In this week's review, Darren Redmond delivers a synopsis of 'The Book Of Five Rings'.


In this week’s book synopsis of Redmond’s Review:

Written in 1645, ‘The Book of Five Rings’ is written by Master Swordsman, Miyamato Musashi.

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REDMOND’S REVIEW this week is ‘The Book of Five Rings’.

It is a very brief nugget of a engaging approach to techniques that can help a person focus on themselves; rather than on those things that may be distracting them from obtaining a sense of wellness. A warning though; one must read this book through metaphorical glasses. You see, most of us are not swordsmen.

Also ‘the enemy’ which is the main focus of the book, is those things that keep us from being the best version of ourselves. The realization is, that an enemy is not just somebody looking to do us harm, but rather it can be from our own lack of focus.


From a business perspective I would advocate reading this book prior to reading Sun Tzus’s classic ‘The Art of War’.

For example, I would like to share as to how one can use what is written here in your everyday life, is this example. It is given about how a warrior always carries a long-sword and a companion sword. The long sword is used of course for distance fighting and the companion sword for fighting in close.

Can we not use this as a reminder that in all things we do, we should have a long-term, as well as, short-term goals?

This book is free to read in the public domain.

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In this week’s review, Darren Redmond delivers a synopsis of ‘The Book of Five Rings’.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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Japan image shows the fifth H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-5) was pictured Sept. 23, 2015 during Expedition 45.

Japan is on schedule to launch its cargo spaceship HTV-6 from Tanaegashima on December 9, 2016. Although, the Russian Progress 65 cargo ship was lost, yesterday, there is no danger to the present crew on ISS (International Space Station). The crew has over three months of supplies and this shipment will continue to secure safety, as well as, continue ongoing science research and experiments.

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Japan image shows the fifth H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-5) was pictured Sept. 23, 2015 during Expedition 45.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is getting the last cargo mission of 2016 ready for launch next week. It’s sixth H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-6) nick-named “Kounotori” has been in processing for months and will lift off Dec. 9 from Tanegashima, Japan for a three-day trip to the station. The payload aboard HTV-6 will include potable water, fresh food, seven Cubesats, a second small satellite deployer, hardware for new experiments, high-definition video cameras and lithium-ion batteries that will replace older nickel-hydrogen batteries.

Onboard the station, the crew collected blood samples and stowed them in a science freezer for later analysis. The blood draws were for a set of experiments exploring how microgravity affects crew health and the long-term risk of plaque build-up in artery walls, or atherosclerosis, in astronauts.

The crew also checked out science hardware aimed at studying the effects of fire and heat in space. A gear replacement task in the Combustion Integrated Rack was put on hold due to an obstruction in the device and is currently being investigated. Samples were also removed from the Electrostatic Levitation Furnace that were heated and observed to understand the thermophysical properties of materials heated to high temperatures.

Written By: Mark Garcia NASA

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China is in the process of building its own islands and bases in the South China Sea. This is an ongoing progression of establishing a permanent presence in a shipping lane where around one-third of maritime shipping passes each year. While being in the news spotlight in the past week, China’s activity has actually been a deliberate project of a huge scale for quite a while.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”China” location=”Spratly Islands” zoom=”10″ height=250]


In a time where the world’s attention has been on events occurring in the middle east and Russia, China was running at full speed to complete its projects before people in news reporting began to notice. There have been brief encounters between the United States and China in recent weeks that were almost unnoticed. Now, this has changed and the news hounds are in full focus, until the next potential crisis arises.

For the record, most do not know that of the 10 leading economies in the world, Russia is ninth while China has risen to the second largest economy. To this end, if China is an enemy of various nations in their hemisphere, who can be a factor in stabilization? The answer is the United States. Although, Malaysia is perhaps number eight in military might in the world, it is not in position to be a factor in this dispute, much less, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, or Taiwan. The potential for a tragic flash occurrence of conflict is real in this region.

[Tweet “Could there be conflict between China and the US in the South China Sea?”]

In just the last two days, China is claiming it will cease its island building operations at Mischief Reef, but the fact remains, it has completed oil platform operations, as well as, bases at Fiery Cross, north of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. It is apparent both China and the United States do not want conflict and in keeping with past history, this, too, may pass.


Until recent communications between the two super powers were underway, China was actively working to create and continue building islands, bases and actual island communities in the area. Any and all protesters were blocked from approaching each island project inclusive of colliding with other ships (as shown of Japanese ship above). Further, China changed its air force status from defensive to defensive/offensive status.

This is a game of international politics, so may the global public be aware. Cooler heads should prevail, as in this age, like no other, a semblance of reality regarding what regional or global warfare could do would be just plain stupid. Period.

Even those in elite positions are realizing there is a global economy and community that should be bolstered and maintained. No matter, how, why, when, it was formed and perfected, it is reality.

Your comments are welcome on this issue.

The author has not embellished so you may. Smiles.

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