Spoken from the heart, Darren Redmond publishes a message about personal responsibility.

Cell phone camera-taking of dramatic events or standing around watching is the subject of this article. CELL PHONE COMMANDO Respectfully, for the purpose of my message on this Thursday morning, I care not about your race, religion, sexuality or Presidential choice. I care about all people and their positions. I want to point out the… Continue reading CELL PHONE COMMANDO

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History of new and old world images are not the same. What does this view of the world, notwithstanding its maps portend for human habitation of earth?

HISTORY OF WORLD VOLATILITY History of world volatility comes in many forms. Human civilizations created, whether present, past, or those now extinct, have been victims of volatility. Please, bear with me. I am bringing the big picture into play. As you read this article, remember we are not alone. We have never been in any… Continue reading HISTORY OF WORLD VOLATILITY

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Certification Banner Hands Free OGO

Certification processing for the OGO Mobility Device in manufacture is tedious, at best. In this article, we explore and develop the next process in certification, worldwide. The vision Kevin Halsall purports promises to change the plight of the mobility challenged people in a fast-growing, global environment. Certification of the Ogo is now in process in… Continue reading CERTIFICATION PROCESS GLOBAL OGO

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Arabian Giant Man

Great Flood and the Lack of Human Remains is a mystery. Why? One day, I was pondering on the ‘giants’ mentioned in Genesis 6:4, which is a mind-blowing topic. It’s been written hundreds of times that nephilim skeletons have been discovered but the remains are hidden from the public. Is this plausible? If you do… Continue reading GREAT FLOOD – HUMAN REMAINS?

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