Amazon fire deforestation.


Amazon rain forest destruction is detailed objectively and accurately in this article published for Tony R. Elliott (Insert: Ed Smith).

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Fires in the amazon rain forest have surged this year.


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This is a map of amazon rain forest fires that have increased dramatically this past year.

By now, most have heard about the fires burning in the Amazon rain forest. So far this year, the number of fires is said to have topped 75,000 or more. Many environmental organizations would have us believe it is due to climate change, but in a vast area of over 2 million square miles that has an average annual rainfall of over 7 feet, it would be quite impossible for natural fires of this magnitude to start.

Most of the fires are intentionally set by people clearing the land for farms and ranches while some are cleared for oil exploration and overall property development. This has been going on for decades and is the main reason behind the fires we are hearing about now.

In May, 2019 the Waorani tribe in Ecuador won a court battle against the government to keep them from auctioning off some 7 million acres of their land to oil for oil and gas exploration.


With such a court ruling favoring a tribe over big oil in Ecuador, many countries who have the Amazon jungle are speeding up the land grab before more tribes are encouraged to file lawsuits. Thus, we now have many more individuals and corporations burning off land in the Amazon jungle than ever before.

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This is another view of intentionally set fires to deforest the amazon.

If the Amazon jungle is to be saved from destruction, a large portion of it must be protected by a government, similar to many protected areas in the US and the world such as the Great Barrier Reef, Australia to the National Park system here in the US.

With the rising population in South America the need for more energy, a higher production for food, and a growing economy are necessary to sustain it. Making any effort to reduce or stop development in the Amazon jungle next to impossible. The only viable solution is to realize it is a world problem and have various countries commit to helping Amazon jungle countries have what they need while preserving one of the last great wilderness areas left on the planet.

Saving the Amazon from destruction boils down to just how devoted the rest of the world is to this endeavor. The responsibility rests with all of us.

Written By: Tony R Elliott

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This is the latest update of the ongoing California wildfires that are actually changing the weather conditions here. After one of the largest fires known as the Rocky fire being contained by 20% there were new reports of the wildfire actually jumping existing fire lines. Firefighters are incorporating some of the newest forms of techniques utilized to win the battle. These techniques include not only how to set up a geological barrier against an approaching fire, meteorological techniques are being used. Knowing that large, regional fires can actually create a distinct climate change in various areas, they can more effectively fight the fire using cloud, wind and humidity changes to contain the advance, thus increasing a more rapid, secure containment.

CA Fire Images 6

Some of the scientific techniques being used are not new, but what is amazing to consider is how the constant improvements in observation, both from satellites and aircraft, as well as, above mentioned methods are not only containing and ending fire hazards, they are also much more effective in protecting and saving firefighters, inhabitants, habitats, and wildlife.

Here are some of the most recent photographs of the California wildfires courtesy of various media organizations:

In a recent research, I learned of the two most stressful careers to undertake are firefighting and law enforcement. With recent events in the news one would speculate law enforcement came in as the most stressful? Firefighters edge out law enforcement as the most stressful employment career. Please do wish the best for all those who undertake any form of public safety for without them the everyday person would be in much more peril. This is a fact well documented.

It should be noted that the present wildfire situation in the entire state of California is historic. Not in recent history have there been so many large fires occurring at the same time where thousands of personnel, equipment and aerial support have been called into action on such short notice. The four-year long extreme drought is, of course the major culprit. Therefore, everyone who has been trying to be more frugal with water usage should also take into account increased safety measures to prevent accidental fires in all categories.

As environmental hazards are being reported in media outlets as never before in history due, in many cases where people choose to live in more dangerous topographies, worldwide protection of the populations has also become more stressful.

The bottom line is this regarding changing weather? Is it not now a bit more easy to understand how extreme environmental events, such as volcanic eruptions, large fires, earthquake events including tsunamis when epicenters are off-coast, and extreme meteorological events can change the climate of earth for years?

CA Fire Images 1

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