, so after it finished I took them for a walk through the Ascent of Man display the Museum was featuring. It too was boring, and as we got to the third floor the loudspeakers suddenly announced the Museum was closing in 5 minutes and we should all go to the exit. The kids were tired and I decided to check and see if there was another way downstairs so we wouldn’t have to go back down the long way we had come.

I turned into a side passage, but soon realized it didn’t go to the Exit. Instead it went to a large glass box that I felt drawn to. To my amazement I found myself looking at some copper artifacts lying in a depression in sand. And there were the copper discs I had seen in my meditative healing vision! I was fascinated to see they each had a small hole near the edge, which answered my curiosity about how they had been fastened to the sticks. And I realized looking at them that they were so tarnished by time nobody today had recognized they could be polished to make light reflecting mirrors.


I looked at the description above the exhibit. It said the copper artifacts had been found on a beach 80 feet above the present North Shore of Lake Superior, and were 8,000 to 10,000 years old! The Dalai Lama tells us we have all lived so many lives we are all related to each other and to all the animals too! And the message I have received from the spiritual Elders I have talked with is that we are all One.

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website. Further, none of the views expressed here are shared from the prescribed vendors, advertisers, assigns, or affiliates.

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What will our future be for mankind. From NWO, WHO, NIH, to whatever is next; we have not been told the truth.


War came to mind after so many news reports. Why? Because, news media in its ignominious glory, tend to bend, wind, and distort the truth beyond all believable perimeters. The irresponsibility in United States news media has no bounds. Period! Yet, their strings are being pulled from strong forces behind the scenes.

Next, comes the inevitable saber-rattling from China and the United States. Each have been blaming the other for a number of reasons. Simply, the United States claims the COVID-19 virus came from a viral research lab in Wuhan, China. The Chinese government claims the virus originated in the United States.

Militarily, the naval forces of the United States have, in part, moved to the South China Sea. Much of the Chinese navy resides in those waters. While tensions escalate, both sides (as well as many countries on the sidelines) realize the futility of conflict; especially one in a nuclear age. China has resumed underground nuclear testing.

Ufologists, please bear with some history, first. We’ll get there. And, there is a connection.

og: war
Since the 911 debacle; WHO would have considered such an attack?


In the viewpoint of this exclusive, war is not likely. The following timeline is drawn from from a logical process of how society subtly changes over time. Its process has evolved and the pattern changes little.

og: war
Many valiant soldiers have fought in each war to defend their country. The causes have been varied. Yes, they have come from many countries. But, we are talking about the United States, here.

From war comes peace. Peace comes from freedom. From freedom comes understanding. Understanding becomes acceptance. From acceptance comes complacency. Complacency breeds a desire for security. From a desire for security comes entitlement. Entitlement engenders expectancy. From expectancy comes vulnerability. Vulnerability enables both passive/active attack. From attack comes slavery, in many forms. Slavery breeds rebellion. From rebellion comes war.

Do not repeat history. Breed respect while there is still time. And, time is growing very short. Nothing happens by accident.


og: war
WHO, in the NIH, or UN, or other war nations could have ever stooped this low? Yes, it is the NWO and its deep state evil minions. Do NOT be fooled.

The world is looking at the United States, big time. The US has endured a degree of polarization that is historical by nature. But, is it too late? No. It isn’t. And, there are perpetrators who have great powers that are testing the waters of socialism in the country, as we speak.

With the wranglings between political parties at a fever pitch in Congress, this author sees no solution to the problem. Even though opposing party members in both houses bicker and complain, openly; they privately cover each other’s lousy backsides in secrecy.

However, there was a spark of justice re-lit with the Department of Justice (DOJ) dropping all charges against Lt. General Michael Flynn. Interestingly, just hours before the DOJ filing, special prosecutor, Brandon van Grack removed himself from the case without explanation. Or, so we hope? Stay tuned.


The point of mentioning the above is to stir more critical thought into the minds of productive realists who care about the United States and its unique structure. We call it the Constitution. Most people haven’t even read it in this generation.

After almost four years of every attempt in the book to remove President Donald J. Trump from office, inclusive of an incredible coup via an impeachment attempt, it has all been about this in the news. Almost all media organizations played into this attempt to remove the present president. Although, the House voted along party lines to impeach Trump, the Senate moved in a majority vote to exonerate him.

Case closed? Not even close. However, this time there are subtle actions underway to move forward with indictments against some key individuals who tried to oust Trump with lies and subterfuge. Attorney General, William Barr has impressed into service, John Durham, as the key investigator into miscarriages of justice. He is looking into actions from some top level individuals who work (and have worked) in some key areas of government. Will we see results, soon? Many have been waiting for quite a while. And, we are talking about the swamp, my friends. It is quite deep and much larger than people know. Answer? No.


After conducting a number of private interviews with those who hail from three different generations over the past few years, this author has discovered some startling results. Frankly, it is true that the United States is heading to a more socialist line of thought in the younger generations, starting with the Millennial group.

There has been a trend towards socialist doctrine in many countries for the last few hundred years. It is where such a dialectic of life and reality is totally derived from the senses. This got its start with a subjective view of dialectical materialism. In short, it was G. W. F. Hegel who gave it its start. This was an opposition to the metaphysical mode of thought, which he considered to be an abstraction. Later, his views and approach was picked up by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Why bring this all up in a war article? See what happens as the web of deceit unfolds in our present-day world. Remember, President Trump has been saying since the beginning the United States will never turn socialist? You are about to see the big picture of this historical, global deception, underway.


This author spent much time studying Marxism and Socialism at the university attended in the 1970’s. Success came quickly in understanding the applications begun with Hegel. Studies continued that were inclusive of Giuseppe Garibaldi and his red shirts in the mid-1800’s. Although, grander in scope in Italy and parts of South America, he was successful in Italy because the government was so indecisive on what to do. Does this bear relevance to the US today?

Thanks to a contributor friend who lives nearby, what follows is a simplification of what efforts are taken to create a social state. This is what is happening to the United States, as we speak. And, it is happening, as part of an international undertaking. Remember the NWO (New World Order)? It is alive and well. And, it is coming to a neighborhood near you. But wait, there is more! It is already here; in the guise of power grabs and little wars near you. Of course, the public version of war is against the coronavirus that has been released upon the world.

Simply, you haven’t seen anything, yet. In every attempt possible, utilizing the most ‘respected’ experts in the world, they are busy trying to keep the US economy (and others) shut down. Without being too divisive, it is patently obvious because of vehemence, hatred, and out-and-out vitriol of warring parties (remember Garibaldi?) in the US; all out efforts are underway to stop President Trump from being re-elected in November of 2020.


Without trying to scare the daylights out of a God-fearing American public, the above introduction was meant to ease the readers into what is definitely underway in the US. Saul Alinsky, who died in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, in 1972, provided a simple version to understand how to create a social state, i.e. a socialist state. Unlike the dictates of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto, Alinsky simplified it. There are eight rules to follow. They are being perpetrated upon our citizenry, presently. It is all about controlling the masses.

  1. Healthcare: Control healthcare and you control the people.
  2. Poverty: Increase poverty to its highest level. As long as they receive what life requires, they won’t fight.
  3. Debt: Increase it to an unsustainable level. Then, increase the taxes to produce more poverty.
  4. Gun Control: Remove any ability to fight the government (Constitution). Then, create a police state.
  5. Welfare: Take control of the essentials; food, housing, water, and income (clothing, too).
  6. Education: Simply, take control of what people read, listen, and view. Take control of learning in schools.
  7. Religion: Remove the belief in God from government and schools.
  8. Class Warfare: Divide people into wealthy and poor. This creates discontent. It is easier to tax the wealthy.


Most of the above is being completed, as we read. There isn’t much more to go. Younger generations are programmed with a negativity that ownership is futile. The bottom line is an elite superstructure (some family-oriented), are about to complete a very long project to control the global citizenry for good. Look this up for yourselves: Vladimir Lenin started such a venture with the Bolsheviks in 1918. Stalin finished the job stating his converts were ‘Useful Idiots’.

Make no mistake, my friends, none of this is conjecture. The proponents of completing a global, interdependent economy have already completed this task. Providing China with ‘most favored nation status’ was the last step. All the ‘economic’ doors have been opened. But, this author is not saying it is all bad, but it was part of the global elite (family) entities who were perpetrating this with much bigger plans for the future.

Now, we are beginning to see the “BIG PUSH” underway to complete the task. A while back, this author stated while watching a nation of citizens where there were more ‘takers’ than there were ‘givers’ was rather prophetic. Now, we are seeing the next step in the plan. It hasn’t changed from the beginning! We’ve been played. But, we now have more people buying into this philosophy of a ‘social state’. So, what comes next?


From the outset, recent history of World War II has delivered evidence of an alien influence, which helped the Germans. In light of all history, there have been many incursions of extraterrestrial (or divine) influence in human history.

The focus, here, after much research, is to determine how much influence there has been, overall. This author’s determination is the influence has been a continual factor in the human condition.

What is most interesting in light of the plethora of evidence detailing the history of other-worldly interactions between humans and aliens, are the common denominators. Most all crafts explained, whether in ancient, medieval, or recently noted, are they are ‘saucer’ shaped in nature. Therefore, we will take a little bit of time to visit this situation and compare it to today’s socio-political events.


Whether, these beings, individuals, friends, angels, or demons arrived in ‘nuts and bolts’ crafts, or of an inter-dimensional venue; they are here. They always have been.

Not unlike humans, who were created, genetically from earth itself, so they were in the universe. So, were there so many other life-forms created? Yes. Since the time mankind was given the right to name all the species that inhabit this planet, so were they given the right to proliferate upon it. Just above us, they inhabit the stars.

So, reports from time immemorial have been drawn, spoken, and written in history to let us all know that we are not, have not, and will not be alone in the universe. We are just still so young, we can barely grasp how to keep a sand box clean, as children, much less, share it with others.

It would be more than ecstatic to know we have gained a galactic standing with others in our galaxy, and beyond; however, we must finish some hard and fast facts, first in our own development.


Good friend, Norio F. Hayakawa has given the green light to share two important articles he just completed. This author stands in agreement and is honored to bring them to you. It adds volumes to what is being reported here.

First of all, we’ve stated earlier that readers should be very cognizant of the present efforts from diabolical, demonic forces of all kinds. These range from generational, familial groups of individuals who want to rule the world right down to national, state, regional, and local leaders drunk with power during the COVID-19 crisis. This will end, to a certain degree, but be aware, beware, and be wary of an upcoming false flag called an alien invasion.

As the coronavirus pandemic causing worldly infections and death to a certain degree; what kind of “new abnormal” are we facing? Norio writes well of the post-COVID world. Click here to read Norio’s article.

Lastly, Norio writes a poignant, cognizant article what kind of ‘alien’ invasion there may be? In fact, could it be sooner than people think? Bear in mind, there are world changes in an ongoing fashion. And, there are changes in the sun. Also, what has happened to the insect population? Click here to read Norio’s article.


Face it, the next venture for earth inhabitants are to the planets; then the stars. That means travelling beyond the trappings of earth’s gravity. Inclusive of recent super collider research, we all may be talking about bridging dimensions, as well. Science fiction books and videos have confirmed the incredible imagination of the humans on this blue marble.

But, let’s take a little more in depth look into what we have created, as well as, what has been given to us, perhaps? Wow, this author has lived a life that has researched this phenomena from as early as could be conceived. It is a no-brainer, in the fullness of time, as some are wont to say. We are going to the stars.

There are quite a number of friends and acquaintances who say we already have. Wow, again. Further, the contact has been most well received. When looking for agendas, precepts, and other worldly aspirations; when they are not detected, what may one say? Subjective or otherwise, deductively speaking, they have a message to deliver. I respect it. I have met some incredibly astute, honest, and objective people, over time. Another, wow.


Which one will it be? There are some who say we have been part of a secret space program hosted by the CIA. Gary McKinnon is a Scottish systems administrator, who is also a hacker. While hunting for UFO cover-ups, as well as, other free energy information, he stumbled upon a roster of off-world military serving in other solar systems. Is this a precursor to Star Wars? Is it an augur of things to come since the beginning of Space Force to Star Trek? It is conjecture, at this time.

As for the secret space programs, Richard Dolan has written about it. Further, he has interviewed a number of people about it; some who were about to expire. It was interesting stuff.

Outside of someone named Andrew D. Basiago, who claims to have been off-world, as well. He was cleared by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to speak freely of his experiences. Now, don’t shine this off, but, he called this author to counter an article written. It was about not spelling Mars with a capital. To this end, it became fun after the third phone call to the home phone. In fact, the last call was a lot of fun. We spoke on congenial, friendly terms.

There are more contacts who are quite important. So, don’t think less of what the future may bring. And, an open mind listening has a more positive outcome than one that judges from the beginning.


