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Parents are noticing child warning signs at restaurants. I want to start out by conveying to you that I agree with these two points: First, hearing and seeing a child running willy-nilly around a restaurant can be a bit of a distraction. Second, a screaming kid running up and down an aisle during a flight can hinder one’s attempt at a nap.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, I ask you is your “annoyance” at these situations involving children. Is it any different than when you hear an adult screaming for a waiter or waitress numerous times. Or, when the person next to you on a flight is taking off their shoes and socks and then proceeds to give themselves a foot massage?


I bring up the above points for a reason. Recently, I have noticed more and more signs in local restaurants both on the east coast and west coast, warning parents that their children are “on notice” and better behave or else. Where are we going as a culture, when people would find this some how acceptable.

Now, I am a pure Free Market person, so I would be against any governmental regulation not allowing such signs. But, my question really is this, why would people want to associate with a place that appears to look at our children as the enemy?

This opinion may not be popular, but I feel it needs to be put forth. Why are we putting our children on notice? What ever happened to a quiet respectful, one on one with a parent who may be allowing their child to run a muck, that would ask the parent to please rectify the situation? What is next? Signs warning that those who may eat loudly not to come in, or even worse? You get the picture. The slippery slope is indeed starting to get wet. Why would any one find it okay to warn paying customers “that thus and so” will not be tolerated or else?


I worked in the restaurant and night club industry for well over ten years, and NEVER in those ten years saw such a sign in place where I worked. If children on a case by case basis got out of hand, than on a case by case basis we spoke to the parents with dignity and tact.

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These are some examples of child warning signs at public businesses.

On the east coast this past Summer, I saw signs such as the one I referenced and just shook my head, Out on the West Coast I have seen similar signs as well. Where are we going as a culture where when a family walks into a place of business, they immediately are put ‘under watch’. Would you, who are reading this posting, feel comfortable if the word ‘child’ was replaced with some other word that describes a certain type of person? My guess is you would not, but somehow we think it is okay to “stop and warn” families before they walk into a business.


For the record I have seen 6 year old children behave quite well in places that people 5 times that age have not. If we keep this up, unless a family doesn’t mind a spotlight on them as they walk into a place, what choices will the family have? With no real choices, I guess a family can now be forced to eat at a fast food place. So, now the same people that seem to judge their children’s POTENTIAL behavior, can now judge the parents for going to the only public choice the family may have to feed their children.

Again, I stress, I am a free market believer; the less regulation the better, so let’s do the math shall we? A family of four walks into a restaurant in the Hampton’s. Lets say, they may stay 35 minutes, spend about $80 to a $100 to leave and now that table is available for someone else to use. The other option is this, the one or two people that may complain at being burdened by the threat of loud children, most likely spent less, and stayed longer in the place of business. Thus, net per hour, that place of business made less money, not more.


I have seen examples of businesses that have welcomed families and the money they spend. Sandals Resorts seem to have figured out this perfect formula. Yes I agree it may be a bit pricey, but their all inclusive family resorts are a great example of what I mean. A few years ago, we took our family to Turks and Caicos through Sandals, and my children were received as welcomed guests, not a potential noise threat. They wanted my business, earned it, thus received it.

Many other local businesses on both coasts and in our heartland get it right, as well. Children are guests, who have parents who pay money. The child that acts out, is an exception not a rule and the businesses act as such. For myself, as do many parents, I hunt out family friendly or family neutral places, and quite frankly when I can, will pay even more for the knowledge they do not prejudge my kids. I ask you this, how would you like to be pre-judged?

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Darren Redmond admonishes businesses serving the public that notify parents their children are being watched.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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