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Joy is the currency of choice. Habits, in many ways, get a bad rap. We often hear of the need to break a habit or to move away from its more sinister sibling; addiction. I bring this up because I have a habit, learned long ago, that germinated and blossomed during my time in college that I still take part in each day. That is the habit of looking at things, and life in the way some one like Socrates would. Literally, standing around, (or in our world, sipping coffee at Starbucks) discussing life, philosophy, current events and any and all things relevant to the particular topic we are discussing.

Its funny, how so much of what the professors tried to jam down my throat. I disagreed with that; however, one professor, (my favorite professor) who while lecturing on subject of the Supreme Court, taught me the process of discussing and learning from any and all who are around. Simply put, the method Socrates used as he walked among the marble structures of ancient Greece.

I bring this up because just a few days ago, I was speaking with someone about various topics and the subject of joy came up. It came up in this context, I was relaying a story about someone who recently had some good news come their way at work, and that while happy about it, they did not feel joy. I was surprised at the reaction of the person I was talking to, when they said, “Joy, in my opinion has little or no real currency.” I can not tell you how much I was shocked by this view, because I am shocked by very little these days. As a student of the method of Socrates, to me every view has merit for discussion, but not every view has the stature for implementation in my life.

I pondered this view during quite times at the gym or at home at night while reading. What is my real view on the topic of joy; does it truly have value or in other words, lasting currency?

To back track just a bit, I never understood the Stoics, or those that adhere to that philosophy. Clearly, I am not judging that way of life, but it is not a life style for me. I was born with emotions, and they are a vital part of me. In my opinion, to shut off my emotions in all aspects of my life, would be to shut off a part of me that I was born with. It would be like asking me to show up at some place, but leave my ribs at home. My emotions much like my ribs are a part of me. Now, that being said, I learned like most things in my life to modulate my emotions and look at them as just another variable in the make that is me.

We, as humans tend to play volleyball with words. They seem to start off with a specific meaning then take on a life of their own. Words like happiness, glee, contentment, and yes, joy, seem to end up in the “same broth” of our vocabulary as we move along in the world we live. But, I look at this jumble of words and meanings in the same way we may look at the world’s financial currency. All have value, but depending on where you are (the individual, or country) currency (Joy, Happiness, Euros or Dollars) may have very little value, or an extremely high value to your personal life.

A person walking the streets of New York, with a Euro in their hand, may not be able to make a purchase, because that currency, in the situation they are in, at that moment has little value to them. It may and in fact has value if they take a trip to Europe, but not if they want to make a purchase right then. To me, the concept of joy, works much in the same way. You may not be able to “cash it in” for anything other than a high five, or a happy cry, at a particular moment, but that real feeling of Joy, can be cashed in down the road, when you need it most.

Are you Happy to receive praise for a job well done? Can you compare that to the joy you feel when your child reaches out to grab your hand and look into your eyes? Tell me, which of these do you cash in, when you are feeling overwhelmed or lost? The thoughts of others who said well done, or the look of love from your child who reaches out to hold your hand because you exist in their world.

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Darren Redmond shares his views on what is the true currency we should be using.

That is the funny thing about joy, its currency many times manifests itself from you as the individual watching others do simple things. The joy you get from observing the way an elder you love, sits on the couch watching her or his family at a holiday gathering and is just soaking up the occasion. As, in the joy you get when you hear good news about a stranger going through a hard time. Tell me in your definition of the word joy, for those of you who are old enough to remember, was it not joy you felt when they rescued that little girl all those years ago, from that well? Do you not cash in that currency of joyful hope when you hear of others who are lost or need rescue?

In my view, joy has real currency and in fact unlike the dollar or other forms of barter currency, does not seem to fluctuate in value. The joy you felt as a child becomes a driving force in helping you find joy as an adult, and then that joy helps carry you into your later years.