As a foreword, remember that the United States is the last bastion of freedom, as battered as it may be, to date. If citizens of all generations forget how we obtained our freedoms, beginning with the forefathers who framed the Constitution; all is lost. After undertaking many interviews from those of at least four generations in the past few years, the outlook is grim.

Ronald Edward Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, delivered an unrehearsed, unscripted speech from the heart at the Goldwater presidential convention rally on October 27, 1964.

The above, shortened, YouTube video is attached for view. The full 29 minute speech is found here. This writer cares not the political persuasion of anyone here in the US or the world. But, if those who love freedom anywhere, do not remember history, this last nation will pass away. The danger has never been more great, than it is now.

Summation: When people yearn more for security and free money to survive; just stay home and the like, it is all over. The elite, deep state mongrels, NWO leaders, as well as, the power hungry on all levels of strata will get their way.


So, here is the bad news, first. These despots, international families, national families, state, regional leaders, down to the local leaders involved, will, not, quit. Those sucked into the vacuum of promises for notoriety, fame, and fortune will fall like dominoes. In fact, they are falling like dominoes, as you read this article! There is this red guy in a red suit, with a contract. He says to all public officials in the US and beyond; congratulations. You may pass. But, first, just sign this paper and you are free to roam, at will. Until, your time does come. And, it will. Wink.

After more inspiring interviews, the good news is the spirit of nationality still prevails. Citizens of many of the 197 countries on earth are rather proud of their citizenry. Those demonstratively oppressive nations bear the most harm to their citizens. In the peoples’ plights, they are so limited with resources, it is almost impossible to resist their governments. Hence, they have no freedoms. The elites and those in power do.

Summation: The United States is SO under attack from other countries under continued attacks of their own from demonic forces. WE THE PEOPLE, are the last of what the Constitution has supported over 243 years. Its Amendments are golden. Attacks are underway. Wake up, please.


Look, there is quite enough evidence in history to see what is wrong. From the past to the present, if we do not get it right this time; war WILL result. The human experience on earth precludes us from not seeing this. If one person just takes a little time to review what is publicly available, one will most certainly learn, as well as, ‘see the light’.

As friend, Norio Hayakawa has explained quite well, prophesy is quite real regarding the Bible. But, do not be swayed by alternate doctrines that do not address the facts. The facts are in front of us, every day. Humanity has not changed much since the beginning. Only technology has, daily.

We are so not alone. But, experiencers who are knowledgeable that without personal encounters cannot understand it. Those who have not seen or encountered an event of their own, would have no concept of how to interpret them. Common sense prevails, overall.


Wars, marriages, fun, play, peace, pleasure, murders, carnage, disease, pestilence, climate changes, growth, loss, love, hate, and more, are always part of life. Remember, please; overall, nothing happens by accident. But, that is another article.

Here is a query for you? Do you think war occurs by accident? Answer: No. Evil forces are trying to take it to the next level. It is all about power, now. You and we are being attacked in America. This is not a joke. It is real.

Just love, while you can. The future is coming, whether you like it or not. From long-term research, this author trusts what Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua, or Emmanuel, said. He is preparing a place for us. And, He will return. Perhaps, the satanic forces know something we are yet to confirm? Their times are almost up. They are incredibly desperate. Hallelujah.

It is all up to you. Those who care and take the time to love will receive love in return. Remember: Freedom is not free. Be brave and stop being fooled. Be resolute. The evil power brokers on all levels will not prevail, in the end.

But, for a time, it is going to be difficult for many. Do not give up hope. All we have is each other, lest we forget.

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website. Further, none of the views expressed here are shared from the prescribed vendors, advertisers, assigns, and affiliates.

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A skeptic all his life regarding life elsewhere, James watched as the extraterrestrial female waved her hand and the 'roof' of the craft opened up to reveal the moon, close up!


Skeptic by self-admission is one of the first things James Thompson told me during our initial interview. How we met is in itself interesting. What you are about to read is what James wanted to get out to the world. He has lived with this for over twenty-seven years.

The last two years have been especially difficult for him because he now has almost complete recall of this event that lasted over four hours. We have spent over 100 hours interviewing on a number of occasions.

Readers please be forewarned, some of the language is graphic in nature. Skeptic or not, you will find this to be most interesting.


James Thompson doesn’t really care if he is believed. He states is telling the truth. He leaves it at that. Jim was a skeptic. After our time working together on this exclusive, he says has had a huge weight lifted from him. He claims the fact that he lives in the ‘buckle’ of the Bible belt precludes him from being believed from friends, acquaintances, and even some family. James wanted the title of this article to be one of a skeptic broken from his past beliefs.

og: skeptic
James Thompson, a lifelong skeptic regarding extraterrestrial life, conducts his initial interview in an exclusive with Universal Digest.

After the first of three interviews, he finally rested for fifteen hours and woke up fully refreshed. Jim mentioned a previous interview on the subject had ended badly. At that point, a few years ago he thought perhaps his story would not get out. Universal Digest is honored to have met James to help to finish the task he had wanted to do for so long. To this end, we both decided, he had not been abducted, he had been invited. He was only compelled without his knowledge to divert from his original journey to the point of contact. To date, he is no longer a skeptic.


There are similarities here regarding other cases I have conducted where telepathic contact often contains forms of suggestive thought towards the human subject. From experience, this can be not only disconcerting, it can be nerve-rattling. It is assuring there are people like James Thompson who wants his message published to help others. Edward James Thompson created the article title of ‘Skeptic Broken’.


Outside of the Universal Digest website, I enjoy helping others with social media administration. Further, on Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Pinterest, I have completed a network to make more of what Universal Digest provides to the public available. Had it not been for such activity and association with many friends and fellow administrators, this article may not have been published. A social media friend alerted me who felt this person, Edward James Thompson was worthy of contact. He was deliberating on his experience.

So, Tom contacted me saying that there seemed to be a credible abduction encounter posting. I listened. It seemed to be from someone believable. He further claimed the person’s comments were quite deep in nature. I contacted James Thompson. He was eager to communicate his experiences. I was impressed with Jim’s candor after a few chats on Skype and Messenger.


To date, we have spent numerous hours communicating the history, as well as, his previous attempts to get out to the world what had happened to him. To properly set up this amazing encounter, a brief history of some crucial points to know are in order. He and his girl friend used to argue about faith and extraterrestrials. She believed it all; however, he was the consummate skeptic. After the experience, they parted company. He doesn’t know her present whereabouts, so there was no way to interview with her. James informed me that later on he had heard she appeared on one or more radio shows. His ex-girlfriend makes claims about daughter abductions.

Jim told me that a previous interviewer claimed his story was false without reason. I have taken this case seriously after many hours of interviews and cross-referencing of information submitted. He has passed every test I could throw at him. Although, this is a personal accounting, I consider it to be important to publish for everyone to see. Jim agrees.


Over 100 pages of notes and other written items were taken and reviewed in this article. Jim and I decided to culminate the investigation with an audio interview to recount the events that occurred on June 30, 1992. Because James Thompson explicitly recalled the evening was a new moon and was completely dark in a cloudless sky, as well as, the month and year, I was able to determine the day.

Jim recounts the series of events in the following transcription from an audio interview recording from July 25, 2019:

I’am James Thompson, I am 53 years old and this is my experience during a new moon of 1992.


Me and my girl friend, Laura had been visiting her folks in Cummings, Georgia. We were heading home. It was late in the afternoon. It was between 6 to 7 pm and we got into a fight. You see, she believes in Wicca, witchcraft, demons, the Loch Ness Monster, ghosts, UFO’s, aliens, and really, the whole shebang.

She was telling me she was going to light some candles and cast a spell to get money coming in to us. And, I’d had enough. If I can see it, smell it, or touch it, I’ll believe it. If I don’t, it’s all bullshit, okay? That was the way I was raised. And, I’d had my fill so I told her to shut the fuck up. None of this is real. There are no ghosts, no aliens, no Bigfoot and you can’t prove any of this bullshit to me and I’m tired of hearing it. You are not a witch. You are no more a witch than I am a frigging goat. Okay? Just shut the fuck up and let me drive.


Laura drifts off to sleep. Excuse me. She starts crying and she cries herself to sleep in the seat next to me. I’m driving down through there and my thoughts are I have got me a nut job, a loon, a real basket case. She needs some real ‘I love you, meds’ and ‘I love myself jacket.’ That is what I was thinking.  And, I’m driving and we are about mid-way through Tennessee on I-40 when this occurs. The sun was still out and everything so I was driving about an hour-and-half or about two hours.


The sun has set. It’s dark and it was a new moon and when I say it was black it was black. Like a flashlight would not work well. But, we’d come through Memphis, crossing the Mississippi River in Memphis on 40 and I know I was to stay to the left. I didn’t. So, I went to the right-hand lane and went north. I couldn’t tell you the Interstate, I hadn’t traveled this before. I figured I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, must be tired so I’ll get off the next off ramp, flip a turn around and go back on into Little Rock.


When I get to that off ramp I see a sign, Searcy (Arkansas) 200 miles. Okay, I’ll take that this. Never mind. It’s a black night and a two-lane tape trail or in other words, a back road. It is a back road in the middle of nowhere and I take it. I can’t explain to you why. I can now, but we’ll get to that. We’re driving down this, it’s getting darker and later. And, way off in the distance you can see little flashes, you know, like a storm that is going to roll in, but it hadn’t reached the horizon, yet. We driving on down through there and I had been driving about an hour or and hour, maybe an hour and fifteen minutes and off to my right something catches my eye. And, it’s something out of place.


I mean, it’s pitch black and there is a white spot so hold up. That was a house. Okay, (car slow down sound effect) so I slowed up the car without waking her (Laura), I put it in reverse, I gently back up and I’m sitting there at the end of the driveway of this house looking down a little valley to what I can only describe as a ‘Walton’s type of house’. If you are old enough to remember that guard light, okay. But, it’s lit up like broad daylight in the middle of darkness and the only other light is a night light behind the house from my vantage point on the right-hand side.

There was a car and there’s a truck in the driveway at the bottom. But, this house both inside and out was as bright as daylight and it is white and this ain’t right. And, it is bugging me so I slip out the car without waking Laura up and I start down the driveway. And, all the sudden I get this feeling, uh uh, hold up. So I squat down and I start taking note what’s going on. The lightning bugs are lightning, the tree frogs are calling, the crickets are chirping, and everything is going on and saying everything is normal, but it’s not.


James Thompson, the skeptic continues:

Because, everything I’m looking at this this house, and it’s like every light in the house is on and underneath the porch it is lit up that bright, too. And, I mean it’s not light white, it is white light. And, I can’t explain it any better than that, and like, uh uh this is wrong. Well, at this point, in my mind, I hear a female voice go, ‘Look up.’ (Hesitation – emotion) And, at that point, in my mind, it didn’t come out my mouth, I was like, ‘Fuck me.’ I thought my cheese had slipped off my cracker. I really did. I mean, I’m like, ah shit, okay, fuck me, hmm, they are real.

Okay, I’m good. And, I looked down and in my head I hear, ‘You’re okay.’ There again, there is this female voice and I’m going hmm, and instantly, hmm, I’m calm. I’m like, okay, and I hear, ‘Look up.’ And, I look up and there is six pinkish-green guys, three on each side, a woman, I couldn’t tell you the color of her hair, I couldn’t tell you her size, but they come floating out of the light on the bottom of this ship. I’m going, okay. They float through the upstairs wall and window and I mean, this is impossible, I know this is impossible; they did it any damn how.


Okay, my mind is racing. I’m like okay, hold up, hold up, up. I look up and it’s a big open area where the house and land is where they live, so I’m trying to find in the outline of this ship around this like light because it can’t just be this white light, this many people coming out of it and at an angle over me and kind of behind me I see at an angle and at across from me I see it again and this thing is huge! Okay? And, it goes back behind the trees.

Well, at this point, Laura joins me. And, she’s coming down the driveway bitching, ‘What the hell you doing stopping the car in the middle of the damn road leaving the engine running, me in leaving the lights on and, duh, duh, duh, duh…’ I’m saying just shut the fuck up and look up! And, she, ‘What?’ I said, ‘Just look up, please?’ Well, she does. Now, Laura is six feet tall and at least 240 pounds, at least. She is not a small woman. She looks up and a screech, scream, yell, whatever combination; I’ve never heard anything like it, but in the middle of this, she freezes solid.


This is the only way I can put it, she just stops. And, I’m like, I put two fingers together, put it on her forehead and push. I’m like, ‘Ah shit.’ And again, I hear the female voice going, ‘You’re fine. She’s safe. She won’t hurt herself this way.’ Take their hands and, ‘Everything is alright.’ At this point, I realize they are all around us. Now, these guys are three feet tall. I mean their heads come on my waist to about right here and I’m six foot tall.

