Dave Emmons and Ed Smith cover the "Big Picture" of some areas of ufology.


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Darrell Neely, founder of GERN, the Global Enlightenment Network, produces Dave Emmons interviewing Ed Smith; founder, Universal Digest.

Dave Emmons, an up-and-coming radio talk show host (who has logged over 200 hours of broadcast time), found this author on Facebook at the beginning of this year, 2020. We struck up a good friendship from the very beginning. As we developed a mutual regard for each other, Dave sent the invitation to be a guest on the network where he had hosted for a while.

We covered an overall view of ufology. We also covered not only the big picture, we discussed some of the articles written over the last five years. So, what follows is the YouTube video of our broadcast. Honestly, this writer was relieved to see that the video portion of the 2:20 hour broadcast stopped at around 15 minutes. Being unaware that this was to be a video, as well as, audio interview, it was a relief to find that Odin ceased the visual part of the interview.

YouTube video here:

Above…Darrell Neely Odin, Sr.


Ed hails from North Carolina. From an early age he has always been interested in space, physics, and science fiction. Science fiction becomes science fact. His first UFO experience occurred in 1967 near Atlanta, Georgia. Ed was an avid classical music fan in youth; his aspirations were to become an astronaut. Due to certain events in life he channeled his energy into business after college.

Entering one of the facets of the oil industry, his efforts led him to sell his first business and possessions to see the world and what was going on, overall. He resides in California and when he retired, he set about to write of his experiences. With a keen interest in ufology and with the help of some good mentors, he is involved in finding out and sharing what is true and accurate.


Although, he is involved in many areas of writing, his main interest is still ufology. His intense belief in elevating the human condition by telling the truth and exposing lies, hoaxes, and fake reports, also includes an altruistic approach of treating people the way he wants to be treated. He firmly believes in a bright future for humanity. Ed has built the website, Universal Digest and continues research in ufology, as well as, a wide area of subject matter. To date, Ed has published over 460 articles. He has traveled to a number of areas in his research, which includes many areas of the United Kingdom and the United States.

In sum, most of this interview covered much of the Rendlesham Forest Incident experience. This author covers not only the big picture in the interview; he covers the conclusions since the 1980 event. Just to listen and experience this audio interview, again, since the original introduction and subsequent research is rather enlightening.

What is to be noted, is with such a great interviewer like Dave Emmons, so much detail was revealed. And, this detail will not be found anywhere else.

Thank you, Dave Emmons. You opened a huge door.

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DOWN TO EARTH is the best term for the video interview by Seriah of Where Did The Road Go? Radio with Richard Dolan and Peter Robbins on June 13, 2015.

Before we start, I would like to preface this article with a sincere request to the reader: If you are interested in UFO phenomena and ufology, you will enjoy and learn from this interview. If you sincerely want to gain a better understanding of UFO research and what it entails furthering your knowledge and possible, future participation, this is one video that, like a good book, you will not be able to put down until you have finished reading it. If you are not serious or is one who pays lip service to this area of research and would rather copy and paste information in social media or other venues, you may not want to read any further or see the video.

This video interview is 52 minutes of a non-stop question and answer format. I promise this is to be a most candid, honest, laid-back, unique and comprehensive viewing. It covers many of the current, historical, secretive, political, military, governmental and societal issues regarding UFO research, inclusive of abduction issues.

The purpose of the above brevity is out of respect for Richard, Peter, and Seriah who provided us with this informative interview. When Seriah responded to my request to write an article with a, “Absolutely, please share,” I was excited.

So, please take the time to enjoy the following YouTube video courtesy of Seriah of Where Did The Road Go? Radio:

Although, we at Universal Digest have multiple categories for a vast viewing audience, this author still conducts active research in UFO phenomena. This is a unique industry and is much smaller than many know. Those who are serious in their research are most welcome to make contact. I assure you, your passion and desire to find answers to so many questions in an honest approach does not go unnoticed. It is my honor to know these two gentlemen via social media and my respect for them continues to grow. Again, in viewing this video you will see what I mean how the humanistic and honest approaches by Richard Dolan and Peter Robbins can and do benefit this industry.

Hopefully, this article and its contents may help many to avoid the traps the hoaxers and fakers lay for the uniformed. The more one becomes educated in this field the more apparent the truth is.

Seriah Azkath’s radio shows and videos (YouTube) can be found at

Comments are welcome and pertinent queries may be relayed.

Universal Digest

PS: As noted on social media: This interview provides a unique and candid view of ufology and UFO phenomena, past, present, and future. An honest focus on a realistic view of research and how it should be undertaken is discussed along with so many nuances in this field.


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