Glenn Crocker was directed by the Lord to write Christian songs hoping to reach them who could be touched by songs of freedom and hope.

GLENN CROCKER HISTORY Glenn Crocker hails from a rich musical past. He was born into a Lutheran family who were farmers in central California. They were active in the community and his mother was the musical talent. Glenn knew from age 7 what he wanted to do. He wanted to sing, play the piano and… Continue reading GLENN CROCKER-MUSICIAN WITH A MESSAGE

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The famed Hollywood sign was changed to Hollyweed in an apparent new years eve prank, shown here.

Hollywood becomes Hollyweed to usher in the 2017 new year over the Los Angeles, California, USA, basin. Rather brave pranksters have pulled off a late night New Years Eve alteration of the famed Hollywood sign overlooking parts of Los Angeles. Pictures were taken and local media has supplied these images along with network video that… Continue reading HOLLYWEED SIGN NYE 2017

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