The one I look down at, he looks up and he kinda gives a smile or a smirk and takes my hand. And, the one on the other side takes my other hand. Well, what I didn’t realize at the time the ship had moved. It was across the highway, the two-lane ‘pig-trail’, up the hill and across the way, over the fence, in a field and over the field. And, we started up the driveway, all six of them and me and Laura. And, I couldn’t tell you if we floated through the fence, over the fence.


All I can tell you is I heard, ‘Look up.’ I didn’t know what was going on until I did look up and at an angle from me was the craft or ship setting there with the white light underneath. We floated up to it and through it and we got into this white room. It was the whitest room. You couldn’t find a corner, you couldn’t find dust, I mean it was white. And I remember her sitting there and them just walking across this gigantic room and disappearing, what I assumed is a wall. They just were there and kinda faded through it.

And, I’m looking back at her and I’m looking down and you know this room was white as white can be. I could look out, look down and I could see the ground in color. I knew we were above the ground. And, I looked back (in time) and I remember thinking because I had seen one of those TV shows because my dad liked them about alien abductions, probing, and in my mind that is what hit me. I squatted down. I started scooting back on my feet and hands until I hit something solid.


All I could think about was you are not going to probe me. That is not going to happen. I’m going to fight. And, never mind my girl friend is not three feet from me (still) frozen in place. What I was doing (experiencing) made no sense. But, to me at the time it was fight or flight and I gonna fight. And then, the ‘Nordic-looking’ lady that had svet blond hair, blue eyes six-foot (to) six-foot three in a dress that uh, her shoulders weren’t exposed, it was kind of a robe dress. All I could say is it had every color of the rainbow that you could imagine and it had to have its own power supply by the way it was shimmering.

And, she floated in and she goes, ‘You’re fine, you’re safe.’ Nothing is going to happen. And, immediately, again, I relaxed and I stood up and I’m like um, okay, I’m never going to get this chance again so I’m just going to go ahead and ask. ‘Can I have the key to free energy, can I a cure for cancer, can I have a child’s toy? Something? And she like she kinda chuckled and she’s like, ‘Why?’ And, she spoke this. It wasn’t a thought, she spoke this and she went, ‘Why?’


James, the skeptic broken continues:

And, in my mind the only reason I could think of was I wanted to help everybody. And, she laughed. She actually, physically mouthed (a) laugh and went, ‘No. Why a child’s toy?’ And, I went, ‘Nobody is ever going to believe I was here, okay? I’m a skeptic.’ I don’t ah, if this hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t believe it! Okay, I want something I can give somebody and say, ‘Here you go, explain this!’ And, she laughed and she looked at me and got real serious with her eyes ah, even though she was still smiling, she got real serious with her eyes and goes,’You really should be careful what you ask for.’

Okay, but that’s not answering my question, but I didn’t get to say anything because it dawned on me she’s speaking in better English than I am. Because, at that time I talk like this, okay? I was born in Florida, I was raised in Arkansas in the country and I talk like this. (Skeptic James in Messenger video-cannot transcribe to text the nuances)


And, she’s sitting here speaking perfect English and I went ah, before I could get the words out of my mouth, apparently, she knew what was coming. Because she goes, ‘Yes, I’m speaking English. Why? Because she speaks English. She (Laura) thinks in English.’ And, I’m going, ‘So, if you were in China…’ she said, I’d speak perfect Chinese.’ I’m like, ‘Okay.’ At that point, James lost his train of thought.


Then, James stops his narrative to mention he had forgotten something. He restarted his recollection. I was, uh, we were going home. I (Ed) interjected comment to help James recall what he’d forgotten. James recalled it was about how he and Laura got there. It was about how he was compelled to be in the middle of nowhere without knowing why. James thought it was him that had caused them to get lost. It was a random chance so he asked the being in the ship.

She chuckled and said, ‘No.’ James was told he was compelled to be there. (telepathic suggestion) So, to him it brought up the whole religion thing. He was brought up a Baptist and free will is number one, foremost in the Bible. Period. You have the right to choose God or choose whatever the hell you want, but you have to live by that choice. And, she had compelled us to be in the middle of nowhere.

When Jim asked about if there is a God, she responded they believe this, but have not seen it.


James the past skeptic continues:

No, no, no, no, no…James states, no one can override free will. And, you can’t do that. She just smiled and chuckled, ‘Really? You’re here.’ James hesitates and then states, ‘Okay, we’re here. Why didn’t you choose a police officer, or why not a lawyer, or why not a congressman? Somebody, you know important that people will listen to? I’m Billy-Joe hick-boy over here and here we are. And, you’re having a conversation with me.’ She goes, ‘You didn’t believe.’ I said, ‘Well…’ You believe in a god you cannot see his son from 2,000 years ago, but, we are not real.’

She just looked at me, as if that sly look that people will give you when they overplayed their hand, and made their point, you know, heavily? I’m sure you’ve done that yourself. I just thought, okay. So, that started my faith crisis, to say the least, okay.


She goes, ‘Look, I’m just like you.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ And, she goes, ‘Look, you want to understand here’s how it goes?’ Then, she pulled me. She grabbed me by the arm and turned me to face her. She goes, ‘You’re a male, I’m a female.’ She turned me and physically grabbed my arm and you know, how you guide someone around one-handed. There she was, there I was, but I looked at her and said, ‘This is a hologram, a projection, I don’t know what the hell you’d call it, but I’m there in 3D in real time.

She said, ‘Now. Watch.’ And, her clothes fell away, my clothes fell away. Of course, she is a female and she goes, ‘Do you see?’ James states, ‘Um, yeah?’ Then, the skin fell away. And, it’s the muscles, it’s all the external stuff, okay? Do you see? I said, ‘Yes.’ Then the muscles fell away, then the ribs, then lungs, then there’s all the rest. What I can say is her lungs were longer than mine. Then the skeleton falls away and the organs fall away. And, now you’re left with the brain and the nerves and all of that. Then, here is another difference. Her brain is one brain. My brain was two brains, one over here, one over here. I don’t know what it’s called. I’m not a doctor, okay? Every time she says, ‘Do you see? Do you see?’


And, I’m like, yes and like at the time I guess I was just saying yes, but I didn’t know what she was getting at. I do now, but not then. Here it is twenty-six, twenty-seven years later where I was putting all this together that didn’t dawn on me, then. Okay, I can see we are the same, you’re more advanced of course. You can cure cancer. That is when she brought up the ladder looking thing the spiral thing you see in um, libraries, you know, that you go up, it has to do with our bodies. You know what I’m talking about?

I stated from the description he gave it was the DNA strand (spiral). James said, ‘Thank you.’ Okay, she shows me that. I stated it’s called the double helix. Okay. What he said. But, it’s hovering there. Um, okay yeah, that is what we’re made of. She goes in a single bar of that. Now, on that bar, it looks like something larger than the United States, okay. And, there’s hieroglyphics in each one of them that just disappear. Like the squares, the circles, and the squiggly things, the areas that remain.


All these other ones, in a line across the top that doesn’t have any hieroglyphics and she says, ‘You see that oblong square-looking one there?’ I go, yeah. She said, ‘Touch that.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ She said that is part of your genetic code. Yours. I said, ‘Yes, ma’am.’ She goes, ‘Touch it.’ And, I could actually, physically touch it. It went up. When I moved it with my finger it moved with it right off the end of it. She goes, ‘There is another one just like it there.’ I said, ‘yeah.’ She said, ‘it’s just a little bit different, right?’ ‘Yeah.’ She said, ‘Okay. Put that one above it and touch that one.’

I did and it put me back in the spot where that had came from. Well, then it zooms out to me, you know, naked me, and when it does, naked me just kind of dissolves and starts to melt and fall apart. I look at her and she goes that you cannot replace anything else with what is there. Of course, she was talking to me like I was a student, but was the stupidest student she ever had. She was making it simplistic where I could understand, but she did not make me feel stupid about it. And, she was very patient. She was very kind. Sometimes she’s speaking to me, but sometimes she was thinking it. Okay, I get all this, but why?


She asked, ‘Why are you here?’ I said, ‘Yes, ma’am. I’m nobody. I surely am no one.’ This is where James caught up what he temporarily forgot. Now, we are up to the statement where he asked her why she didn’t pick a policeman, lawyer, or congressman.

Then, she said, ‘It is because I can read her mind (Laura), I can read her thoughts. So, I can compel you, but I can’t read your mind. I went, ‘Ah, shit.’ Okay, this is where I’m thinking shit going to go south, i really do. She said, ‘No, you are fine. There is not going to be any probing.’ She was not reading my mind, she was reading my facial expressions. It was my ah shit moment. She stated that there was not going to be any probing; you are not going to be on a table, no surgical instruments. James asked her about any kind of instrumentation or equipment that may be used on him.


The female being told James that when he entered her ship, it began scanning him. She said we will figure out what is going on. It is not typical. James responded with a ‘yay me’ She said, ‘Let me show you.’ I was turned to look at the gene (genetic DNA structure) where it had been and she told him the one on the left is my mind and the one on the right is your mind.

When James viewed the structures he could see some ‘sparks’ coming off his, but there were a bunch of them coming off here mind structure in her head. And, she said, ‘I want you to look at me.’ I said, ‘Okay.’


Okay, she claimed. She turned me to her and she said, ‘I want you to read my mind and I’m going to try to read yours. I want you to try to stop me.’ I said, ‘How do I try to stop you?’ She said, ‘Think about nothing, stop me.’ After a couple of seconds, she said, ‘Stop. Now, look back.’ Well, her mind (view) was lit up like the fourth of July on steroids on the outline of her mind. Well, my outline of my mind was going off, too, but nothing like hers.

So, she turns me back to her and asks for me to read her mind. I asked exactly how would I do that. I was asked to think about what I’m thinking. James responded with an incredulous, okay. James told me it was like giving a kid a lighter and a firecracker and telling him not to close his fist around it, now. I will state that Jim’s sense of humor is sometimes off the charts. So, that may beat his telepathic and mind-reading talent; however, it is no less funny as shit.


Compliant, James faces her and tries. He states with alacrity that he’s got nothing. She turns me back around and she shows me our minds again. Hers was lit up like before, but mine was lit up a little more. She claimed that I shouldn’t be able to do either of those. That is the problem. James then stated is that a bad problem where he must walk around lobotomized or this is something she must figure out what is going on?

She soothed him a bit with noting this is a problem they are going to figure out. He is fine. We are not going to hurt you. We don’t do that. It is a bad reputation that is not true (paraphrased). James felt it was okay. He was trying to figure this out. He asked what the problem would be to getting the key to free energy and the cure to cancer. She said okay.

Then, I can’t remember if we walked or floated, but we started across the room. I didn’t see her legs moving in the dress or whatever, but we kind of faded through a wall. Then there was a corridor and we went to the right. There was nothing flat or cornered that I can remember or could see. It was like a tunnel where everything was curved.


As we continued down the sculpted tunnel it smooths out and I see out of the corner of my mind, um, not my mind, but the corner of my eye I see several circles inside each other. And, it looks like hieroglyphics on one side and then on the other. I didn’t know what it was. Since I remembered all this I think I know what it is, ah, not 100%, but I did see something like it in the Rendlesham stuff. I don’t know who’d seen it or what, but I’ll draw it and send it to you.

The following are two more images Jim sent:

Jim stated further, they were kind of copperish-gold in color. They were not standing out from the wall, they were not inside the wall, they were just smooth with the wall. We proceed on down this hallway and we go through another corridor off to the right. It’s kind of got the ’round corner’ thing going on. I did touch the wall and it was warm, it was comfortable. It was hard, but it was nothing I had touched before. It was similar to glass, but it wasn’t glass. Then, I knew it was a corner because it fell away. I looked down and it went on I don’t know how far, but anyway we continued down the hallway.


She did say, I remember she said or thought, this way. A door to our left, it wasn’t like a door, but it was an outline of where a doorway would be. And, we floated through that. And when we floated through it was another large room. This one had different colors going off. There were colors like green, and blue, and black, and purple, and these were what I could make out. These were intense colors. I asked him, where were they coming from. Jim said they came from the walls, floors, and ceiling. They were everywhere.

Jim didn’t want to use the word, kaleidoscope, but they were there then they were gone. A kaleidoscope you turn it and they shift. These didn’t. They were gone and then something was in its place. In the center, the best way he could describe it was like if you remember the old trash cans with flaps? You open the flap, put the trash in and close it? Well, this thing was black and it was about five feet tall. It was probably four feet wide, but it didn’t have no flap.

He asked what it was and she said here was the key to free energy. When she said that I know it didn’t shed its skin and let us look in. Half of it disappeared.


