Dave Emmons and Ed Smith cover the "Big Picture" of some areas of ufology.

GERN – GLOBAL ENLIGHTENMENT RADIO NETWORK GERN, known as the Global Enlightenment Radio Network airs radio shows every Saturday at 4 pm. The network can be found here. GERN is also found on YouTube. Dave Emmons, an up-and-coming radio talk show host (who has logged over 200 hours of broadcast time), found this author on… Continue reading GERN INTERVIEW WITH ED SMITH

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NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT INTRODUCTION Nothing happens by accident, but you cannot tell it by how people, by and large, are thinking and acting today. Does anyone remember the term, ‘self reliance’ where someone simply took responsibility for their actions and expected nothing from anyone to make their way in life? In this article, we… Continue reading NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT

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KCOR Digital Radio airs live from Las Vegas. It has streaming radio programs and music 24/7.

 NETWORK Tina Marie Caouette owns and manages KCOR out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 2015, her radio network has been growing at a rapid rate. Because, she is well-known as being fair-minded both intellectually and financially with whom she is associated. Her goal from the outset was to provide the sound and look for what… Continue reading KCOR DIGITAL RADIO NETWORK

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Arrival     Yes, they finally showed themselves out in the open. For everyone to see and to accept the realization that the extraterrestrial arrival phenomena is a reality. What happens then?     Okay! It hasn’t happened yet but what would be the ramifications on our world when they show themselves? Well, for starters it would obliterate… Continue reading Arrival

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