Disclosure - US FA-18 jet follows UFO that suddenly left at great speed. Pilots noted a fleet of them.

Disclosure may really be possible in 2018, finally, much to my disbelief and chagrin over many years of UFO research that this could actually happen. I am going public with this because, first of all, I am one of the ‘lucky’ ones to have had experiences that are not in the ‘explainable’ category. Of course, as mentioned previously, I write nothing to persuade or perforce attempt to convince anyone of anything demonstratively true about UFO, UAP, or extraterrestrial visitations over time. It is because it is my own personal experiences and I have no direct evidence to provide. In each event, I maintain I was not under any forms of influence from medications, alcohol, or drugs.

Outside of including a bit of my experiences in an older Universal Digest article, I did mention one experience on a local television show where I had been invited to speak. Otherwise, I remained silent until my radio interview this past year with Alyson Dunlop on her station, The ADX Files, program 51. Towards the end of the show she asked me why I had not gone public before. I responded that I did not think I had matured to the point of doing so. I wanted to complete more research, as well. Since that time, our friendship has grown and I have a keen respect for Alyson. In sum of my personal experiences, I had four, thus far: 1) 1967 where I saw a luminous ship performing impossible maneuvers over Dobbins AFB, Georgia. 2) The ascent of an orange-colored luminous craft in the woods north of Atlanta, GA. 3) Near Gardena, CA I observed a being I knew was not one of us. 4) In broad daylight over Manteca, CA I saw an oval (or spherical), metallic craft that hovered, then went northward at an incredible rate of speed and disappeared. To date, I have no desire to make any more or less of this except to share. I am not here to convince anyone.

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Disclosure could happen in 2018, but I’m not holding my breath. This image is my drawing of my first UFO sighting in 1967.

Therefore, I have chosen to impart to you, the public, my views based on common sense. Now, it seems a multitude of ‘mainstream’ media agencies are jumping on a kind of ‘bandwagon’ in my humble opinion. In the past, I have seen similar events occur only to become fodder for those who expounded it was misinformation, as well as, disinformation for many reasons. Such reasons include notoriety, financial gain, and deception.

Honestly, could we be entering into a new era of real disclosure? I hope so and it would not shake any faith I have professed since early childhood.

I will be dropping some names of those I respect and regard as being proponents of ufology. They maintain a truthful and informative approach to the fact that we are not alone in the universe. I am convinced that we have been and are being visited by beings who do not originate from earth. I contend there is definitely life similar to ours that has its origins from other places. I have a favorite line I’ve used for many years. I used to think it was a cute conundrum to pull on friends and family. Are there extraterrestrials? Here is proof. For those who believe there is a Supreme Being or God in the universe, go to the dictionary and look up the definition. It states that God created the heavens and the earth. Therefore, this is proof he is extraterrestrial since he was not born here. Since that time, I contend a more spiritual view of the Supreme Being; however, I cannot see how we could be so arrogant to think there isn’t life elsewhere? In fact, science is pretty well catching up with this in many new, technological ways. Further, the math itself presented by some of the finer minds on earth indicates a virtual certainty of it. All we must do now is head in the right direction. And, of course, stop making a mess of earth in the process. Do I believe we can rise above the present failings of the human condition on earth? Yes, but not without help.

Evidence shows we are not alone. Even historical documents and especially the Torah, Koran, Bible and so many other religious and faith-based writings have indicated, no, have documented of continued visitations from other beings to man. So, it is time to move forward to do what is possible to aid the present human condition with facts and information to educate where possible.

Before we venture to apparent evidence of recent events, I will give you a few nuggets of common sense to ponder. Other beings are well enough advanced to only ‘let’ you see them when ‘they’ want it to be so. If, in fact alien beings were hostile, you would not be reading this. We would not be here. History and its evidence hold this to be true. Don’t get me wrong, as I am not saying there are no ‘bad guys’ out there. I believe this is true, as well. It is fortunate for us that benevolence outweighs ambivalence.

The following information is provided from the most recent news broadcasts and articles. Then, following will be a more historical, yet recent account of events that support what proponents of ufology have been saying for years.

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Disclosure – US FA-18 jet follows UFO that suddenly left at great speed. Pilots noted a fleet of them.