Then there was a ball, let’s say a soccer ball, had sex with a pineapple and it had points on it, okay? It was like pyramid points, okay? Um, they were like eight-sided and they came up to a point. And, there was electricity coming off them, little lightning bolts coming off them. And (they were) heating the ‘trash can’.

At this point, there is a stand under it, and when I say under it, um, about this far apart from it (Jim gave hand gesture in video approximately a foot or so), okay? It was about (a foot) above it. There was no doubt. It was hovering. She said that this would supply her ship with power for five years or my state of Arkansas for twenty-five years.

This, from here to there, looking at it from this age and what happened was she said then I can not imagine what the power consumption of that craft is. But, it has to be immense.


At the time, I was stunned and I was stupefied. And, it didn’t even dawn on me to ask for more information, at this point. I was mesmerized. I’d never seen little bitty bolts of electricity, you know, lightning bolts I call them because that is what they were. How could Jim claim he was a skeptic, now?

I’m sorry. It did look like a pineapple had sex with a soccer ball. I had to laugh right here. It was soccer ball shaped. So anyway, we come out of there. We walk up, we’re gliding or whatever, but this is what I didn’t remember when I first told you the story. When we went around that corner and we were in that big room, again, guess what was missing? I mentioned the circles inside each other. Jim said, yes, they were gone.

Originally, it was like they were there intentionally for me to see, but not yet to that point, not later. And, I mean, we go back into that big room and it was huge. She (Laura) seemed to be about a foot shorter than what she was, originally.


I said this had answered the questions. But, you had said she had brought Laura (girl friend) on the ship with you. She was frozen in place and you couldn’t push here with your finger on her forehead to make her move. Jim said not at all. She couldn’t move. Jim claimed that if you and I would push like that we’d stumble back, but she didn’t.

I continued with the next question I had. When you saw the little pinkish-green guys, right, you said they came down with the lady through walls and doors? Were you in a building or something? Jim clarified that they came through the second floor of the house through the wall and window (the ship was hovering behind the house). Jim continued to say that we know this is impossible. It happened.

I further stated then that they came down to you while you were in the driveway. Jim said it they had to have done it, but he didn’t recall. He was fixated on Laura’s screams and screeches. I mentioned that I was originally told the craft was about the size of a football field. It moved from the field to stop behind the house? Jim said, correct, but he didn’t remember from where they came originally, but they did come through the wall and window from the front of the house with her (Laura).


There’s electrical cords running through that wall. Glass is solid. Glass holds water, Jim said, glass holds everything. But, they came right through, nonetheless. Again, he was distracted with Laura’s screams, screeches, yowls, whatever you want to call it. And, I was mesmerized with all that and getting scared.

She said you are safe. Take their hands. At that point, I cannot recall exactly how they got there. I stated that all Jim saw was the lights and there were no other people in or at or around the house. He said yes, just the lights.


Picking right back up where he left off after answering my questions, I was amazed at the clarity and detail. Jim continued. We were back in that big room with Laura (frozen). She appears to be about a lot shorter than she was. Jim reiterated it was such a huge room.

Jim said to his host that this is all great and wonderful, I appreciate meeting you, but the child’s toy, well I’d really like it. Nothing really harmful can be made out of a child’s toy. That was my thinking. And, she’s like no. And, he interjected that we’re going to be out there, soon. You know we’re going to be out there, soon. You have to know we’ve been to the moon. We’ve done this, we’ve done that. She goes really?

And, she goes, I want to show me something. Jim says okay. He’s game, at this point. At this point, one of the pinkish-green guys comes back into the room walks up to the wall. And, when he touches it colors of orange, red – oh, he has three fingers not four and a thumb and I want to say a peach color. And, I’m watching him and she goes walk over here by me and look at this.


I walk over there by her and the wall just disappears. The wall is gone. And, I’m looking out and a little down at the planet earth. I’m not scared of heights, at this point in my life. I’m not. I may not like ’em, but I’m not scared of ’em. Okay? And, I’m looking at this and I’m going, ah shit!

And, I’m like where’s the moon? I said, okay, you can do all this stuff. Okay, how quick is your ship? And, she goes watch this and earth went from right in front of me to over here. Then it went over here. And, Jim apologized to me that she had said it was like 5,000 miles, it was like 50,000 miles, in a second. It was like that quick.

And, I was like uh, okay. I was looking at the earth and it was in full view, it was big. It was in full view of the window. There was Australia, there was China, uh, that is what I’m seeing and I asked where was the moon? And, the whole ship, I think she is controlling it by thought, it turned and I’m looking at the moon. And, it’s the biggest moon I’ve ever seen.


And, I’m saying like, okay? She said keep looking out the window. Jim says to me, dude, I’m not shitting you, we went from there to where we were, and it was not a hot two seconds! I’m like, okay, I’m good. I am frigging good!

And, she goes, you know, you have to understand that you are us. We are you. I’m like, you are our cousins, our creators? You know, what are you saying, we’re the same? And, she said, I showed you we are the same. Okay?

Jim said, what are you saying? And then, as far as my memory goes, this is when me and Laura wake up in the car. She’s screaming. She is saying go, go, go! We start pulling away. And, I’m like, please stop. If they want us they got us. There in the space ship, we’re in the car. Where the hell are we gonna go?

Laura says we’ve got to tell somebody. You just shut up. Again, she says we gotta tell somebody. And, the tiniest little bolt of lightning I’ve ever seen, strikes my car antenna and kills my alternator.


Now, I’m not a rocket scientist, but an antenna goes to the radio. It doesn’t go to an alternator or starter, a carburetor, a battery. It goes to a radio.

Jim and I discussed this and what we reflected over the last year of so. Jim stressed that out of all the things the little lightning bolt to destroy, it chose the alternator. It ceased to function. He noted that it didn’t hurt the radio or any other electrical component in the car. To sum it up, this was a strange event, to say the least.


Jim said he’s glad this occurred to him, to have had this experience; but he wants folks to know they are real. If they wanted to fuck us all, we’d be fucked. They are not here to hurt us. They are here to help us. This is a skeptic who has changed.

I said all questions had been answered and the research is spot on. I wanted to bring up a bit more of what happened afterwards. The story ends here, but I asked him a couple of questions about what happened with him and Laura. Jim mentioned they broke up soon after. Start where what happened when the alternator went bad.


When the alternator, well when lightning hit the alternator (antenna), there was a flicker in the lights and the radio, so I knew something had been damaged. The further we got up the road, there was a town that had an Auto Zone. And, the car was dying so I knew it was the alternator and it was about to kill the battery, as well.

As we got to the next town, the lights were dimming. So when we saw the Auto Zone, we pulled in the parking lot right there so I killed it (turn off car), and I knew I wouldn’t be able to start it. And, we were like 3-4 hours from opening. I can borrow the tools, I can switch it out and we’ll be on our way.


Then, Laura starts again that we must tell somebody. I said who are we going to tell? After all, Jim was a skeptic. Then, I said if he could remember the town where he stopped. Jim said that until he can return to the town, as well as, return to the house location, he’d be glad to tell me. However, he’d have to do that.

I must interject here that having spent much time in rural environments, this has happened to me. Including and alternator event in the middle of nowhere. Outside of the lightning bugs, one can be completely lost when it is dark. Remembering a town or off-road location is totally possible. Had I not experienced such events, I might be more skeptical.

Jim continues. He does recall that is was the first major town heading west past Memphis, Tennessee. He just doesn’t recall it. And, it is not important for the purpose of this article. Again, he reviewed his trek home via Searcy, then to Little Rock, Arkansas. He went into detail of some of the roads taken to return home.


When I queried Jim about Laura and what happened in the end of such incredible events, here are his responses.

They did ultimately break up as partners. She has continued on in the public arena with her own renditions. What has occurred since that time is another issue and story.


I queried James about the telepathy and body language interactions between him and the female being during the visitation. The responses were consistent throughout our interviews. There were no variations on the theme during video, audio and written interviews,

Investigation results have yielded no irregularities, misrepresentations or substantive errors of any kind to mention. Outside of the normal aspects of memory recall and human error, the consistency of recall is almost uncanny.

Answers to cross-referenced materials and resultant questions in general were consistent.

However, I do leave it up to the reader for their own scrutiny.


Being a skeptic is one thing. Finding oneself in the midst of an event from a meeting and craft invitation to experience such as written above, is another.

Edward James Thompson has lived most his life as a skeptic of faith, religion, paranormal, and witchcraft. In his life experiences, he was changed soon after June 30, 1992. It was a new moon that enabled me to help determine the exact date.

If it were not for this author having demonstrative experiences in life, another skeptic would be in full swing.

Jim and I maintain a constant friendship born of research to bring to you, the public what is real.

I have met so many people who wanted to be a skeptic after encounters and could not. What made their experiences so negative was they were not believed and even ridiculed. I am honored to bring to the public what has transpired, here.

James Thompson, no longer a skeptic, wants everyone to know the same.

Universal Digest is pleased to present current, as well as, contemporary subject matter in many categories from a global, regional, and local perspective. Content provided is verified to the best of evidence submitted. There is no time table for how long the interview process takes.

Interviews conducted without verification remain circumstantial in nature. No other proof of authenticity may be available. In such cases, it is up to the reader to decide from the information provided. However, after due process in this particular investigation, Edward James Thompson’s world view of being a skeptic has dramatically changed for the rest of his life.

The views and opinions written in the article are not necessarily the views of Universal Digest, its principals, advertisers, or assigns.

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Pass it On:


Featured pictures of Nick Pope, Alyson Dunlop, and Peter Robbins. Alyson interviewed Peter Robbins (Episode 99) and Nick Pope (Episode 100) in two successive weeks.


This author found the creation and publication of this article to be one of the most challenging to complete, to date. One of the virtues in writing is to remain objective while producing the information necessary for the reading audience to understand and assimilate, in clarity. That was my challenge; objectivity. I was faced with some serious re-writing because my friendships and acquaintances with Peter, Alyson, and Nick kept getting in my way. This was completely on me to correct.

I am asking the readers to take a few moments to click on Alyson’s link here to listen to the audio interviews. If you wish, register and enjoy 105 interviews there. It is free. I assure you they will be most interesting from the beginning to the end. I write this to state I do not want to add or take away, in any way, shape, or form the content of these interviews. Thank you, readers for understanding. Of course, thank you all for being here to enjoy this article.


‘Greetings, earthlings’, is Alyson’s standard announcement at the beginning of each interview. She installs a style of great ‘bumper’ music at the beginning, middle, and end or each episode. Alyson Dunlop of ADX Files (Spreaker) with author ‘Enemy Within Radio’ is known for her digital radio program productions since 2015. To date, she has produced 105 radio episodes ranging around one hour each in length. Episodes cover a number of subjects including ufology, magic, exorcisms, and the paranormal to name a few. Interviews are conducted with authors, public figures, and experts in many fields.

og: image
Featured pictures of Nick Pope, Alyson Dunlop, and Peter Robbins. Alyson interviewed Peter Robbins (Episode 99) and Nick Pope (Episode 100) in two successive weeks.

This article is published to give these interviews the exposure they deserve. The content and accurate references to current events regarding past, present and future areas of disclosure are discussed here.

Alyson is well known for her interest and work in ufology and the paranormal. Peter Robbins and Nick Pope are international icons in ufology. Read on to discover some of the latest activities and yes, some present, startling to some, revelations in this field. From what has actually happened, from what has not, to the present ‘soft’ disclosure that is underway are all examined and discussed here.


og: alyson
Alyson Dunlop is a cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapist, historian, and a paranormal expert. She is deeply involved in ufology. Her digital radio broadcasts, ADX Files, span the last three years with a roster of esteemed experts in the above fields.

Alyson Dunlop graduated Glasgow University in 2005 in Classics. She is an experienced cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapist. She has a keen interest in the historical and practical applications of religion, magic, and ufology. As a former English Language teacher, she also studied social psychology, addiction psychology, and religion. In particular, she is drawn to Gnosticism and Liberal Catholicism where she is now involved. More about Alyson Dunlop can be viewed at her website here.

Regarding Alyson’s interest in ufology, she heads SPI Scotland, researching and investigating paranormal experiences, as well as, host and produce her own radio programs, as mentioned, ADX Files. She is also a lecturer and has written many articles regarding a number of subjects about the paranormal.

And, if that is not enough, Alyson also co-organizes the annual Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference held in Glasgow, Scotland. The 2019 conference is already scheduled for June 22nd.


og: peter
Peter Robbins is a well-known ufologist and investigative writer. He is an experienced author, lecturer, and researcher. He has appeared on TV, radio, and conferences around the world. Peter is known for his work with the life and contributions of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Of his books and articles, he is best known for investigative research with the Rendlesham Forest Incident.


