Bill Savard and I discuss his latest contribution to his sphere experience in 1961. With his brother, Gene, it was a momentous and historical event.


Savard, William (Bill), contacted me this last month with a keen desire to update his article of March 18, 2018. Bill Savard wants to reiterate to the public his experience with an intelligent sphere from almost 60 years ago. He believes it will help others who have had events and encounters that they feel would create personal ridicule and disbelief it they told others. This article covers the reasons for this update.

When Bill Savard and I first made contact in early January of 2018, he was quite reticent to deliberate his personal experience. Once he felt comfortable enough to have an interview recounting the event at his home while watching television with his brother, Gene, we set about constructing the best article possible at the time. Over the last one and one-third year we have maintained an amicable friendship in social media along with occasional email contact.

Bill Savard sent me a full recounting of his personal experience and there were improvements in his recollection. I felt it to be important to not change the first article. Rather, this turns out to be an example of how we can improve on an original without disturbing the timeline and essence of the story.

Therefore, we are sharing the recounting of William Savard’s initial experience with a full recollection in his own words. His writing follows with minor editing in some grammar and syntax. Bill claims he is no writer. However, I find this to be a prime example someone who is convicted in his forthright desire to get the complete truth out as to exactly what happened. I find this to be commendable. We have been working on this, inclusive of his own drawing of where he and his brother were, including locations and distances involved.


The story I’m about to tell you might be overwhelming. Had I been told this story without experiencing it, I would probably have not believed it. It’s taken me almost 60 years to be allowed by this entity to write this. Sounds like something from a science fiction film but I assure you it’s not. If it would benefit people, I would be glad to submit to a polygraph or any type of reliable lie detector test.

I’ve been living with this memory for almost 60 years. I suspect that this event was burned into my mind deliberately. I feel there was a reason for the crystal clear memory that I run through my mind with complete recollection, like a video imposed on me by an outside entity.


My brother and I were sitting on the couch watching television. We were poor and lived in Golden Meadow, Louisiana in 1961. The television we were watching was approximately 10 degrees to our right, across the room in a corner. We were both focusing on the TV. Suddenly we were both standing, as if summoned by an unseen source. Without a word and independently, we were directed to the porch door. Although, I was originally sitting to his right, I was directed to walk to our immediate left. No questions or curiosity, we were being managed psychologically. When we got to the door, we were made to look to the right outside while staring through the glass window panes of the door. The door was about 95 degrees to the left of the couch where we were originally sitting and about 110 degrees to our left of the TV we were originally focused on.

As we both stood staring out of the door windows under the control of something we didn’t understand, or question, we saw a perfect sphere hovering about 40 degrees to our right in the shell driveway. Far out of sight from where we were inside the house. The dimly lighted sphere was motionless, hovering about 5’ off the ground, completely silent.

I was drawn outside while my brother seemed to be under the control of some force, just staring through the glass. There was no sound or movement from my brother Gene. Like a motionless zombie, he just stood there staring. He caught my eye briefly as I walked closer to the sphere, as if I was supposed to know that he was watching. I think he was intended to be a witness, to later verify my experience so I would know it was real.

As I walked slowly toward this object, the attraction that I can only express as a feeling of extreme love continued to increase. I remember absolutely no fear, nothing but a steady increasing love or some similar feeling as I approached. The sphere didn’t move, (it was) completely silent. I remembered so clearly, the overwhelming need to touch it as I stood just over an arm’s length away. The extreme wonderful feeling of attraction was more than I could manage. Every other possible feeling was blocked. I had to make contact. I reached out. The object moved away, always maintaining its exact distance from me and face high.

I had no control. The wonderful feeling of something like love had blocked out all other senses. I rushed it as fast as I could. I saw our shed about 30’ on the other side of it. I perceived it as moving backwards as I rushed it. I thought I would force it into the closed shed behind it and embrace it. The sphere reached the shed and went straight up and over the top in a split second. I never slowed down. I ran to the right side and back to a neighbor’s chain link fence, jumped up on the fence behind the shed and looked. The large yard was well manicured. I looked everywhere except the other side. It vanished! A couple of moments later, I stepped down and started walking back to the porch. My brother was still standing at the door, just staring at me through the glass like a zombie. I opened the door. We both walked back to the couch never uttering a sound as we sat back in the original place on the couch and stared at the TV, motionless.

og: savard
Here Bill provides a detailed drawing of his recollection of the sphere event with his brother, Gene.

After a minute or two, I asked Gene, ‘Did u see that?’ He became almost lifeless, like a zombie and said, ‘Yea.’ Then he immediately returned to his normal self until I asked him the same thing a few months later. He immediately, again, got the same lifeless expression, definitely under the influenced of another unknown entity, said, ‘yea’, then returned again back to normal. I never asked him again.