This is the most recent image of what the U. S. Department of Defense (including videos) copied for your review. It shows an obviously non-aerodynamic flying craft design. It was released to the NY Times for publication on December 16th. What follows is incredible, and to many, unconscionable. The New York Times was the first to break this article, if I am not mistaken. Originally, there was an obscure department created to study unidentified flying phenomena, run by an intelligence official, Luis Elizondo at a whopping $22 million a year and these funds were almost impossible to trace. It had not been made public before and was effectively closed down in 2012. Elizondo claimed the department continued on, but has declined to name the successor after he left. The program had its beginnings in 2007 at the request of Senator Harry Reid, who admits to have been interested in UFO phenomena. Ultimately, billionaire Robert Bigelow took the program and its funding from the Pentagon. It is now a private corporation. Operations continue to this day. Therefore, it seems the program never really had an ending, just a movement to the private sector. Mr. Bigelow is convinced that we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings.

Up to now, disclosure seemed to be an impossibility.

og: disclosure
Pentagon view where Luis Elizondo operated the government-funded department since 2007. It operated in complete secrecy until it was closed in 2012.

What follows are a few more links to the massive mainstream media frenzy that has occurred over the last week. Again, could this really be the beginning of the disclosure process? I believe it is.

Senator Harry Reid was recently interviewed by George Knapp of the I-Team, Channel 8 TV, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

George Knapp interviews Senator Harry Reid.

Nick Pope, who previously worked for the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense explains in the link provided here the complexities and frustrations of obtaining evidence from the government. He has not publicly stated whether or not he believe aliens exist; however, he does speak at UFO conventions and conferences around the world. Personally, I believe he is a proponent of the belief we are not alone.

Nick Pope appears on various television shows regarding UFO subject matters. He also speaks at UFO conferences on a regular basis.

In the last installment and link for this article, Tucker Carlson of FOX News just conducted an exclusive interview with Navy pilot, David Fravor who was stationed on the USS Nimitz. He stated that they had been tracking a number of unknown crafts hovering over ocean waters for over two weeks. He and one other pilot who stayed at a higher altitude while Fravor approached the unknown craft to investigate. They had observed the craft just over ocean waters and it gained altitude as he approached from 2,000 feet above. The link to the interview is found here. Upon query from Tucker Carlson, David Fravor said he believes we are not alone.

og: disclosure
This is an image of the exclusive interview with David Fravor and his astounding experience in tracking a UFO that he said looked like a 40 foot ‘tic-tac’. The craft darted away at incredible speed and disappeared.

Here is an image of the pilot views from the FA-18 aircraft from 2004. Disclosure seems more plausible than ever:

og: disclosure
Pilot David Fravor viewed the UFO from his FA-18 aircraft until it darted away at an unknown speed and disappeared.

To wrap things up, I want to thank all media sources for their diligence and work to bring us all this information, as I am doing now. Finally, there are more who are proponents of disclosure. Also, I want to thank some of the most influential people in my life I respect and in some cases admire. Since I began full-time research to help elevate the human condition and bring credibility, honesty, and benefit to the true aspects of ufology, these people have not only become acquaintances, some have become good friends. Thank you, Peter Robbins, Richard Dolan, Norio Hayakawa, John Greenewald, and Nick Pope. There are many more; however, I have been honored with contact with all and want to live up to doing my part to bring disclosure to fruition, as well as, help in the understanding that we have never been alone. We won’t be, either. Keep believing.

Disclosure may now be a matter that could be measured in months or scant years.

We have now seen more than the tip of the iceberg and this time, we are not on the Titanic.

Written By: Ed Smith

Universal Digest has allowed this author to publish in entirety without any editing or changes in original format. Any error in publication is purely unintentional. Further, thanks is given to all media organizations that had made their publications, interviews, and videos available to the public.

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The 2015 Visalia UFO events have all remained a mystery. To date, with many inquiries to find out more from a number of sources, nothing more has been discovered.

This is the final article of the 2015 UFO events reported in the central California valley area. Unless, something else surfaces that could shed light on what occurred, Universal Digest has completed its investigation.


There were three previous articles posted in 2015 regarding sightings from February through May. Please view the articles as posted on Universal Digest.

After all the pictures from sources have previously been documented, there is one final video to be produced. With thanks to Dennis LeRoux of https://www.facebook.com/ufospottingnederland that is also a friend link site here, the following expansion and detail of the original 9-second video was produced. For the record, Dennis expected nothing nor asked for recognition for this video production. He offered it for further elaboration of the original event, only. His network and continued friendship is supported, here:


Since this time, our local networking has expanded. There are more of us who are continuing to keep a vigilance pointed skyward. Is it not interesting how we become so enmeshed in day-to-day lives we tend to not notice sometimes obvious events?