The real secret and best part about the currency of joy, is that you are the banker. You decide how much joy to take in, or to withdraw. Fill your bank with joy where you will always be rich.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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How may one be honest when they steal the joy from others?

If you are so honest, why do you go out of your way to steal joy?

Honest, don’t let my title fool you. Hopefully, it will make sense in a matter of moments.

For the purpose of this article, contemplate if you can, if somehow you purposely (or not), try to steal others joy. Upon that reflection meditate then on why do you think you do this? Why do we, as a society, feel the need to label people and cut them down. We often we do this under the veil of humor for example around others who know that person. I am NOT referring to watching what you say, but rather for a moment ask yourself, ‘why do you say that in the first place?’ If somebody is happy as a child about a toy, or somebody as an adult is happy about something that’s happening in their life, why feel the need to criticize that? Are we in some measure making a conscious effort then to rob them of their joy?

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Someone who believes in being honest may not realize their actions are stealing the joy from others.

Whether we want to believe it or not we do not have a crystal ball that can read into peoples minds or intentions.

A personal ‘joy’ factor?

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Being honest is a form of giving, not taking. The joy of association is damaged when it is hurtful or taking from others.

A person who might want to share something that gives them joy, might be that person who was trying to hold on to feeling good about themselves or the choices that they have made. They may be looking for affirmation in some way as an attempt to share and belong. Why then, steal that moment of joy from them and what purpose are you truly serving? If a person’s joy is little more than an inconvenience to you, I suggest leave it alone and let them smile.

A better world?

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When can being honest take away from the joy of the sport? Teaching with negatives takes away the positives.

How much more loving would this world be if we just allowed people who are harming no one, to smile and feel joy? The truth is, we most often because of their close proximity to “our”daily life, go out of our way to steal this joy from those who live closest to us. If you don’t think you fall into this category sometimes, ask yourself to audit your actions in a supermarket parking lot. Or, when was the last time when you were in a group of people where you did NOT feel compelled to talk negatively about a common associate to all in the group?I humbly ask, make a conscious effort not too unconsciously steal someone else’s joy.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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Yes, people, Santa Claus is on his way via NORAD global tracking! Please inform everyone, especially your children! The time is at hand and now one must recollect on whether one was naughty or nice this past year!

Hey, children and adults alike, everywhere on our earth, please enjoy this fantastic live feed tracking our very own, lovable St. Nick, as he travels the world delivering gifts to everyone!

Please click on the official NORAD tracking website below! This is the latest version that continues the NORAD 60-year tradition of tracking Santa Claus as he treks the globe delivering presents and good cheer to people who really need it. As technology improves, so does everyone’s opportunities to enjoy this cheerful music and video presentation:


Please enjoy the ongoing live feed above. This is a snippet picture of Santa on his way with music included, courtesy of NORAD:



Hey, kids, stay tuned in as Santa’s travels are continuing! NORAD will be tracking his journey of good will all day long!

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Santa is continuing his travels as we read and enjoy! 

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May everyone worldwide find the joy in sharing, giving, and recognizing that every moment one can bring a positive word, action, statement and/or gesture in caring for the human condition in a world where so many are not able to find this kind of cheer to bring happiness to others. Let us all take time to not only recognize that negatives exists, let us actively do our parts, in whatever way we can to overshadow sadness, evil, and war with happiness, goodness, and peace, not just today or tomorrow, but every day from now on.

No one says it is easy or there is an immediate solution. Remember, solutions start with a first step and by staying the course, forging ahead to make life better for everyone we can. When we can cherish every moment to care and love, without reservation, we cannot lose. One day, we will look back and see all this positive work has born the fruit of happiness, now and in the future for mankind.

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Kids and grownups alike, there really is a North Pole, in Alaska! Could this be where…ah, who knows?

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From all of us at Universal Digest, we are wishing everyone, worldwide a very Merry Christmas! May it be one of peace, joy, good will, and happiness.

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