Astronaut Ricky Arnold captured this view of Hurricane Florence on Sept. 10 as it churned in the Atlantic headed for the U.S. east coast. Credit: @Astro_Ricky

Hurricane Florence rages below in the earth’s atmosphere while business as usual continues aboard the International Space Station. The six Expedition 56 crew members started the workweek today with life science and spacesuit maintenance. Meanwhile, a typhoon and a hurricane captured the attention of mission managers and the crew alike. Commander Drew Feustel and Flight… Continue reading HURRICANE FLORENCE SEEN FROM ISS

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Hurricane Matthew, a huge category 4 level storm, as seen from the International Space Station Oct. 3, 2016.

Expedition 49 crew continues life science research aboard ISS (International Space Station), as well as, taking time to view and document the movements of hurricane Matthew on earth. The International Space Station has been flying over Hurricane Matthew all week as the storm hit the Caribbean Sea and makes its way towards Florida. While the… Continue reading LIFE SCIENCE STUDIES AND HURRICANE

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Hurricane Matthew (eye at top center) was pictured from the space station on the afternoon of Oct. 3, 2016 while the crew on the space station prepare to receive the Cygnus cargo ship after an October 13, 2016 launch. Credit: @Space_Station

The crew aboard the space station are training and preparing to receive the Orbital ATK Cygus cargo ship after its launch on October 13, 2016. The Expedition 49 crew is getting ready for the mid-October arrival of the Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft. The trio is also exploring human research and setting up a student Earth… Continue reading CYGNUS TRAINING BEFORE LAUNCH

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(From left) Hurricanes Lester, Madeline and Gaston are seen from the International Space Station on Aug. 30. Credit: NASA Johnson YouTube

Spectacular photos of three hurricanes on earth were taken from the International Space Station. Commander Jeff Williams and Flight Engineer Kate Rubins are two days away from their second spacewalk in as many weeks. The duo are reviewing the tasks they will perform outside the International Space Station for 6.5 hours of maintenance work beginning… Continue reading ISS ORBITS OVER HURRICANES

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