There are past reports and references that have been received, yet, here in Visalia, California, to be objective, speculation of what is flying around in the skies above us is just that, speculation. We here at Universal Digest refuse to embellish and/or sensationalize anything less than what can be proven. It is not to dissuade others from sending us information, it is just not to produce information based on conjecture.

As far as, interviews and interactions that have been conducted thus far, the sources remain valid and supported. These persons who approached us had no agendas and were actually reticent to even approach us or to divulge this information. In this light of respect to those who have trusted us from the beginning, they, too are most trusted and valued.

My opinion is, there should be more objective persons like Terry Wood and Debbie Mancini who should be recognized for being the humble, honest, and good people they are.

Universal Digest will always welcome and support honest and forthright contributors.



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Recently, I was contacted via social network from Michael Gerlach who has been monitoring and participating on Facebook. We began a dialogue and subsequently, developed an online relationship. We became Facebook friends and with some of my work regarding UFO sightings and experiences, he decided to trust me and share his observation of a UFO on November 7, 2014. Of course, this resulted in an interview and a battery of questions as is customary in an objective, investigative approach to UFO phenomena. I found that not only was Michael straightforward and objective with his answers, he was proactive to help in any way he could. He, like others with whom I have interviewed was a bit reticent to divulge his event until he knew he could trust me.

The following gallery are images of his two photos and forensics determinations of same. The original photos were taken at full zoom and it is important to note they were taken from a Samsung S4 phone and was saved on Google until sent to me. After forensics, the photos were determined to be authentic. In zoom, a 71% photo pass (due to zoom and file) was made: 

I have found over the past time in this area of research there are some stances and nuances that are consistent of witnesses: 1) I know what I saw, you cannot change my mind. 2) It isn’t from anything we have made. 3) We are not alone and now I believe it. This is concurrent with my own past experiences with such observations. I stand in support of these witnesses who choose to come forward. To be most objective, as well, many would like to say yes, I met individuals who did not originate on earth, but until it becomes public knowledge, it is speculative. In fact, discussion still ensues that perhaps so many of the general population would still become terribly disoriented due to embedded core beliefs if such a reality occurred.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”Thailand” location=”Bangkok” zoom=”10″ height=250]


Michael and his wife, Natcha were out attending a birthday party. The following is the narrative they have provided to explain what happened that evening. With request, the narrative has been edited only in use of proper English, not to change any text or conceptual thoughts:

I, Michael Gerlach live in Bangkok with my wife Natcha who is Thai. I am from Adelaide South Australia where I was a machine programmer, in the automotive industry then a furniture making company. I have been living in Thailand now for 2.5 years.
On the 7th November 2014, Natcha and myself went out for a friend’s birthday party. Natcha was 6 months pregnant and I was driving so we both were not drinking that night. Around 2.00 am we arrived back at our apartment in Bangkok. After having a shower, Natcha was watching TV. I sat on the balcony and had a cigarette. At approximately 3 am I noticed a bright white light with a yellow tinge come down through the clouds it moved quickly to the right (east)then stopped. I called to Natcha to get my phone and get out here quickly. The object then dropped in altitude moved east a short distance then stopped again. It then did a right hand turn, raised altitude and stopped. Natcha handed me my Samsung S4 phone I went into camera mode (it seemed to take forever to start the camera). I went to full zoom, located the object and took 2 pics, 1 after the other. At this time, the object rapidly accelerated up and back to the west then ascended back into the clouds at an amazing speed and was gone. The whole sighting lasted approx 15 seconds. Natcha said, what was that? I said, ‘babe, we have just seen a UFO’

[Tweet “Natcha said, what was that? I said, ‘babe, we have just seen a UFO'”]

The following is the view from their apartment in Bangkok where they saw the UFO:

Bangkok Apartment City UFO Area.


To date, there have been no more UFO sightings where Michael and Natcha live. Also, we are in contact where there could be further reports. He was most forthcoming regarding the recent meteor event (another article), 122 km south of his location. These are the people I respect. They come forward in complete honesty in a public arena of those who would try to make money and/or gain notoriety of same.

Thank you, Michael and Natcha for taking the time to make contact.

Universal Digest

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Recently, we at Universal Digest published a UFO report from our own city of Visalia, California. The article received a lot of attention, as well as, from a number of individuals who had claimed to have viewed and photographed the same or similar events. Of all the incoming reports received, none had any videos of the events and some of the pictures taken were difficult to discern to the extent they were not usable for publication.

[Tweet “UFO reports continue in Visalia, California in 2015.”]

