The case for mysterious horse killings in the United States has been solved.

Case of the mysterious horse killings is the subject of this week’s article from investigative journalist, Tony R. Elliott.


There has been a rash of mysterious horse killings in the United States over the last few years, so many that police in the Pearland area south of Houston believe a serial horse killer may be responsible. This area is a rural area for the most part with many small ranches scattered about, most all have horses. The Pearland Police Department shared a post on Facebook warning about a possible serial horse killer in the area after discovering 5 horses slaughtered since May.

On June 10th, officials found a dead horse on the 14000 block of Kirby Dr. The horse had been stabbed in the chest and its hindquarters removed, presumably for its meat.

Tyler Bockel told Fox 26, the local news channel that he had gone to the property his grandfather owned to feed his family’s horses Goldie and Sugar, but discovered Goldie dead and butchered and Sugar still alive, but wounded.

Officials Warn of Possible Serial Horse Killer in Texas After 5 Found Butchered

Similar cases of mysterious horse killings have been reported in other parts of Texas, as well as in many other states including Florida, Colorado, Utah, and Oregon, to name a few.

The method of killing varies from stabbings, shootings, to some being shot with a bow and arrow. The possibility that these horses are being killed for their meat to be sold on the black market isn’t the motive, since most of them are just left for dead untouched.


Those responsible for these killings are very organized since they obviously plan each attack by scoping out the area of their intended kill and apparently, operate on a national scale. Such an operation requires organization, skill, and above all, the funds to carry it out.

Since these horse killings point to them being a well-planned effort to kill them without motive, there can be only one suspect who would have all the motives, money, and organization to pull it off. This would be the anti-meat, climate change groups such as PETA and others who are concerned with the amount of CH4 large farm and ranch animals like cows and horses produce, via flatulence.


There are countless other local climate change and environmental groups scattered throughout the country that are likely involved in this effort to eliminate horses because of their production of CH4 as well.

Along with the environmental organizations carrying out horse genocides throughout the country, we have the Bureau of Land Management who is currently involved with the massive roundup of thousands of wild horses in the western states of the US in which most captured will be slaughtered. This huge genocide is being carried out under the guise of thinning their population because of overpopulation.

So, the puzzle of mysterious horse killings is solved with environmental extremists’ organizations having all the motives and resources to pull it off, being the only suspects who would kill horses seemingly, for the sake of murdering them alone.

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Viewed here is another killing of a horse. Finally, the case has been solved.

Written By: Tony R Elliott

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