KCOR Digital Radio airs live from Las Vegas. It has streaming radio programs and music 24/7.

 NETWORK Tina Marie Caouette owns and manages KCOR out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 2015, her radio network has been growing at a rapid rate. Because, she is well-known as being fair-minded both intellectually and financially with whom she is associated. Her goal from the outset was to provide the sound and look for what… Continue reading KCOR DIGITAL RADIO NETWORK

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History of new and old world images are not the same. What does this view of the world, notwithstanding its maps portend for human habitation of earth?

HISTORY OF WORLD VOLATILITY History of world volatility comes in many forms. Human civilizations created, whether present, past, or those now extinct, have been victims of volatility. Please, bear with me. I am bringing the big picture into play. As you read this article, remember we are not alone. We have never been in any… Continue reading HISTORY OF WORLD VOLATILITY

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Genny Mobility is a generation that has begun. In an age of burgeoning technological improvements, Genny Mobility enables those with walking disabilities to gain a simple manner of mobility with independence from human aid. The iBot and Genny will be discussed in this article with a mention of Segway PT. Larry Hollenbeck of Los Angeles, California,… Continue reading GENNY MOBILITY GENERATION

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Robot Self Awareness For the longest time, the robot have been the subject of written lore. Since the advent of science fiction articles, periodicals, comics, and books has the subject of artificial intelligence in robotic, human form been contemplated. In fact, the term robot was created by a Czech playwright, novelist, and journalist Karel Capek in 1920.… Continue reading ROBOT SELF AWARENESS

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