It is novel to see the viral infection underway. This comes via the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Novel-nCOV was one of the original names of the original SARS-CoV-2 designations. Well, matters have evolved much more from the beginning of this outbreak. But, that is not all. COVID-19 has been mutating, which is no surprise to medical experts. That is, medical experts who are willing to state the truth. This article addresses some of the latest revelations learned.

og: novel
This electron microscope closeup of the COVID-19 en-route to infection of host cells. Is this a natural approach or a novel depiction of bio-engineered viral cellular developments?


Novel-nCOV or not, there is a clambering from many sources who are questioning whether or not COVID-19 is a manufactured virus. Since, there is no direct evidence that it is, conjecture continues.

Also, even if the novel coronavirus was bio-engineered; its origin cannot be determined as an accidental or one of purposeful intent. In fact, mainstream news, science, and medical articles claim it was not lab-created. And, there is no evidence available other than what is claimed as conspiracy theories.

Recently, friends and colleagues have come forward with varying forms of information, as well as, personal experiences. We will cover this information, shortly. But, before that happens, we need to review recent events and references to a previous article.

Also, here are more links to this one and the first article posting on the Coronavirus, too.


The image below depicts the existence of 3 proteins contained in the coronavirus. Now, bear in mind there are billions of viruses and many live quietly inside the human body. The E-protein is involved in receptor binding for viral entry. And, it is found in Dengue viruses. The S-protein is an inhibitor of blood clotting. The M-protein is an immunoglobulin. So, when these proteins enter the boy in abnormal quantities, other maladies can occur. And, the abnormal levels can affect lungs, brain, and blood. But, including the coronavirus, matters are worse for the lungs.

og: novel
This novel virus illustration details the location of the various protein locations of COVID-19.

This past few weeks has been a momentous challenge for billions of humans living on earth. But, many questions come to mind. How did this start? Why did this start? When did this really start. From where did the virus originate. And, what happened to it when it did? This writer will attempt to address these questions to best of ability.


This author is trying to keep from being too technical, but, it is difficult. At this time, it seems the latest coronavirus outbreaks started from bats in the Wuhan region. Now, researcher believe the virus was transmitted to an intermediary animal. Then, the virus was ingested when preparing and/or consuming the animal. Apparently, it started at the Huanan seafood market in late 2019. Then, the clusters of people purchasing from the market spread the virus, abruptly.

og: novel
This electron microscope closeup of the COVID-19 en-route to infection of host cells. Is this a natural approach or a novel depiction of bio-engineered viral cellular developments?

Remember, too, this was not long before the Chinese New Year began. Human travel to and from this area of China was massive. Since China’s economy had been bustling and growing, so did the extensive travel of its citizens, worldwide. To date, it is still unknown how many traveled to global locations, but, there were no restrictions from the Chinese government after the release of the virus into the human population.

In fact, there are speculations rampant from medical experts that the virus was wide-spread before anyone knew better. Reports are coming in from those who now believe they caught the virus and have recovered from it. Further, it is now believed that many people have the virus and don’t even know it.


That, as they say, is the big question. In keeping this separate, we can now visit some of the surrounding conspiracy theories. A common expression is: Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. And, especially on the Internet there are NO shortages of them.

In not sounding trite or trivial with this connotation; this writer has read everything from Bill Gates to Bozo the Clown! Hiya kids! From individuals running for US Senate to world business leaders, it is no wonder that so many heads are spinning.

This writer is not saying there are no planned conspiracies; in fact, there are. The deep state is a known fact. And, there are ‘subterranean‘ plans underway, all the time. And, such plans have occurred throughout history. The sad news is we keep forgetting it once these plans are exposed.


Recently, one of the best and trusted of friends sent me a rather startling statement from someone who sells medical devices nationwide in the United States. Here is a synopsis of what he discovered. The doctors and those from medical firms say this is one bad-ass virus. It attacks the lungs, voraciously.

The viral mechanism is particularly targeting the ACE-2 receptors of the lungs. This is where the virus enters the cellular membrane. It causes severe congestion where the patient cannot breathe for the most part. This is particularly dangerous to people with pre-existing conditions. Further,  an ACE-2 receptor in the lungs is the entryway for the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in atypical pneumonia cases.

Here is the rub regarding Novel-nCOV. It attacks the ACE-2 receptors like its predecessor. The report I received said that 80% of people have ACE-1 receptors and COVID-19 does not attack them. If they did, we’d all be dead. So, it is known that 20% of the human population is vulnerable. 20% possibility of fatalities is unacceptable.


