Featured pictures of Nick Pope, Alyson Dunlop, and Peter Robbins. Alyson interviewed Peter Robbins (Episode 99) and Nick Pope (Episode 100) in two successive weeks.

ALYSON DUNLOP ADX FILES PREFACE This author found the creation and publication of this article to be one of the most challenging to complete, to date. One of the virtues in writing is to remain objective while producing the information necessary for the reading audience to understand and assimilate, in clarity. That was my challenge;… Continue reading ALYSON ADX FILES 99-100

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Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech Something that we take for granted in a land governed by democracy is slowly being taken from us. It’s called freedom of speech. You’ll understand after reading. Reason being is that here in Germany, the government and Facebook have coerced to stifle any Anti- Muslim or generally speaking, any and all Anti-Refugee… Continue reading Freedom of Speech

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A man walks outside the headquarters of bank of Greece during a demonstation against government's austerity measures in central Athens on April 27, 2010. Greece's central bank warned the country's wilting economy was in danger of shrivelling even more than expected as Prime Minister George Papandreou appealed for time to conquer the debt crisis. AFP PHOTO/ ARIS MESSINIS

Greece Greece has just received a ‘financial’ slap from the European Union. And, according to many, justly so. Greece has been in a monetary crisis for quite some time now, and they have been receiving funds from the European Union Group to keep their country from falling apart. Even for countries, when the national debt is larger… Continue reading Greece

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UAP ACTIVITY – CENTRAL CALIFORNIA UPDATE UAP or UFO sighting activities in central California, USA, have always been a matter of record in recent times. Many reports have been rendered, as well as, many more have been either reported by area media or just plain ignored. In all cases, to date, noted…government or military responses have been a… Continue reading UAP ACTIVITY – CENTRAL CALIFORNIA UPDATE

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