NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT INTRODUCTION Nothing happens by accident, but you cannot tell it by how people, by and large, are thinking and acting today. Does anyone remember the term, ‘self reliance’ where someone simply took responsibility for their actions and expected nothing from anyone to make their way in life? In this article, we… Continue reading NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT

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Here, Stephen Erdmann introduces his latest creation, Homosapien for the reader's enjoyment.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Homosapien is written by Stephen Erdmann. His writing style is unique and engaging. He has captured the day-to-day life of those who are part of the human condition. Enjoy. HOMOSAPIEN SHORT STORY It was the quiet little chirp of the wren somewhere outside the house that first caught his attention. Like some vague… Continue reading HOMOSAPIEN BY STEPHEN ERDMANN

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My Uncle Lou and Me and You

My Uncle Lou and Me and You… They tell us, I reference of course, the proverbial “they”. That it is a lie. That its not true and that it is nothing more than the figment of someone’s imagination.  I speak of course about the “American Dream”. We are bombarded, lately with “enlightened thinkers” who choose to cast their wisdom upon us. Specifically about… Continue reading My Uncle Lou and Me and You

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