Containment. It is all about containment. Most people don’t remember the outbreak of the Spanish Flu in 1918, just after WW I. It was estimated that over 500 million people (1/3 of world population in 1919) were infected with the H1N1 (Avian-related) virus. Of those infected, approximately 50 million people died. In the US, the fatalities numbered over 675,000.

og: novel
Signs like these novel ones are popping up around the world.

So, perhaps more people can see the stark reality of social-distancing, staying home (shelter in place), and wearing masks. Look at many of the Asian countries citizens who wear these rather frequently? This is real, my friends. With global cases approaching 2,000,000 with a death rate approaching 120,000, severe measures are underway to beat the hospital case load issue. Well over 405,000 people have recovered, so far.

In the US, the number of cases have now become the most of any country. There are well over 530,000 cases with over 21,000 deaths and counting. Spain and then Italy follow.


The United States leads the way in measures being taken to slow and then stop the Novel-nCOV virus. This is uncharted territory in the 21st century. Much is being learned from what has happened in other parts of the world. Where the virus started, China is pretty much back in business. It is ranked sixth in the countries affected, now.

As if President Donald Trump in the US has had the worst problems from political wranglings from before he was even elected; this is potentially even more foreboding of a task to undertake. This is not a time for politics. It is a time for teamwork. Pure and simple.

President Trump took on the challenge very early. The US economy has almost suddenly drawn to a grinding halt. Everyone has been affected. Why? Again, the number of cases must be reduced in order to start working. When it is known that the ‘case curve’ is on its way back down, hard decisions must be made as to lifting the ‘shelter-in-place’ phenomena.


Some say this virus will be with us from now on. Until a vaccine is developed, no one really knows. The estimate for the vaccine creation and implementation may be around 12-15 months. Knowing medical ingenuity as it is today, especially in the United States; it may take less time. But, until all counter-measures are in place, especially with medications and ‘compassion drugs’ being used (Chloro-quine, Z-PAC, and Zinc Sulfate; examples), getting back to work is problematic.

This is where the president and medical experts come in handy. Like it or not, this is a path that must be taken. Hopefully, very soon, we will see a public return to the streets with a flurry of activity and economic development underway.

One thing for sure is, the cure cannot out-way the disease. Tough decisions must be made as to when to lift the restrictions from public contact and travel. And, they must be made soon. No economy, anywhere, can soon last past a certain time. Bear in mind, too, that extra debt is being borne to give aid and stimulus to those without work, companies, and non-profits who are surely suffering, mightily.


It is about the human condition. Governments in the past, as well as, present have perpetrated restrictions on its populations. Without getting into such ‘Draconian’ and ‘Machiavellian’ measures, we must learn from history. This author believes President Trump is on the mark about what to do.

Civil disobedience is a crucial consideration of which to be aware. Although, it seems rather remarkable how every leader of every government (more-or-less) have moved in locked step, recently to take such similar measures to contain COVID-19 from spreading; remember, we do live in a global, interdependent world. Such ‘social-distancing’ has not been observed in history. So, give it a chance.

Those who break the rules with hoarding and indiscriminate social gatherings are not helping in the least. Again, when the H1N1 Spanish Flu outbreak occurred, most cases hit the 20-40 age group, as well as, the 65+ age group. Do not take this likely. We will get past this problem with the least number of deaths, possible. Again, it is a team effort. This is not a time for rebellious behavior. One has plenty of time for that, after the fact. Get healthy, first.

og: image
It is novel to see the viral infection underway. This comes via the CDC (Center for Disease Control).


This has been the most difficult of articles to write, to date. How may one be objective, honest, and transparent; devoid of agenda. There is so much more to add, but, it is not prudent in this writer’s humble opinion.

Sticking to the facts; adding what is pertinent; covering the bases, and adding some color and humor, where appropriate is the agenda.

Sticking with your able government leaders (where they exist) and abiding by measures taken that do positively affect everyone’s welfare is at a critical stage. If anyone has a better idea; step forward now.

Note: With at least one country leader issuing ‘shoot-to-kill’ orders of its citizens; oh my! And, am receiving notices of extraditions of country friends and family trying to get home. Airlines are paralyzed, pretty much. Pray.

After so much research, time, and consideration, it is time to pull together to help rid the negative and deadly affects of the novel-nCOV scourge that affects us all.

Please remember, hang tight; hang tough. We’ll get through this. God Bless all of you and pray for those affected.