After that, some outside influence controlled that memory and I wasn’t able to talk about it for about 15 to 20 years. Then, only very little and gradually slightly more each time as I got older until when I tried to occasionally share the experience I got goosebumps. It was difficult. I’m fairly sure that I was limited by that same entity I experienced earlier. As the restrictive influence seemed to very gradually decrease, I eventually got to the point later in life when I could talk about it, and now this.

Even at this second, I’m still a little stressed to tell the story and I don’t know why.

After almost 60 decades of analyzing, trying to understand what and why this happened to me, I can only come up with these suspicions:

1. Why me? I have no clue. The only difference between me and other poor kids was that I later had scored (three times) an unusually high IQ. I am embarrassed to mention this, but it might be a factor in some way. Maybe I was meant to accomplish something. Maybe this. It’s just now that the ‘extra-terrestrial’ concept is becoming more common. Otherwise I have no clue. But, I believe that anything that had such unbelievable capabilities would know exactly what they were doing, no accident. I’m agnostic, but I would have to compare the abilities of this entity only to be like God. I doubt that it was God but who knows for sure.

2. This memory is burned into my mind. It’s like looking at a very detailed video when I try to think of it. I have a poor memory, but something still preserves this in my mind. I doubt it’s an accident.

3. The fact that I was overwhelmed by a feeling of extreme attraction to this thing, I assume, was to block all other feelings of shock, fear, etc. that would probably have otherwise been normal. I thought of nothing else and experienced no other emotional responses during this encounter.

Finally, I welcome any interview, questions from a responsible, intelligent, objective source. I can draw a diagram of the room and porch area to illustrate angles. Remember this, unlike all other memories; this is preserved in my mind differently, and photographically (now).


Of course, after Bill Savard and his latest recollections, I have exhaustively researched ‘sphere‘ events. I have found very limited results. I welcome anyone who may help in this project to elaborate.

William Savard has no agenda. He is an entrepreneur of many years, owning a number of companies. Presently, his daughter has taken over his business while he has built a camp for family and friends; renovated his home outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and settled into a pleasant retirement with his wife, Anne. I have met them on Skype and Messenger. He has done much for his community. He only wants his experience to be known to the public so anyone who has experienced anything like what he has can know they are not alone.

Thank you, Bill Savard. Your desire to share the recollection shall benefit a number of lives, we hope. I’m humbled.

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Evidence of a UFO over house... This image was produced before the abduction took place, according to Jim Andre.


For all who visit here to read this article. There has been much controversy and some friends have been lost. However, keeping with objectivity and honesty that Universal Digest, its founder and contributors represent, no further attempts to support this alleged abduction event have been presented.

As of early 2019, which is plenty of time to produce lie detector tests, sample tests, and event corroboration as promised, nothing has been submitted. Therefore, Universal Digest suggests that one reads the following for their own determinations and judgement.

We cannot claim one way or the other the authenticity of what follows. Therefore, read and view at your own trepidation. The following disclaimer is posted at article’s end; however, it is posted again to alert the reader that no question will be on ones mind. Universal Digest does not believe in causing 404 holes in reporting (not available, etc.), it maintains its quest for objectivity, honesty, and improvement of the human condition.

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As promised from the original article’s beginnings, in league with Jim Andre and Larry Hollenbeck, we bring you the latest update. Jim was invited to participate and chose to do so in this latest radio and YouTube video courtesy of his latest interview:

As promised in the article, earlier, our investigative research does not end until there is a conclusion. We will continue our research in light of this. In any case, the search continued with some rather startling results. Larry Hollenbeck was trying some online searches when he suddenly found the following ‘alien tattoo’ in a video from 2010. It’s match with the alien tattoo on Jim Andre’s arm is very similar. It is close enough to the one provided that Larry and I have decided this could be the template for Jim’s ‘alien’ tattoo three years later. For now, the investigations continues…

Courtesy of ENBAX the tattoo was found on a video…

og: image
Evidence: ‘Alien Tattoo’

Please note that during the ongoing investigation of this project, Jim Andre continues to state emphatically the abduction transpired in the fall of 2013. He has contacted media celebrities to produce an online polygraph test to prove his claims. Also, we have recommended he obtain ink, skin, and DNA samples to support his claim.

After careful deliberation of all information considered, we will keep you informed of future results, including further past photos and social media inferences not yet made apparent, to date?

Evidence to prove that an alien abduction has taken place is most difficult to prove, much less believe. What if the abductors left something behind as evidence. The purpose of this article is to enlighten the public with such information.