Peter Robbins is a prominent investigative writer, author and lecturer on UFOs. For over thirty-five years he has spoken on many radio programs and has lectured at many conferences, worldwide. He has appeared on numerous television shows and documentaries. His primary interest has been in ufology where he was an editor for a UFO magazine in New York. His work includes many published articles, columns, as well as, books involving Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s UFO research and, most famously, his work on the three-day UFO occurrences at Rendlesham in the United Kingdom.

More of the interesting history Peter Robbins has encountered and experienced, to date, may be found at his website here. It is a good auto-biographical reference to read, indeed. Further, there is an important post about the Rendlesham Forest Incident of events that occurred years later that is a must read.


In Peter’s radio interview, a number of subjects were discussed. Beginning with the date of the broadcast, September 11th, Peter began with a reflection of where he was in his office when the attack on the World Trade Center occurred in 2001. He recounted some of the events he experienced, as well as, a detailed accounting of Manhattan, its surroundings, population, and areas of interest. It is not a big place, being only 14 miles by about 2.5 miles, at its widest point. He was working a few miles north in ‘mid-town’. While working, a person came by his office and said someone in a plane just hit one tower in the World Trade Center building. To Peter, it didn’t make sense that for one, an errant pilot could do something like this, much less get this close to the business district. Obviously, some people must have been killed in the event. Later, he learned about what had really happened.

Peter remembered the neighborhood before the World Trade Center had been built. In the 1960’s, as an adolescent, he used to ‘hang out’ there for an entire day, at times. In the 1920’s the area was known as ‘radio row’. That is where the radio sales proliferated. It was also the location where amplifiers and speakers were sold. He recounted where he saw 16 acres get re-zoned and the building of the two towers began. He took pictures of the towers as they were being built. Peter mused about the time he was a New York tour guide where he actually watched the trade center be erected, among other activities in the locale. He went in and out of them so many times. Being in the towers and on the roof a number of times, he took the tragedy personally and still does. Like so many other New Yorkers, they felt the towers were theirs. He recounted that the real story may never be known. Peter seriously doubts if we will.


Alyson said this was truly one of the worst days in the history of humanity. Peter responded that certainly more people have died from tragedies and attacks, but this is certainly one of the BC’s, AD’s dividing moments in modern history and nothing has been the same since. He noted for his parents’ generation, it was Pearl Harbor. For Peter, as a hero-worshiping little kid, it was the murder of John F. Kennedy. He said that as a serious student of that conspiracy; it was a ‘coup d’etat’ and nothing in American history has been the same since.

Peter mentioned to Alyson that although, he is not a conspiracist. By definition of the word it is roughly two or more people plotting something, usually nefarious in private. History is basically defined by and littered with such conspiracies. So, Peter continues, the tragedy of modern times, it has become an infection in the body politic. There was a time not too long ago people would raise their eyebrows if one claimed that something was an ‘inside’ job. And now, led by the President of the United States, anything goes; you can say anything and there will always be people who will believe it. More and more, a popular culture will follow it, and more and more major media will be willing to let it slide by, unquestioningly. He stated we do live in interesting times and that it is not something in a positive way. Alyson quipped that Peter means it in a kind of ‘Chinese curse’ kind of way.


When Alyson mentioned a friend’s birthday on social media, Peter said he was going through some of the recounts from his friends about what they were doing on 9/11. One of the accounts was one of his friends saying on that day his wife’s water broke and a child was born. His friend stated that this day was one of the happiest days of his life! So, today is his daughter’s birthday, so he noted that is something we should all be in touch with. Out of destruction, out of the ashes comes the phoenix; the worst things bring out the best in people. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Peter recalled that on that day, in the afternoon, days, and weeks that followed, he was never prouder to be a New Yorker. Although, we tend to be brusk, at times, for those who visit here will find a genuine warmth from the people, especially if you have an ‘accent’ from another country. Peter recounted that after the tragedy we were all talking to each other and we were there for each other. He noted that by the next day the city filled with military and there were attack helicopters flying overhead. There were fully armed jets flying in the air along with military personnel with automatic weapons in the streets. Peter said one wanted to burst into tears trying to wrap your head around it all because it happened so fast.


After knowing the attack was real, we realized we were at war. When the next plane hit the second tower, we knew. Peter noted we didn’t know with whom we were at war, who struck us, what it was about, or what to expect next. That afternoon, his building was evacuated. Peter lived in an apartment right off of Central Park, at the time on the west side; a beautiful location. It was a beautiful day. The weather was flawless; it was perfect. He went back to his apartment and listened to the radio and as the sun went down he realized, dammit, he was a prisoner in his own home!

Peter recalled he was hurting, frightened, and furious! So, he couldn’t stay in the apartment. He got out and walked over four miles to Times Square. The place was almost empty like the streets. Peter noticed the few people bravely sat at cafes trying to get on with their lives. He photographed the electronic displays with information on what was happening. Peter returned to his apartment around midnight. What came to him as ironic and even surreal was the fact he and others had to go to work the next day. Whereupon, he returned to his office and it was business, as usual. There were areas that had been cordoned off, but other than that, he and his colleagues were back on a normal routine.


Alyson stated she could hardly imagine what a place like New York City could look like deserted; however, Glasgow, Scotland had an eerie semblance of desertion the same day. She was on a bus, not knowing what had happened when the driver stopped and said he wasn’t going any further. There was a bomb scare in the city center and we couldn’t continue. It was like the end of the world. So, we walked through the city center. It was eerie because there were no police, cars, or people anywhere. We walked to a bus stop farther out of the city. Alyson said it was a horrific day for everyone.

Peter stated it was science fiction in that sense in New York. Mass transit was shut down. Then, he explained more about what happened in the five boroughs (counties) of New York work, overall. Manhattan and Staten Islands are exactly that, islands. They are actually quite small and there is a network of bridges to enter and exit. Those who think Manhattan, as an example is large and strong, it is not like that. Take out a couple of bridges and then many people would be unable to leave normally. There is only about three days of food on the island. Trucks bring supplies day and night. People who lived in other boroughs, Long Island or upstate could not get off the island.

Essentially, Peter continued, it was like a little Dunkirk. Then, something miraculous happened. Several thousand owners of small pleasure boats from New Jersey, as well as, from the other side, Queens and Brooklyn came up to the coast. It was rough going because the area was not accommodating to pick up or deliver passengers. Then, they ferried people back and forth to where they could obtain transit to where they were going.

Peter recounted a good friend of his, Tom Reilly who lived in New Jersey, got a boat ride home. And, another friend hitched-hiked to a tunnel where he caught a ride with a family relation to get home. One cannot make this stuff up. It shows how connected we all are. Peter said that in this world of increasing divisiveness, including our government, our leaders, and our current American president who are doing and saying things to increase the distance between us.

Peter finished his statement pointing out, again, how connected we all are. Further, the populace of many countries are not represented by their governments. In many cases, that is putting it mildly.


Alyson, speaking of divisiveness, the last couple of years have been stressful, traumatic, and a nightmare, really. She pointed out that we couldn’t avoid the subject of Larry Warren, really. Alyson continued with saying Larry Warren and Peter were very good friends, at one time. Peter said yes. She asked Peter how he felt when Sacha Christie started revealing her findings. Peter agreed that this should be discussed. Sacha Christie, with her partner Dave, began to expose Larry Warren.  Peter continued that Sacha is one tough broad and is focused and single-minded. This brought to mind to Peter that she had, in the past, her own devils to wrestle with. They had met, briefly, where Sacha was open and he learned she had previous psychiatric issues or still had them.


Thereafter, Peter recounted the history and events resultant of Peter’s book of Left At East Gate. He did it for the benefit of the listeners who were unaware of how this came about. Peter co-authored the book regarding the events of the well known British UFO incident of the so-called Rendlesham Forest Incident or sometimes known as the Bentwaters Incident. It was named after the American Air Force base in December, 1980, with an alleged witness to the events. He has a long post on this that Peter invites and encourages anyone interested to read on what we are going to touch on here. It can be viewed at peterrobbinsny.com. And, that post he put up a year ago, June of 2017, is the front and center on my website because he thought it to be that significant. The only point that has changed in the statement at the end was words to the effect that he had said what he said, was not interested in discussing this further. This (interview) is a perfect example of that.


Peter continued saying that Alyson referred to Sacha Christie who was a good friend of Larry Warren. She, being of good heart, with her then partner Dave Kelly, invited Larry to move in when with the kids when he was homeless. He abused the situation, markedly. It led Sacha’s beginning to examine in detail, parts of the book Larry and Peter had written. It came at a time when many self-starters, fans, friends, and readers who up until that time had nothing but respect and admiration for his co-author and him, as far as, he could see.

Peter stated that people started to find problems and conflicts with what Larry had written of his official accounting in the book that had been recorded. Some of these conflicts went as far back as to the original events themselves. His first take on this after his initial research was that he had taken Larry’s accounts seriously. There has been a lot of self-recrimination, as noted in his long polemic (his post argument) on his website. He further stated that in his character, he is a person of good will who takes people at their word, who looks for the best in people and does not come at people in a negative way unless they come at him in that spirit or with someone he respects. Peter continued that if he could joke or knew someone who could lie more convincingly to one’s face, in spoken or written form, he would be completely unaware of it. Well, Larry Warren was brilliant at what he does, which is confabulate, exaggerate, make things up, and he bought it.


After a while, Peter continued to think Larry was heroic. Yes, he’s damaged, is wrestling with alcohol, maybe he was diddled with by the military, and he can be irascible. He can be unpleasant, at times, but he’s a great guy. It is an irony that maybe Larry didn’t actually witness the events, but he was good at coming forward and staying in peoples’ faces about it. One premise Peter rejected from the beginning was that some people are so driven to be well-known. They wanted to be famous, even if it is something out of the question (or not there) to be famous about. Peter thinks that Larry, in his heart of hearts, wanted to be a musician. Peter then stuttered with the word magician instead of musician. Alyson and Peter chuckled at that point that Larry talked about his obsession of being photographed with famous musicians, his love of pop music, etc. Alyson said he could be a magician, as well. Peter recounted that Warren spoke of his high school band where they had an audience of 5,000 in his final performance. Peter stated he had blithely bought it.

Then, Peter stated more critical observers came forward to make him aware of how unrealistic this was, as well as, other exaggerations were. He further commented on Sacha putting all this together. She and her husband Dave had a certain righteous indignation regarding Larry and how he had turned on them. They had been kind enough to put him up when he was homeless. Peter recounted, he knew of other similar situations. Peter considers Sacha to be forthright and focused. He remembered more to share that the situations Larry and Sacha had were problematic and lasted for decades not just over a matter of a year or so.

Peter considered Larry to be the real goods. He said he considered Larry to be his ‘problem child’ brother he never had. Peter stated with all that had happened, he didn’t get it. In fact, he worried about Larry and his health over time. Noting that one cannot change the past, one of the regrets he had was he welcomed Larry into his family. Peter recounted how warmly he was received by his mother, sister and other family members. He had a lot of respect and admiration for Larry. It was a lot to break through when he learned about the information Sacha was sending out. At first, Peter just didn’t believe it. He sided with Larry, considering he was always attacked and was the underdog.


Then, other people Peter knew and respected came forward with more information. One of the persons, Ronnie Dugdale, an outstanding researcher and investigator and a great guy who started bringing more to Peter’s attention. At first, Peter cut him off. He unfriended him on Facebook and would have nothing to do with it. It hurt Ronnie terribly. Well, it caught up with Peter months later. Now, the hurt was in Peter’s ‘box’. He was so thankful that he and Ronnie have reclaimed a good friendship.

Peter has spent the last two years apologizing to people to set things right. But, then, after a while James (Penniston) and others came forward with more information so he made a point to read it. This resulted in Peter remaining in a state of being ‘caught like a deer in the headlights’. He was in denial. Then, he began to realize he was wrong.


Then, Peter cautioned that there has been an understandable sort of rage-driven overreaction where people now thought that nothing of what Larry said is true in Left At East Gate. Although, his credibility has been compromised, Peter noted that it took nine years to write the book. It contains hundreds of annotated, fact-checked notes and evidence. He stands behind his organization and work as being authentic, inclusive of his own findings. It stands as factual now, even after such realizations had been made.

Alyson astutely queried Peter about the possibility of extracting his contributions from his book to possibly republish it. Peter chuckled and responded that because he and Larry wrote the book as co-authors, it could bring up legal questions. Then, he reminisced on the book writing process where Larry was asked to produce his contributions in a typed, double-spaced format. Larry agreed. To date, he doesn’t think Larry has typed a word in his life. All Peter received were hand-written notes scrawled on legal paper. It was a maddening process to transcribe them to book format. So, much of the information in the book is intertwined since they wrote it together. His writing required a lot of editing so Peter’s writings were on the papers, as well.