There was one contact made, however, two weeks ago, that seemed promising so I responded and we decided to meet over breakfast to discuss the events of May and June, 2015. Terry Wood, a long-time resident of Visalia, Tulare County, California encountered two UFO events, one each in May and June of this year. Terry Wood had just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone with a 16 MP camera included. A similarity of camera usage in this case like a case UD published a couple of weeks earlier of a February 2015 UFO event was that both operators were new to a recently purchased camera’s video mode. Therefore, only pictures were taken. A striking note in Terry’s case was he had presence of mind to take a landscape view of the craft with a distinct grassy foreground. Not only did he provide nine clear pictures to review, he provided his own essay describing the events in detail. This report is provided, uncut for reader review, below.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”California” location=”Visalia” zoom=”10″ height=250]


The following is Terry Wood’s report of his UFO encounter. Please note speed and size of craft could not be determined:

Who am I?

My name is Terry G. Wood. I have been a resident in a town named Visalia located in central California (USA) for over thirty years. I have been a maintenance mechanic for a local firm for over 23 years.

The Event:

It was orange in color and not flashing, and when I first noticed it, it was moving from the North to the South when the object just suddenly stopped. This object then made a right angle to the West for a very short distance and stopped momentarily. The object then made another right angle turn and seemed to drop down in altitude for a very short distance, then stopped again momentarily. The object made its last right-angle turn toward the East for again, a short distance, then again stopped. The object started glowing very brightly as it appeared to move in parallel view to where we were standing, at an unbelievable rate of speed, until it disappeared in less than a second. The Pictures: The phone that I had recently bought and used to take these photographs is an S6 Samsung model. I really had not the opportunity to use the camera until this point, and did not know how to zoom in on the object. The pictures I took, I thought would have been worthless, since the pictures were simply that of just an orange dot in the sky. At this point I was ready to delete the pictures, when I discovered how to zoom in on the photos and was completely astonished to discover the pictures it actually took. I also noticed that I took several pictures one right after the other and was amazed at what they showed. At this point I decided to not delete the pictures, but to try to find someone who may have a further interest in these images. Therefore, this led me to contacting you, and writing this report which took some effort due to my very busy schedule.

Recent Updates: 

On June 21st, 2015, another similar and mysterious object was seen at around the same time, in around the same area and vicinity to the original one I witnessed. what is poignant to me is that it was exactly one month from the very first sighting I witnessed. We (four witnesses) were just talking about it as we were standing outside looking up at the stars, and behold….another inexplicable object just like the one before, but this one seemed to be at a much further distance and I was unable to get any real good photographs of it this time, before it too, disappeared into the night sky.

The following images are originals Terry Wood sent. There are nine taken in succession:

Please note from the above pictures taken, I have utilized various sources to diagnose, as well as, trying to scale, re-size, and enlarge images. To be fair to Terry Wood, I have chosen to post the photographs, as is, so anyone who wishes to research and submit their critiques, may do so. This much is certain, after personal testing; these photos are from the Samsung S6 smart phone and have not been edited. The only edited picture is the article’s featured picture.

Other Events and Sightings:

A friend and a fellow employee had seen these pictures as I shared them with him. On July 2nd, this friend of mine was taking a picture of the moon from his backyard from the house he just purchased. There are 2 pictures in which he took one right after the other and showed anomalies after he took the pictures. The first one shows the moon as a white blur with several different colored lights in the picture. The second one shows the moon again as a white blur as the camera picked up another object in the view of the camera. The object looks a lot like the craft as I have seen, and photographed and been seen by several other people in Visalia California.

The following is a picture submitted from the above narration of Terry Wood’s fellow friend. To date, no other picture to corroborate the one submitted below has been submitted to match for comparison. If there is an update, it will be submitted at the end of this article for all to review. I can say that this photograph is unedited and has passed a recent authenticity test. It is just not confirmed what the nearer, orange light may be. The picture taker simply states it was a ‘photo bomb’ when he was taking a picture in the back yard of his new home.

Terry Wood Friend UFO


There has been speculation of what the orange object may be; however, I choose to not comment until more information is provided. In sum, what is most notable to publish regarding the recent phenomena submitted by a number of people in Visalia, California is that it is similar, in nature. I was informed there are no other lights in the back yard that match this picture. Some reports match. Some, do not.

What we at Universal Digest have chosen to do is give an open venue to those who care to share what they have encountered. To date, we have found the persons with whom we have met and of whom we have had contact to be most credible. We hope you find the same in your experiences. Please do contact us, if you wish. We are interested and do care about the human condition.

If there are more who care to contribute to what has been written here, either in written, photographic, or video form, please do make contact.


Universal Digest

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