For all the years this author has been researching UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) or, more apt, UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) activity, it wasn’t considered, until recently (with a couple of exceptions) to move forward and publish an actual abduction case. Having met Jim Andre, the founder of Alien Connection Truth Network on Facebook, as well as, being part of his group since 2014, he began sharing some bizarre information regarding unidentified flying craft and an actual picture of an alien being. One of the most remarkable things to occur, as Jim Andre accepted me as administrator on his Facebook group, was the incredible surge in membership, which has exploded in the last two months. This is our first video made a month ago on YouTube. Click here to view it. At the time of the writing of this article membership stands at well over 108,000 members.

og: image
Evidence of a UFO over house… This image was produced before the abduction took place, according to Jim Andre.

The statement that truth is stranger than fiction seems to be true in this case. Although, Jim and I have known each other for a while and it has been an amicable relationship and friendship on Skype and social media, particularly, Facebook; he imparted to me some startling revelations, recently. Jim Andre was the subject of an alien abduction with no recollection of the event, except for a peculiar ‘tattoo’ on his right inner forearm. This is some unique and interesting evidence, to say the least. Discussion ensued regarding how the tattoo occurred. The following statement has been provided from Jim. To note, he was so shaken by the event, he can remember the day and times, but not the date. Jim could only recollect it was some time in the fall of 2013 so the exact month or week cannot be determined. We tried a number of methods to determine the date without success. Here is his statement:

My name is Jim Andre, UFO, Extraterrestrial researcher and founder of The Alien Connection Truth Network. I am also an abductee. Being an experiencer and alien abductee, it can be a pressing psychological issue on the soundest of minds. For the past four years, I had been struggling within myself to determine the truth of what actually transpired that fateful night. The following, as bizarre as it may sound, is an account of my abduction experience which occurred in the winter of 2013.

I am not sure of the exact date of occurrence, my memory being quite foggy at the time, but I distinctly remember it being a Wednesday evening. While being at my computer, the last thing I recall about that evening was glancing down at the lower right-hand corner of the computer monitor and noting that it was 9:15 P.M. The next thing that I am aware of is awakening, still sitting in the chair at my computer, feeling somewhat groggy and incoherent, looking around the room and actually wondering where I was at.

Upon gaining most of my senses, I glanced over at my alarm clock realizing that it was 2:57 A.M. Ironically, I set my alarm clock for 3:00 A.M. so that I can awaken for work, but not in this instance whereas I hadn’t retired for the night as of yet. Simultaneously, I was aware of an intense burning sensation on my right forearm. Glancing down at my forearm, to my amazement, astonishment and disbelief, there was a tattoo of an alien grey. At that moment I was beside myself, while attempting to gather my thoughts and gain some composure in an attempt to rationalize what had just transpired.

My mind was spinning in an attempt to determine any possible scenarios as to what just occurred. Was I dreaming? No, I wasn’t dreaming. Did someone slip me something to knock me out and tattoo me? Not a possible scenario for the mere fact no one was with me at the time. Was I drunk and/or high on drugs? I don’t do either. So, I’m thinking to myself, what other scenario could it possibly be? The only possible, but yet unbelievable scenario left would be alien abduction. Truthfully, this amazing experience not only left me questioning my own sanity, but it is also what inspired me to form The Alien Connection Truth Network.
While questioning my own sanity for quite some time, but yet not continually dwelling on it, realizing that patience would be needed and clues may arise, I am now in a rationally good place within myself and feel blessed by numerous events which have recently occurred. Since starting the alien group in Dec. of 2013, which for some unknown reason experienced a membership surge of over 35,000 members worldwide, jumping from 65,000 to over 100,000 members in July, 2017 alone, and still counting, it opened up the opportunity to meet some great friends whom are playing an important role in determining my situation. In doing so, I have a clearer perspective regarding the abduction itself.

One good friend is Ed Smith, founder of The Universal Digest. The other, is Larry Hollenbeck, knowledgeable in most aspects of Photoshop programming software. We connected through the group and feel a connecting bond for some reason, in some way, as though we’ve been friends from way back when. They will be the ones who will be thoroughly investigating my claim and shedding some light on the truth thereof. Total details and aspects of their investigation will be forthcoming.
Noteworthy, is the fact that the tattoo itself did not heal the way that a normal tattoo would heal. It actually formed into a blister for about a day & a half, and then began peeling the way sunburn would during the healing process. It only took 3 days to heal completely, verses a week & a half to 2 weeks for the average tattoo which scabs up during the healing process.

