Genny Mobility is a generation that has begun.

In an age of burgeoning technological improvements, Genny Mobility enables those with walking disabilities to gain a simple manner of mobility with independence from human aid. The iBot and Genny will be discussed in this article with a mention of Segway PT.

Larry Hollenbeck of Los Angeles, California, made contact with his personal involvement in a current project to bring mobility devices that are benefiting those with disabilities. He has been a graphics provider and supporter of Paolo Badano, who now lives in Switzerland and hails from Savona, Italy. Paolo is the creator of Genny Mobility. After reviewing source material, I became interested in producing this editorial.

First of all, Larry is a good friend who is keen on human interests. He has provided graphics banners to help this project at no cost.

Universal Digest decided to provide this supportive editorial. This author had been confined to a wheelchair for some time and understands a lack of mobility.

Here are some examples of some of Larry’s banner graphics provided for Paolo Badano’s project:

Genny to the wild blue yonder

Genny Summer Larry

 Genny Larry Pics 3

Paolo Badano is working to bring his mobility devices to the United States. He has worked to produce his manufacture to other countries, as well. Genny has a sales outlet located at Admirals Park, Dartford, United Kingdom. The facility is open 24 hours a day to provide mobility devices to those with disabilities. Genny Mobility UK is owned by Craig Tibbles and he has an efficient team in place.

Here are some pictures of their facility, test drives, shows and expositions:

The history of mobility transport: iBot, Segway, and Genny.

Originally, Paolo Badano associated with Dean Kamen who had created the first mobility device named the iBot. This working connection occurred fifteen years ago and both of them have moved forward to provide the public with mobility aid devices. Dean Kamen is now associated with Toyota and is creating for mass production the next generation iBot! The iBot device can help the disabled to ascend stairways in a home or business. To those who may not know this, Dean Kamen is the creator of the Segway PT (Personal Transport).

These images are of Paolo Badano and Dean Kamen who to this day are friends. Their creations are noted, as well:

Universal Digest is honored to be contacted by some very creative and innovative individuals who are continually working to improve the human condition. Well done and carry on! 


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UFO Spotters Nederlands is the official name of a committed group of sky watchers that begin their quest 2012. Dennis LeRoux is the founder of the organization and is also a Universal Digest trusted web research friend (see Trusted Web Sources page). Since operations have begun, Dennis and his team have made some very interesting discoveries and observations.


Dennis LeRoux and I got off to a very good start with sharing of materials in research from ancient history to UAP’s (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Of his many innovations over the past few years he has developed an effective and decisive digital tool to qualify and prove lens flare and distortions in various photographs where many claim they have photographed a UFO. We tested it on some photographs I had been sent for evaluation. We found not only did it work 100% of the time, he noticed that even in the case of photographic image coding and file compression issues there could be an effect on the results. Since then, when I receive material in question I cannot determine, Dennis is one of my prominent “go to” colleagues to obtain accurate answers.

The website can be located by copying and pasting this link:

The following video is a compilation of the previous six months of filming posted on July 4, 2015. Please note all the graphics, introductions and video credits are of his creation. This is professional, brief, and a six minute video well worth watching:


It is our pleasure at Universal Digest to highlight the positive work and contributions of our friends at UFO Spotters Nederlands (NL) and in a special tribute to Dennis LeRoux – keep up the great work and we, too, will “keep our eyes to the skies” in 2015 and beyond.

Thank you for the opportunity to recognize good field research knowing how much time and patience it takes.

UFO Spotters Sign Off

Your friends at Universal Digest


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