Peter recounted how Larry had improved his writing skills by the end of the book’s completion. He wrote exhaustive letters to Larry to ask if he would just admit to his lies and mistakes and it could work out. Peter said he did back flips telling Larry he would stand by him if he did. Larry was quiet until over a year ago where he began lashing out with writings that he would pay no attention to punctuation and proper grammar. Obviously, he didn’t care how he communicated, especially when he was drinking.

Alyson stated that if Larry had just admitted he screwed up and he was sorry, he would have been forgiven. Peter responded saying he was sure people would have, or at least most would have forgiven him. The problem with Larry like a lot of guys is they have a terrible time admitting they made a mistake. Peter doesn’t see Larry as evil; his pathology is what it is. He continued saying that it has been a rough couple of years. Peter has been doing professionally little else, but trying to make amends with people he knew well and some he didn’t know.

Peter stated that in a type of flattery he’d never want, it was his hard work and tireless talks he gave over the decades that praised and supported Larry Warren. This made Larry’s accounting so accepted until it all fell apart. Alyson responded saying that Peter had a huge amount of support, as well. She pointed out that Peter used the term ‘indoctrination’ and there is almost like a religious cult around Larry Warren where people are taken in with his personality and charisma. Peter agreed that he is charismatic and he can look you right in the eye and lie.


Peter recalled the most dramatic event where he was to speak where Larry lied to him. It was at the conference where Alyson had worked so hard to bring them both together in the great city of Glasgow, Scotland, two years ago. He suddenly learned just before the conference start that Larry was not going to speak. They were to be the keynote speakers in the last hour and a half. Peter noted that Alyson’s hard work to raise the money to get them both to the conference, after learning Peter and Larry hadn’t spoken on stage together for ten years. He took Larry aside in front of the hotel and asked him what had happened. Knowing there was a dialogue from a party on a public page that stated if Larry spoke, he may be asked some embarrassing questions, if she attended the conference. Peter, without saying who it was spoke directly to Alyson that she knew. Larry responded to Peter’s question, looking him straight in the eye, that they had threatened his family. Peter backed down because he didn’t know anything about it.

Peter recounted that his appearance at the conference was in the middle of an eccentric three-conference tour. It began in Dayton, Ohio, Glasgow, Scotland, and ended in Athens, Greece. Alyson remembered this and agreed. He gave the same talk in Glasgow, as he gave in Athens and it ‘stuck in his craw’ and it was the last time he said it. When Peter returned to America he did some research and found Larry had lied to him. No one had threatened Larry’s family. Peter addressed this and a number of other questions to Larry and he was met with him changing the subject or becoming silent.


Peter stated that now there is a film in process being made. He is not sure if it is a film or a documentary about Larry’s experiences at Capel Green where the alleged third night was set. It put Peter in a spot to defend Larry’s account, but that is the way it is. Peter made a number of trips back to Suffolk, inclusive of a number of interviews and research about the incident to develop the story. Larry returned, as well. Over the next nine years Peter and Larry met together and separately (to investigate).

Peter recalled the spot where Larry had pointed to the field, as the trees cleared where the craft had allegedly sat. They noticed a distinct discoloration of the soil. Peter noted it was winter so it was gray on gray. He took some photographs of the area. He returned to the area a year and one-half later in June of 1990 and took more pictures. This time Peter took more photographs in ‘glorious’ color and noted a dramatic circular yellow area of grass gone to hay in the field where the alleged craft had landed. The surrounding areas of the field were green, dotted here and there with red and white poppies.

Peter took a large amount of soil samples from the site and took them to the states where a well-known and respected earth scientist, Matthew Monize analyzed the samples. The results showed true anomalies indicating changes in the soil had occurred. So, for years, Peter thought this was proof of Larry’s accounting. Peter said to Alyson was this proof? No, it was not proof that Larry had been on site, but it does prove he knew where it was. It is also known that he was in the area during the event. What he did was to use witness accounting to place him there, but at no time did Larry ever say ‘I’ or ‘me’ when reporting to Peter. The enigmatic Adrian Bustinza, a witness, who gave many conflicting reports to this story may have shown Larry that site.


Peter moved forward to mention the letter Larry Warren wrote to his mother just a week or so after the events occurred at Rendlesham. He had seen this many years earlier that had been written on Air Force stationery that reflected what had happened. Peter affirmed that the letter Larry wrote, although not proven from forensics to date, is real. Gary Heseltine has promoted this letter many times in his attempt to promote Larry. Peter noted that Larry referred to others as they or the men, or what they saw. He reflected that if Larry lied, it was the morning after the event when he called her (Warren’s mother). This phone call had witnesses with Larry and his mother when he discussed the UFO event and was cut off. It happened. He wove himself into the story early on and other credible men verified he was present at the event and in the area. To whatever degree Larry Warren was involved, this is fact.

However, Peter stated, one and one does not necessarily make two is not true in this case; it is three. Larry has a cadre of people who are working on the film. This will continue to contaminate the story. Larry will continue to be this controversial rebellious anti-hero who, in a way, is his destiny. In sum, Peter said he doesn’t hate him, but he is a screw-up who has created so much chaos and has hurt so many people. He has conducted vicious attacks on the health, the safety, and lives of so many people. Peter continued to note he has not made good on the threats, but there is much printed evidence of this and he has threatened more people than he can remember.

Now, it seems, Peter stated, he has ‘cleaned’ up his ‘act’ thanks to being managed by Gary Heseltine. Alyson interjected after agreeing with Peter that Gary Heseltine is starting to ‘proofread’ his posts on Facebook, as well.


Alyson opened this segment about some of Larry Warren’s memorabilia he sells. She asked that he has for sale something Peter had given him that he altered. It was Peter’s late sister, Helen whose signature (or someone did) had been forged. Alyson also asked if it had upset Peter. Peter said that yes, it had.

Peter started with Larry’s history of collecting pop culture early on when such memorabilia was collectible. From the early 1980’s Larry got into this market. Peter doesn’t know to what degree he did collect with authentic things; however, one of the most outrageous lies he perpetrated was telling Peter he was in touch with May Pang who gave him John Lennon’s sunglasses and an army surplus raincoat. A bit earlier, Peter detailed the process where his late sister introduced him to the late Phoebe Snow, who introduced Larry to May. She was the person with whom John Lennon had an extended affair for over a year and a half while not with Yoko Ono. So, when Larry came to Peter’s apartment with the announcement, Peter thought to himself, cool. Since he knew May Pang, in passing, it was learned later that this never happened. Further, May was quite vocal about the fact she had given Larry nothing of a sort.

Over time, Peter continued that we now know that Larry has tried to pass off many different items that are authenticated fakes. One case is Peter thought Larry was friends with a scholar of the great Stevie Ray Vaughn. Larry had produced a picture of his standing with him. It could have been with a show Larry was working in upstate New York. Peter claimed he didn’t know whether it was the truth or not. By this time he didn’t believe anything Larry was telling him any longer.


Peter remembered something from this past December where there were two items at an auction of rock and roll memorabilia and there was memorabilia from his late sister, Helen. She was a gifted artist and poet, as well as, an award-winning song writer. She was also gold and platinum record award winner. Helen was a well known singer and performer who was a rising star in the early days of the punk musical movement. Her performances were based around a small club in lower Manhattan called CBGB (Country BlueGrass and Blues). She played there starting in 1976.

When Helen wanted Peter to see what she did he was sounding like his parents, as in, who cares; it’s just noise. He was into Motown, good jazz, classic rock, and heavy metal rock. So, when Helen dragged him down there, he started going regularly where he would see Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry-Blondie, and Patti Smith. Including the Talking Heads, the list went on and on. In a small club where there was only a 175 person fire-limit seating it all seemed like a dream. Helen Wheels was very popular, a well-known, popular performer at the time. And, she was also a gifted actress. She was a renaissance woman.

At the time, Helen was a member of the finest repertory company in New York where Peter was the house manager for the Mirror Rep (Mirror Repertory Company). It had its share of Tony Award winners, Academy Award winners who are well known in America and the United Kingdom. Helen appeared in plays where there were big, fancy opening night parties beforehand. It was an outrageously sleazy night club at the time. It was a ‘de-consecrated’ church. And, at a certain point in its history, like Studio 54, it was a well-known cocaine location with heavy partying. Beautiful cards were printed, mailed and given out to people to announce the opening night.


Some time after Peter’s sister died and he recovered from the deepest grief of his life, he started to archive many of her materials. He had a rubber stamp made stating, ‘From the Estate of Helen Wheels’. This was her performing name. He used this stamp with red ink, always to place on her ephemera. Peter went on to say that he knew how Warren was a devote of pop culture. He said that Larry even tried to ‘screw’ his sister in death by faking her signature and trying to make money from it.

Of course, at the time, he (Larry) feigned great admiration, friendship and love for Helen so, Peter gave him one each of his cards. Peter affirmed the cards were empty when he gave them to Larry. Then, at the auction, there they were and there were signatures all over them! It would be laughable if it were not so infuriating; however, there was Helen’s faked signature at the top of each card and it was not even a good forgery. Not only that, it seemed that Andy Warhol just ‘happened’ to stop by and although, he had stopped making little soup can drawings in the 1960’s, he ‘drew’ one next to his name.

Peter continued with Katharine Hepburn, who was already in her eighties and a very private person, didn’t go to night clubs or events like that. So, Larry’s logic was since her niece was in the show, her aunt would be there. This was outrageous. Katharine Hepburn’s niece is a brilliant actress and one who Peter said is privileged to be a friend. She starred as the ingenue and love interest of Sydney Portier in the movie, ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner’. Peter contacted the auction house and they (Larry’s forged cards) were withheld.


Peter was as shocked at that, as he was when he started to publish his findings, Larry, inasmuch suggested if any of his military record had been ‘diddled’ with or if anything changed, it was Peter who did it. Peter has his papers on file. This was the closest Peter had felt in the movie, ‘Godfather II’ where Al Pacino said, ‘I know it was you, Fredo.’ Peter opined the statement twice, ‘How dare he, how dare he’.

Alyson offered to Peter how shocking this was. Then, Peter continued that over a dozen years ago, Larry had said he started painting. As a trained painter and somebody who started his career as an artist, Peter thought this was the best news he could have been told. Peter recounted that, at the time, he loved him as a brother and saw so much dormant talent in Larry. He thought if anyone could from being an untrained artist to someone who could make a living as a painter, it was him.

Sure enough, Peter recalled, over the next few years, his styles changed; he (Larry) was ferociously creative. He was very restless. Larry’s styles changed from different abstracts to realistic and back again. He drew pop stars, UFO themes and complete abstractions. Peter had a friend who lived in north London who offered to put a show together. He nor Larry took him up on the offer.

Larry, instead of using his wonderful talent (for good), he turned to non-convicted, felonious activity by faking the paintings of rock and rollers. This is where Sacha Christie and Dave Kelly watched, as Larry painted part of a painting at their home. Larry later put it in a catalog as being a painting by Jimi Hendricks! Peter recalls that it went for 19,000 pounds or something. Alyson queried that he must have been making a lot of money doing this. Peter responded that he could only guess.

However, Peter said he did his homework. He found that even the most reputable auction houses here, in the United Kingdom, and abroad know about such possibilities (of fraud). The potential for embarrassment, bad press, professional humiliation, or a possible lack of trust by the auction-going public is so major houses like Christy’s know that, oh my, this is in the catalog. Finding out or even knowing that the paintings may not be authentic, they will hold their breaths and let it go to auction. And, if it comes up as such (fake), they will pay people off and make their apologies, privately. It is difficult to force this issue in the court of public opinion.


Peter brought up the fact that from mostly Larry’s clique of believers, they have said to him that this has nothing to do with the UFO account. Peter retorted that yes, it has everything to do with character! Everything goes to character especially when you are a public person in a controversial field and you are purporting to tell the whole truth. When you are accounting something extra-ordinary as truth, (it is) when you are making your living as a forger.

Alyson brought up the fact that all this would not have come forward without the Internet and Facebook. She noted some information gets out, but much of it are lies and can be further spread.

She mentioned that until recently, the new documentary about Capel Green has been quiet for a long, long time from the other side. All of the sudden, we are getting things like Gary Heseltine on the radio. They are starting to say stuff and to them it is like free publicity.

Alyson further noticed that a number of previous believers have moved away; however, they have a lot of new ones on their (Heseltine and Warren) side now. She has received emails from people who have come around, have realized, and have noticed that we were right. Now, Alyson’s concern is with all these new people here, we may have to go through all this again?


Alyson pointed out that none of us had read Sacha Christie’s blog until we had to do so. She would get a tap on the shoulder saying, ‘Have you read our blog, yet? I think you should.’

Peter responded that although, Alyson and he have come from totally different backgrounds, you reading the book later on like many people who found it most compelling were contacting me to do a radio show and intercede for Larry. He recounted that when Sacha Christie first came out with her blog, Alyson defended Larry in the beginning. Peter noted how Alyson had admired them (both) and was so supportive. He said it was heartbreaking for him to see what Alyson was enduring to the point of affecting her health.


