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Plymouth was settled by Pilgrims arriving from England in 1608. In this week’s rendition of REDMOND’S REVIEW, this book review details some of the history of the time Plymouth settlement.

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William Bradford wrote the “Historie of ye Plymouth Settlement, 1608-1650” and it is free to read in the public domain.


As the political narrative, along with the mandated tenured professors indoctrination on the current interpretation of the Pilgrim’s, it morphs and changes with the current times, far from an agenda-driven perspective. Here one reads the compelling writings of William Bradford. These valuable insights and historical writings were thought lost for many years. And, the world is a better place that they were not.

Whatever side of the logical prism you may reside, other forms of information for an accurate historical perspective need to be researched. And, I for one have spent quite a bit of time doing so. This is not the platform to discuss the historical inaccuracies being put forth by many in the educational system today. But, please understand fabrication of facts are alive and well today.

One should not try to do away with a myth by making up a fable. For example, many people point to the fact that William Bradford did not write about a ‘Thanksgiving’ so, they look at that as a cause to show that it did not ever happen. But, when one conducts the research on other writings of the time, you find that maybe William Bradford, and, I stress the word ‘maybe’, did not write about it because giving thanks was quite commonplace.


The writings about that Thanksgiving talk of games being played and meals being shared to celebrate a wonderful crop and harvest.

Battles, between diverse groups was commonplace, and so was negotiation, compromise, and the sharing of best practices.

William Bradford’s writings give a detailed accounting of what it was like to move from your birth place to another country. Then, set sail across the vast ocean to a world that you did not understand where an unknown future awaited.

Had the Pilgrims planned to land at Plymouth or was their another location in Virginia where they wanted to go?

Did you know one of the ships the original pilgrims went on had to be sunk?

Do you know the name of the first Pilgrim child to be born in America?

All of this information is free to read in the public domain. Those who want to enrich their scholarly understanding of the pilgrims and their plight at the Plymouth settlement will learn much.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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