Sphere of influence recounting from Bill Savard on Messenger today.

Sphere of influence was the major point of this article. William (Bill) Savard is a retired business owner whose daughter has taken the reigns of company. Bill is a humble, yet proud man who loves his family. He also speaks so positive of an incredibly good family situation, over the years. It is an honor to be part of this exclusive interview. What follows is the content of our one-on-one chat on Messenger. We are friends in social media, as well. And, I might add, this successful businessman is not only enjoyable in conversation, his recounting of events are riveting.

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Bill Savard recounts his 1961 two-minute experience of the sphere he approached. Every time he move to touch the sphere, it kept an equal distance from the original encounter.

It took over two months to finally get to where we were in position to connect. Today, it happened and as mentioned; it was an energetic conversation. Bill’s passion of his encounter was apparent. Even after repetitive questions during the video interview, his story was rock-solid, on all counts. Please bear in mind, although, I may be repetitious, William Savard has been completely reticent to make this public until now.

Here is the essence of our interview:

It was night-time. William and his brother were watching television. The living room window was about 20 degrees or so to the right of them and the door was at 90 degrees to the left of where they were sitting. They both noticed a glowing, white sphere just outside the window. It looked like a ‘soft-white’ light bulb; however, it was much larger than one. They both rose from the couch to view it. Bill was drawn outside without any memory of why this was happening. Bill’s brother remained inside to witness (through the window) the sphere’s activity while Bill continued outside (the door somehow, no memory) to approach the sphere. When he saw the sphere up close, no more than a fingertip or so away in the driveway, he was overcome with a very positive and alluring desire to touch it. He knew it was benevolent and he felt awash of a positive feeling. He kept staring at it. At every attempt to touch the ‘bowling ball’ sized sphere, it would move off to just the same distance he was able to approach it. Then, he found himself near a shed or type of storage building where the neighbor had a fence and a huge open field. Bill, feeling so pleasant and fulfilled at encountering the sphere, he wanted to attempt in any way possible to touch it and in sum, get as close as possible. His recounting was such an experience of love and caring to an extent he could hardly explain. Then, when he climbed the fence to further approach the sphere, it rose immediately and disappeared, suddenly. He knew what he saw and his brother stood witness to the encounter. Although, both were rather stunned, when Bill returned to their home where inside his brother just stood, he asked him if he had seen what happened. His brother seemed to be in an almost trance-like state and just said, yeah, I did. After an almost hypnotic state, his brother returned to normal and both did not speak of it, again. To date, it has not been a discussion issue until recently, where William Savard wanted to reach out, but didn’t know how. His brother is no longer with us so such an interview in tandem could not be affected.

To date, William (Bill) Savard has had no further experience. He has lived with this in almost silence, except for his family, in discussion.

Bill stated that somehow he feels his brother was meant to just be a witness to verify his story. Also, he wants this event to be made public. He keeps asking himself, ‘Why me?’ He really wants to know and is inviting anyone who wants to comment to please share what they think.

Bill’s interest has peaked to the point he wants to know where to go to the best conferences and conventions on the subject of unidentified flying objects, aerial objects, extraterrestrials and any kind of related areas. Please feel free to comment below. He would appreciate it.

Author note: Although, this is my professional opinion, I concur to the above accounting as being true and accurate. William Savard has assented to give a public accounting of his own volition.

og: sphere
After the sphere event, Bill Savard smiles for the camera, as he finally gets public disclosure from his life-long, silence about his incredible experience!

William (Bill) Savard is most interested in knowing who else has had such an experience? Everyone is invited to share their experiences, please. I cannot thank Bill Savard enough. He has no need to share except for what he has been compelled, personally, by want, wish, and desire to do, of his experience.

Please, respond, all those who wish to do so?

I don’t normally place this exclusive interview in such a lime light, so to speak; however, it was brought to my attention from a friend in social media who was so gentle in her approach about William Savard. Hari-Skow-Hohnl, a friend on Facebook, who as an admin in one of our groups noticed Bill Savard reaching out, but being very reticent to speak with anyone about he and his brother’s experience. So, she contacted me.

As founder and director of the website and network being produced, globally, I am more humbled than ever at the continued elevation of those who care about humanity. We can only grow from here. Thank you, all. Seriously, you magnify the humility of humanity, not just the emancipation of it. Thank you, William Savard, my friend.

Universal Digest is honored to be part of an ever-expanding development of truth in reporting real-life and historical recounting of events in our interdependent world of life. Please remember, be part of life in the world, but not part of it. To be caught up in world activity to the extent one cannot see the trees for the forest has its own ramifications. Just love, live, and learn. It’s all good.

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