Peter reflected that all the hard work Alyson did, raising the money to bring him, Larry, and others to the conference only to have his part fall apart at the last minute. Everything turned so quickly. Then, it stuck Peter in the position of staying up until 3 am to give a talk for one and a half hours instead forty-five minutes. He was relegated to re-writing and editing what to say to make it fit to say it like everything was okay, hauling the line, like being Larry’s champion, as always.

Then, as Peter continued, Larry started spreading the rumor beginning that weekend like it was Alyson who was responsible for him not speaking at the conference! Then, he went to the university to say there was someone there who wanted him to speak. Peter asked Larry who was the person and he’d make it public to stand by him. As usual, Larry went absolutely quiet when he was queried because there was no such person. Then, he noted how Alyson went into a state of depression and some very bad health for a stretch. Peter said he went through being angry, guilty, hurt, and working through his own incredible disappointments over the next few months because that is where all this was triggered.


Larry returned to the states a month or so later to see his mom. He was also going to speak in Canada and to surprise Peter at a conference in New York State where he was speaking, as well as, being the Master of Ceremony. At the time, he thought how great it was to see him and maybe he was wrong or overreacting. Then, Larry shoved at Peter that he should get on the same page with him because if he goes down, Peter would look bad. Of course, that worked with Peter for a very long time. That was the last time Peter saw Larry for over two years until now.


Alyson stated that she hopes this all ends with Capel Green and it is over. She plans stay out of it all as much as possible. She is sure it is kicking off, again.

Alyson asked about Peter’s relationship with Charles Halt. She understands their relationship has improved. Peter chuckled and said, ‘Not bad.’ They have communicated a number of times. He began our communications with a terse email a little over a year ago, he mused.

Halt said in his email he understood that Larry and Peter had a falling out, but he had his questions and concerns. His question to Peter was if he had realized he had gotten involved with Larry as a co-conspirator who was in it for the fame and fortune. Charles queried, as Larry’s story was falling apart, Peter needed to be the rat jumping ship to jettison his relationship with him and cut off all ties to make him look like he had not been involved, or was he the biggest ‘prat’ in the history of ufology? He assured Halt, as much as, he could that it was the latter.

Peter wrote to Charles that no one had screwed up to the degree that he ever had for a longer time. And, he hoped Charles would accept his apology for demonizing him for two decades. He brought up the book he wrote calling Halt into question. He said it would have been a brilliant book had it been true. His book was based on half-truths, exaggerations, and lies (from Warren).


Peter mentioned that Alyson and he were so sure since Larry and he had not spoken for so long the new book would be a big seller at the conference. He recalled that he had printed and shipped a large number of them to the conference. Because Larry wasn’t there the talk fell on its face to a degree. Peter sold only a dozen of the books. It worked out that it would have cost him a lot more to ship the books back home than to just abandon them.

At that time, a mutual friend of Peter and Larry who became Larry’s supporter and Peter’s biggest detractor, accepted his offer to take the books to a non-profit or something to be of benefit. To date, Peter was pretty sure to bet hard cash he just got enjoyment in handing them out to others who would see how Peter was so pro-Larry, but had now deserted him.

Alyson said she was glad to see that Peter and Charles Halt were getting back on an ‘even keel’ now. Peter responded that yes, they have. He admitted that Charles had suffered, as well. Peter was glad to see him get some recognition and he (Halt) has a second book coming out, now. He went on to say that although, they have not communicated in the last few months, all was well. Peter said, like in the 1960’s he blew his mind. Charles had warned Peter that he had a great book, but the wrong person. Halt went on to say if he had written the book with him instead of Warren it would have been different.


As Peter started to mention the book he had written attacking what Nick Pope had written, who attacked the treatment of his accounting, Alyson interjected Nick’s book name, Deliberate Deception. Peter had made his next book, filled with archival material online at no charge. It was about first night witnesses to respond. With Halt And Woodbridge, it was over 400 pages in length. It took over 600 hours of his life to complete. Peter removed both books he had written, as soon as, he knew what was going on.

Sadly, Peter said, he confronted his publisher in New York who is a great guy, who, like me, thought we were writing a completely non-fiction book. Peter stated to Alex he needed to do his own investigation and if he concluded the same (as Peter), the book must be removed from print. Peter said all this with mixed feelings. The publisher conducted their investigation and concluded they must remove it from print. It broke Peter’s heart, but he stated, what is right is right.

As of last January, Left At East Gate was removed from publication. Peter cannot see how it can be published, again. If it were, it would have a disclaimer that what Larry Warren contributed may not be true and Peter, as co-author could not verify it. He doesn’t see it as ever returning to print so anyone who has a signed copy has a collector’s item.

Alyson and Peter laughed when she said she has one copy of his book and it is not his signature. Peter promised he’d send her a copy. He continued to chuckle that he has a bunch of stickers with Larry’s signature on it that they used to provide their names. Peter noted that Larry has lived in Liverpool since 2000 and since Peter lives in New York state all that time; it was impossible to sign copies together.


Alyson stated that she only had a taste of the situation and had been a believer. She said after all these years of Peter and Larry being friends with each other, her friends and others approached her asking if Peter knew anything and she said no. Alyson stated that Peter was ‘taken in’ as anyone else. She further stated, we are living in a conspiratorial world now where people think you knew all along. She then queried Peter on how would he respond to that?

Peter responded that if anyone believed that he had foreknowledge of what happened, he referred to his polemic, as mentioned above. One can see it again, here. Other than that, Peter continued. He was not aware. Peter further stated for the record, he believed him (Larry), he supported him, and Peter allowed to be taken in by him. He said that if one wants to call it a flaw on his part of being too trusting, to supportive, or pathologically nice, that was Peter. Fool me once, as it goes.


Peter went on to say that one of his esteemed friends, colleague, and role model is Travis Walton. He has tremendous admiration for him. He recalls a number of times during Travis’s career where he would say to his audience that if one feels that the account he has given is so far fetched, it couldn’t possibly be real, and he is either delusional, a liar, or however one wants to see it, he would absolutely understand. Peter continued to recall the talk where Travis would say if it was someone else up here giving that account and he didn’t have the knowledge, information or experience Travis did, he’d feel the same way. He stated that he (Peter) has to feel the same way.


Peter said life goes on and he has dealt with tougher things in his life. He has had greater sadness and upsets before. Things are in perspective. Peter said he’s finishing up a book right now that has nothing to do with Rendlesham Forest Incident. It is ironic and among some people Peter stated he’s been going out of his way for the past few years apologizing. He noted that person-by-person, talk-by-talk, radio show-by-radio show he has been correcting the record and making things as clear as he can. Peter has been taking responsibility for his failures, short-comings, and mis-judgments.

Among a certain number of people who follow this subject, Peter noted he has become known as being more ethical and honest than they had thought before. He doesn’t know what percentage it is, but he is more appreciative than he can say among those who do feel that way. And, for those who don’t? Just spend 20 years with Larry Warren and see how it works out for you. Or, again, Peter said, read what he has written and use your common sense, critical thinking, and one’s own best judgment to come to one’s own conclusions.


Alyson asked Peter about his new book. She said now that this is all behind him, please share. Peter stated that it is basically an anthology. It is a compilation of many subjects that he has made it his business as an independent, investigative writer that he has assigned for himself. Peter said there will be chapters with stories, accounts, case histories, individuals, and studies within the research community.

It is not much that is blindingly original in terms of his history as him being an investigator and writer. He stated it will be a way to pull together a lot of the things he had been involved in investigating, studying, researching, writing about, developed strong interests in, and being interested in the historical record, etc. Peter continued that it is going back to when he became obsessed with this subject (ufology), which was over 40 years ago when his sister shared with him memories of a childhood abduction experience.

This came at a time when Peter said a bit tongue-in-cheek it was ‘alien’ to him. It was during a time when it (ufology) was not a popular culture like it is now. There were a few books on it, such as the Betty and Barney Hill story, which had been public at that point for about 10 years. People told Peter his life had changed overnight, but he said it changed in about 90 seconds. Peter continued that he is no longer obsessed with the subject anymore. But, he’s been involved with it (ufology) for a long enough time and he’s been earnest enough, honest enough, and a good enough researcher to be respected in this field.


With the current situation aside, Peter said that he does have a good track record. It is important for folks who know him through Left At East Gate or this recent scandal that they have some idea of how many other cases, studies, talks, papers, and articles he’s produced over the years.

Alyson wrapped it up with thanks to Peter Robbins for a fantastic show. She mentioned that hopefully, he could return and maybe they could do the classic Sci-fi show they had discussed? Alyson said it would be so good. She continued that there were so many more questions, but she thanked Peter for joining on this week’s show.

Peter responded that not to be too picky about language, but he stated he couldn’t say it was a pleasure. But, it was great speaking with Alyson and the information was very important and timely. And, people do need to know about it. If anyone has any questions about it and my role, they can contact Peter through Alyson, through him at his Facebook page, and yes, he would look forward to returning to her show. It would be fun.

The audio of Episode 99, Peter Robbins, is available on ADX Files provided by Spreaker.com. One does not need to create an account to log into the website. It is free. Do not forget to follow Alyson Dunlop’s ADX Files, Enemy Within Radio! Participation with in-show broadcasts are welcomed. The audio episode cannot be re-broadcasted here because of its length.



og: nick
Nick Pope is well-known to TV with numerous appearances including shows aired on the History Channel in the United States. He worked in the UK’s Ministry of Defence for 21 years. During that time he became known for his work with UFO research to determine their significance to national defense.


Nick Pope is a freelance journalist and media commentator. His most notable works over the last few years has been in various UFO TV shows, many of which have been aired by the History Channel. He has written two novels on his UFO research and has traveled the world in his commentaries, research and investigations. While working with the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD), he took up the mantle to study the defence ramifications regarding UFO phenomena from 1991-1994.

He now resides in the United States and continues his television, radio, and commentating in numerous venues. He has written many articles over the years, including for the New York Times, The Guardian, Muck Rack, and the Telegraph Journalist. More information about Nick and his work can be found on his website here.

And now, excerpts from Episode 100 of the ADX Files interview:

The interview begins queries about UFO hot spots where Nick Pope lives in Tucson, Arizona. Throughout the area Nick stated that there are indeed many sightings with much activity. Although he has not seen anything himself, there are many reports. He lives not too far from Phoenix, the place where the ‘Phoenix Lights’ occurred. There is still a lot going on in the city’s surrounding areas.


Alyson asked Nick about the situation with AATIP, or the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. Nick responded that at least for the United States, this is dominating the UFO agenda these days. The New York Times, known for its skeptical views about UFOs broke the story, then resulting in similar publications being published this past year. He pointed out that many call it the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. This means that many interesting things are going on when the Pentagon and other entities are using different names for it.

Nick stated, the controversy continues to date, yet how can it result in Congressional hearings to bear. What is the threat? Is it from aircraft, drones, missiles, satellites, or UFOs? What is AATIP? What was the conclusion? How was our tax money spent?

Alyson asked regarding a UK publication, The Metro that stated there were documents released pertaining to such futuristic aircraft designs that could usher in military dominance for years to come. Nick responded that absolutely this was not a stretch by no means. It’s real. He mentions the letter created where Senator Harry Reid covered this in detail. How could possible threats from UFOs could be addressed and organized so as to counter such possibilities successfully. What opportunities could we have in handling such a situation?


Alyson asked who else was involved in this process. The name Luis Elizondo is mentioned. Nick said that Luis, or Lue, as he wants to be called is an interesting character. With a military past based in intelligence, Lou transferred into the DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency), which is part of the Department of Defence. Elizondo wound up running AATIP until last year. He resigned and went private, joining the Stars academy, created by Tom DeLonge. Also, a number of persons with AATIP joined the academy headed up by a former punk rocker. You can’t make this up, Nick quipped.

A number of AATIP personnel have contracted out to places like Bigelow Aerospace in the private sector headed by Robert Bigelow, who in fact is friends with Harry Reid. Furthermore, Nick continued, some key people with intelligence and scientific backgrounds are getting involved. This is very interesting and quirky, to say the least. When John Podesta’s (Chief of Staff) emails were hacked, information about Tom DeLonge’s work with UFOs was discovered.

Alyson brought up the fact that Lou Elizondo has been saying that we may not be alone. Nick retorted that Lou has been very careful with his words, as he is. In his contact with Lou, Nick notes that he is careful not to say it is extraterrestrial. Nick’s work with the MoD (Ministry of Defence) was not too different from what Lou had been doing. He is careful to not divulge classified information since he did work for the DoD (Department of Defence). Interestingly, Lou stated, if the crafts being tracked on radar and seen by jet pilots who gave chase like the recent events had Russian or North Korean markings, there would be an outcry.