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website.

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Mayan Statue Hoax!

On Universal Digest, it was revealed on August 19, 2015, the mysterious Mayan statue that had been circulating the Internet and social media sites. Believing this was a hoax, but being fair to ask for assistance in discovering the source of such a contrived fake, we published this article and the responses were overwhelming; unfortunately, it was in liking the post.

Here is the link to the previous article:

Mysterious Mayan Statue

After being directed to an earlier post in April of this year in a friend social media site, the resultant explanations were similar to what had been ascertained, thus far, in the above article, until today!

[Tweet “Mayan statue hoax revealed!”]

With thanks to many for hard work to discover the source of this hoax (and one friend who wishes to remain unidentified-just doing his part), we all still missed one small point about the statue…a shadow below the head. Although, the perpetrator still remains anonymous, the location of the statue has been discovered. It resides in Mexico City. A very slight shadow was noticed by someone just below the head of the artifact.

To this end, Universal Digest wishes to commend and recognize ETS& via HOSTMIDIA for exposing this hoax. Here are the following comments from their article:

UPDATE: I’ve been looking at how more attention to this statue photo and also been, since 17, seeking the original picture and the statue on other web sites or photographs, but found nothing.

However with my analysis below is clear that must be an assembly. Note that whoever did the editing, be looked on rounded shade, a head, protruding on the chest of the statue. In this image changed brightness, contrast and saturation for better viewing.

I would like to put an end to this farce finding the original statue, but still did not get … – Universal Digest – speculates “did not get the original source” …

Still, the above statement in light of research stands out as a revelation as to how the hoax was perpetrated. The following photo with annotation depicts the the photo discovery…well done:


The point of what the actual artifact is…well, it is a mute point. We have an answer and this is a fake. Had some research not continued, would we know now?

We are just committed to reporting the truth and when others find it, we give credit. Thanks to those who have helped this come to pass. We live in a world of those who wish to believe before researching for themselves. We just want to help.

And, in doing so, this was provided by Mick West of, Administrator to debunk the statue, this post comes 8.22.2015 with thanks:

Decoded Statue With A QR Code Head

Universal Digest

Thank you…


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Are Older UFO Photos Hoaxes?

Recently, there was the claim that all government microfilm, picture, and document files had been released to the public. Much of this work was accomplished by the diligence and persistence of John Greenewald. MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) has made most of these files public for years. John Greenewald has put together a complete file in his Facebook and website, The Black Vault, thus making files more easily available to the public. Further, John is constantly updating his sites with the latest information available. He is actively researching for any documentation missed or not divulged, previously.

In light of such progressive actions undertaken by individuals that aliens and their machines do exist, can the goal of governmental disclosure occur? Many say emphatically, yes. It is only a matter of time. Of course, opinions exist, as well that no disclosure will occur unless the government can no longer hide or deny such existence.

For ease of reader viewing of Project Blue Book archives, the federal government via the Air Force has moved their original website from the Freedom of Information Act web page to the National Archives. Please click on the link below:

National Archives – Project Blue Book

Do you think it is possible, many years ago, there would be people who could possibly conceive a hoax providing pictures, slides, and even videos? Of course, it is true. Billy Meier, and his preposterous claim with his UFO visitations by the Nordics who could travel hundreds of light-years to reach earth in just eight hours?

Now, let us take a look at someone who took the time to help his daughter with her photography project at school. Randy Wyrick was asked by his daughter, Krystal for help with her photography project.

What is so notable, they took the time to set up a “real” UFO by utilizing standard techniques. Randy, who is a good ufologist, helped Krystal with a contraption they decided would be most interesting to anyone who saw the picture. They hoisted a fishing line of the finest (small gauge) type to avoid being noticed when photographed. Next, they used a vegetable strainer (noted upside down) to be the object. Then, it was hung from above and set in motion. The photo was properly “enhanced” so the image would be thought as older, authentic and something to consider.

og: image


The efforts of Randy and Krystal proved to be successful. She received and “A” for the project!

Well done! Yet, how often are we deceived by those who want to make money and gain notoriety by publishing fluff, hoax pictures, and out-and-out fake information that continues to infect our world society? There are more charlatans than there are realists.

What Randy Wyrick has shared for the public to know and understand is how easy it is for so many to be mislead.

Just remember, it might be a good idea to use the fishing line to catch fish and the vegetable strainer to fashion a nice meal, which is more healthy and useful than trying to ‘create’ a UFO?

Universal Digest


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