I would also like to note that I am a successful spiritual healer. My healing abilities were enhanced following the abduction. More info to follow as the investigation continues…

This author would like to add that after numerous reviews of Jim’s statement, it has been determined to be very consistent with all evidence and factors considered. Therefore, we decided to bring in another friend who is adept with Photoshop to help with the investigation of all evidence submitted for authenticity. After over two weeks of research, some very interesting and supportive results were found. Of course, some cases such as these undergo much more thorough evaluations; however, finding other similar events bore no fruit. In fact, what is to follow may very well be unique.

Recently, Jim Andre was invited by his business colleague and friend, Paul Santos to join him on his TV program, New Bedford Connection. Please click here to view his broadcast on YouTube.

Reviewing other abduction cases was frankly, indicative of being ‘all over the place’ for lack of better terms. Even researching various sites for a ‘top ten’ of UFO/alien abductions was not conclusive nor was it consistent. There were sites stating the ‘top ten’, ‘top six’, and ‘top seven’ abduction cases from a historical perspective.

The following two YouTube videos explain some of the processes in research that occurred during the investigation. The first is the interview with Jim Andre and Ed Smith:


The next interview was with Larry Hollenbeck regarding his investigations of Jim Andre’s tattoo that includes a unique grey alien head:

Next, let us take a look at some of the actual image evidence Larry Hollenbeck found in utilizing Photoshop software. For the record, he used enhancement tools only. There were no recreations or embellishments to any of the images. Another ‘snake and dagger’ tattoo of Jim’s was used as a control. Such techniques included leveling, fixed edging, glowing edging, and black/white contrasting. The resulting evidence of the control as opposed to the actual alien tattoo was amazingly different. Also, there seemed to be an ‘irradiation’ factor compared to the obvious ‘piercing’ of a standard tattoo. Please note that Jim noticed the soreness and scabbing of a standard tattoo that took two weeks to heal. The alien tattoo, on the other hand only took three days to heal with stinging, but no soreness. At three days the upper skin layer just peeled off. Then, strikingly, all three of us noticed differing ‘layers’ in the alien tattoo that depicted star constellations, lines from a star to the top of the alien head and an astronaut inside the top of the alien head:

During the investigation, I pored through hundreds of various tattoos with key words that related to Jim’s particular tattoo. The results were astounding! Out of the plethora of tattoo controls searched I could find only two ‘alien head’ types of tattoos and even they were not close to Jim’s alien head in his tattoo. What really stood out with Jim’s own control and actual tattoo searches were the Google search determinations. Also, in researching the kinds of tattoos applied to human skin, the healing time was totally different. The average tattoo the size of Jim’s takes an average of 22 to 24 hours to create. Since Jim Andre’s missing time during the abduction was around 5 hours, how could this be? To say the alien abductors created the alien tattoo in five hours does not match the normal application of a tattoo. This is critical evidence that indicates Jim was indeed abducted. The only determination would be say he was lying about his tattoo. Our determination here points to an actual event having occurred. And, of course, we have known Jim for quite a while and he does not fit such a personality profile. Further, in his profession as a Constable, he is screened for such profiles. Please note, again, Jim does fit the profile of someone who has encountered an abduction experience. He also has no agenda or aspirations for anything more than the truth to be revealed to the public. He is semi-retired. He was moved to create The Alien Connection Truth Network because of this, as well as, The Cosmic Connection on YouTube. He is moved in communications with his fellows, as well as, offering free spiritual healing to others. The following are some of my Google search findings:

In sum, Jim Andre’s alien abduction seems to be a quite unique occurrence from all the others studied. His disorientation, missing times, and reticence to be public about his experience is classic. Furthermore, why would aliens leave behind evidence after the fact? Is this a message for all to see? We believe so. His trust in Larry and I to conduct the research he did is appreciated. I have found Jim to be objective and consistent in his providing of information and event recollections. He has provided even more information and photos in unrelated areas that cannot be verified with investigative hardware and software at hand.

Larry Hollenbeck closes with a profound statement of which we all agree. This encapsulates the entire spirit of the article, in my humble opinion: ‘We may never know the why of Jim Andre’s abduction experience, but we can verify that something unusual happened to him.’

Jim has claimed to be a spiritual healer and I for one must concede that since he offered to heal my ankle, it worked. After having 24/7 pain from an injury that occurred in 2012, it disappeared, overnight. This is a testament to something that really happened and I have Jim to thank. This has definitely been a cornerstone article to produce.

Thank you all for taking time to read. Please feel free to comment, as each will be read and every attempt to respond will be made.

To date, I remain an administrator in his Facebook group, The Alien Connection Truth Network.

Ed Smith

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