Nick stated, these craft had no such thing (markings) so nothing can be said as to what they are. Some in the Pentagon thought this was demonic so they shied away from making further comments.


Alyson mused that many of these contacts may not be extraterrestrial, but technology from another country. Nick pointed out the correctness of the statement and if it is so, we need to know that, too! In fact, we’d need to know it even more. Look at the terms used for the craft seen in the recently declassified Navy videos released for the ‘gimble’, ‘tic-tac’, and ‘go-fast’ vehicles.

Alyson asked Nick from a Daily Star article that perhaps White House public hearings about aliens exposing truth behind a UFO project. Could this happen? Nick affirmed his belief that it will happen. He mentioned another article released by Politico that Congress is not happy that there has been ongoing UFO research when it had been previously stated no investigations had continued since Project Blue Book. The Armed Services Committee is looking to this, querying the DIA. Nick has offered his testimony since most of his work at the MoD has been declassified. So, yes, it looks good that Congressional hearings will occur to discuss this phenomenon.

Alyson said Nick had mentioned that this could all lead to a ‘political bombshell’. Nick responded that most systems for UFO investigating and more are already in place. However, it becomes a ‘bombshell’ when agencies say no, they aren’t investigating when Congress says you are. The example is that funding was pulled for AATIP, but there are still resources available to continue. He follows up with more technical information depicting the process and how it is approached from government, scientific testing, and the military.

All-in-all, Nick stresses that none of the personnel who are associated with the Stars Academy or other agencies who have military backgrounds are going to divulge classified information. Whistle-blowing occurs, but with sensitive information being made public, one must remember that not only the public gets it, so do the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, and other countries get it, too. His confidence in Lou Elizondo is confirmed, as a colleague and fellow military professional. Rest assured that professionals do know what and how to make public what is declassified to disseminate knowledge they have without compromising sensitive information.


Alyson asked Nick if Hillary Clinton had been elected, would we know more about the UFO phenomena. Nick said yes, he believes we would. In his conversation with John Podesta, Nick said the MoD had changed the terminology from UFO to UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) to eliminate the pop-culture giggle factor. After his meeting, he knew Hillary Clinton had gotten the message and would look into matters regarding the UFO phenomena and Area 51. We know this didn’t occur, but we have no idea of what President Trump thinks about this.

Nick mentioned that a number of key individuals are now thinking we are entering the ‘end-game’ of a disclosure process. Certainly, we are living in most interesting times. When Alyson said that Nick had made some predictions that we may have disclosure in 2020, he relented that he made such statements before the AATIP situation. Further, he is not part of the To The Stars Academy or AATIP. He sees a number of dates; however, he believes we may see congressional hearings, as early as this next year.

He stated that there is another date he mentioned at the Sterling Conference of 2014 where the Square Kilometer Radio Telescope would become operational, but it depends on when it will be ready. There are a number of factors that can change dates, including run-ins with the ‘deep state’. Our answers will come through science rather than congressional hearings and ufology.

Nick Pope categorically stated that if there are other civilizations out there, the ‘flick of the switch’ to start the new radio telescope will give us an immediate answer. Keep an eye on the science.


When Alyson queried Nick on the 18 files the MoD (Ministry of Defence) had finally released, Nick said when the files began being released in 2008 would be released in 2-3 years, it took ten years. Of those 18 files, over 60,000 documents have been released. Most of them do not indicate any evidence of extraterrestrial or UFO proof; however, many consider that the possibility exists.

Nick said, as he and Lou Elizondo view the gravity of information released as ‘low-probability high-impact’ scenarios, if evidence does surface it is of incredible importance to society. In sum, if any evidence becomes a reality, it will be an incredibly game-changing, paradigm-shifting revelation. The impact and consequences are almost incalculable. We have taken this seriously.


Nick recounts that one of the unsung heroes of the Ministry’s release of files was John Burroughs. He, being one of the key witnesses of the Rendlesham Forest incident on the first night, read the released information and said that this isn’t it. It’s not all there. He returned to the MoD (Ministry of Defence) and pointed out information was missing. He was right. It turned out that when the MoD mysteriously found the 18 files they sent them out to the National Archives. Nick pointed out that it became a ‘comedy of errors’ when the files got transferred back and forth at least two or three times.

This is when Nick Pope became involved in the process. He came out of retirement to help because he felt it was the right thing to do. He supports open government and freedom of information being available to the public. The files would be available free for the first month to download. Thereafter there would be a small fee to pay to continue downloading. Unfortunately, the files available after the June, 2013 release had not been digitized or even made available for download for free. One had to actually go to the National Archive to view and work with hard copies. This was and is disappointing; however, it is worth the time to go there anyway. There was no ‘smoking gun’, but it is interesting, nonetheless to read what the individuals were talking about and how they approached the possibilities there may have been alien involvement. Further, what technology could be derived or learned from this situation.

Nick continued to say, what if it were the Russians or Chinese who had such technology. That would be just as important to know. This points to what Senator Harry Reid (as published in The Metro) stated in his letter on how to set up, organize and be able to discern and take action regarding these situations.


Alyson then asked regarding what John Burroughs noticed was what happened to the missing files? Why and how were they claimed to have been destroyed. Nick pointed out he cannot speak for his former employees; however, he noted a wider situation occurring in other areas where ships’ logs and other documents mysteriously ‘blew overboard’ at sea and the like. Curiously, not only were files destroyed, who commanded them to be destroyed were not known either. The ‘destruction slips’ to start the process were destroyed, too. Claims as to why this happened were such excuses like ‘asbestos contamination’, which was true, but it was not further elaborated. Files in existence were finally digitized and made available.

Nick wanted to make clear that documentation did surface about document destruction, but it should not be viewed as being conspiratorially planned. In his view it seemed to be more a factor of laziness, as stupidly where some persons in the MoD stated they were ‘pleased’ to report the files were destroyed. They didn’t think that their own memos would be declassified, as well. He pointed out that the Freedom of Information Act caused an industrial amount of work on the MoD employees regarding UFO phenomena. Nick’s colleagues thought differently, at the time, it would be more about hard evidence like rocks and old medals from World War II, Afghanistan, etc. Nick was right. It was about UFOs.


When Alyson asked if the final three files would be found, or are there more? Nick stated that there are, but have been named in different categories. When UFOs terminology became classified as UAPs, some files and documents would not be found due to the ‘language’ changes. He didn’t believe it was done on purpose because that would be against the law. So, it was just an unintended consequence some colleagues found useful. It would make finding information under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) more difficult. Nick then mused that who would have thought that under the FOIA in the United States that AATIP (Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program) would have been about UFOs? In short, there is more UFO information out there; however, it’s just not under the subject UFO.


Alyson brought up that a senior Air Force Commander had written that the MoD should be able to monitor all reports of unknown phenomena in case these were being exploited by another nation. This Air Force Commander was noticing the extreme UAP aerial activities such as fast, erratic, stationary flights, etc., were being observed. Further, he pointed out these craft are unknown. She pointed out this is disconcerting. Nick acknowledged that yes they are and that is why he continues to be involved even though he has retired from service. Like AATIP in the US, which is very similar to how the MoD is handling the phenomena, it raises critical questions about national defence and air safety.

Nick surmised, the fact these unknown craft can operate with minimal radar returns, or in a stealth mode, makes this even more of a concern.

Nick stated that in most cases such craft can avoid being detected on radar. However, the recent encounter with two US Navy F-18 jets and the unknown craft that did show up on radar so they were able to give chase. What the MoD is saying about these craft is mirroring what the US is saying, as well.

Nick said, the MoD had reported this years ago with Project Condign. We stated we needed to know what these craft are. They are making flight movements that are not typical of anything we have. If it was Russia or China doing this they are exhibiting abilities far ahead of what we have. This creates a national defence issue we cannot ignore. Of course, Nick continued, if it is someone else we certainly need to know who, what, why, where, when, etc.

Nick commented, the bottom line is technology acquisition. We must obtain it to be able to develop and utilize it. None of the present material disputes any of this. It can be read, publicly. All this should be part of Congressional hearings.


Alyson asked if we could talk about the Warren fraud and ensuing investigation. Nick said this was now an old story and it is difficult to discuss. Many people will come here to this subject for the first time. We must say that now this has been covered in the past. Whether it is about the Rendlesham Forest Incident or any other part of ufology, this was a shameful situation where he (Larry Warren) defrauded the ufology community with a story based on stealing other peoples’ stories. Frankly, much of what Larry Warren said was just made up. He managed to pull the wool over the eyes of Peter Robbins, a nice guy who admitted he failed to do his due diligence. Frankly, Warren is a pretty good liar. For those of us who know him if he says it’s a sunny day, we’d all go for our umbrellas. You can tell pretty much when he is lying because his lips are moving.


Sadly, although the Larry Warren fraud was exposed well over a year ago, there are people now trying to ‘re-brand’ the story. This shameful Capel Green documentary has new persons involved that may not know what is really going on so, perhaps they can be forgiven. However, why is Gary Hazeltine promoting this story when with just three seconds of research he would know this is a fraud. Nick continued that the ufology community is fed up with frauds, charlatans, and hoaxes. He mentioned the fiasco of the Roswell slides incident, which was a hoax.

Nick hopes Gary Heseltine (and others) will be honest enough to walk away from this obvious fraudulent project involved with Larry Warren. If it moves forward to perpetrate a fraud the second time the ufology community will be furious! Nick is dubious this will happen because it seems he (Heseltine) has invested too much into this. He is also an obstinate man who seems to be unable to admit his errors. He will not admit fault especially to people like you and Sacha.

Nick pointed out that Hazeltine has an obvious problem with women. The people who are moving forward to re-brand and re-sell Capel Green to a new generation should hang their heads in shame.

Alyson mentioned that Nick and Larry were friends at one time. She asked when he noticed cracks in his story? Nick stated that when Larry was sober and free of other ‘noxious’ substances he could be good company. However, don’t disagree with him, especially if you were a woman. He and Hazeltine both have real problems with women.

Nick continued on regarding Warren’s personal habits including substance abuse, homelessness and memorabilia fraud. Recently, it seems like Warren has ‘cleaned himself’ up, but he should ‘man-up’ and admit his fraud. Then, he could move on.

Peter Robbins and his publisher has pulled the book out of print. They have moved on. Although, Nick is hoping that Warren, Hazeltine, and others will turn away from this shameless and false documentary, he’s not sure it will happen. The lure of making money may be too much to refuse.

Nick declared that if Capel Green with Heseltine and Warren moves forward, the UFO community will be rightly furious when they find they’ve been conned a second time.


Alyson wrapped up the interview with a listener question. Which incidents do you know to be of legitimate unknown structured craft events, Alyson asked? Nick responded with his recollection of a handful of events. They are Rendlesham Forest itself, the Cosford Incident from March, 1993, the Cash-Landrum sighting from 1980, the Lonnie Zamora sighting from the 1960’s, and the Phoenix Lights, perhaps.

There are many more incidents, but those are what come to mind. When one gets into the MoD files there is more. If we can get more from the AATIP program other than the three videos provided, we can learn more. When the Pentagon has spent over 22 million dollars of taxpayers’ money over the years, there is a lot more there we do not know. Let’s hope through the US Congressional hearings we can learn more about US UFO incidents that have occurred more recently.

Alyson finished with one last question: If it is determined that UAPs are alien, are humans ready to know this? Nick promptly stated a firm yes and no. There are so many complexities involved that it is difficult to determine, overall. However, such a realization would affect every aspect of our lives. Our lives would be touched and changed, always. Politics, religion, science, technology, personal philosophy, and world view, etc. would be affected.

On the other hand, unless we were faced with a kind of ‘War of the Worlds’ or ‘Independence Day’ type event, would we still have to go to work on Monday. Nick said yes, we would. We’d still have children going to school, there would still be mortgages to pay, pay our bills, an more. So, on one hand life changes and on the other, life still goes on.

Alyson said Nick had just written a thriller called, Blood Brothers. Nick gave his website address, nickpope.net. There, everyone can find his book and his other projects.

The audio of Episode 100, Nick Pope, is available on ADX Files provided by Spreaker.com. One does not need to create an account to log into the website. It is free. Do not forget to follow Alyson Dunlop’s ADX Files, Enemy Within Radio! Please participate with in-show broadcasts. The broadcast length precludes reproduction here.

Written By: Ed Smith

Universal Digest is committed to providing its audience with the most timely news reporting; however, there are times where this is not possible. Concise reporting of historical news occurrences are published, as soon as, is practicable.

The approval of Peter Robbins, Nick Pope, and Alyson Dunlop to publish this article is most appreciated. The transcription from the original audio interview was published with as few edits as possible. The order of content was written to provide the reader with the most concise, accurate, and objective format, as possible.

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