Top five OTHER reasons kids quit competitive sports and why adults may quit their jobs.

Top reasons why kids between the ages of 10 and 16 or so may quit playing for a local sports team are very similar many times, to why adults may quit where they work. We are all aware of the traditional answers to this decision by kids and adults to quit. Over active parents/bosses, feeling of never doing enough to please the coach/manager, and developing other interests.

The list below contains 5 additional reasons you may have not thought of and should as to why Kids will leave team sports and adults will quit a job with little or no warning.


  1. Repetition without a constant explanation of significance: Drive past any soccer or football fiend, hockey rink or baseball diamond during the week at around 6:30 PM and you will see kids standing in line, doing the same drills over and over. We are aware that in theory practice makes perfect. But in fact, practice without a constant reminder as to why the drill is being done, the tangible benefits of it, and the constant reminder to run the drill at a certain pace leads to boredom and disinterest. Chat between the teammates develop and off we go into the world of distraction or worse. I have used the example of kids at a sports practice, but the same can be said regarding the obligatory weekly meetings you have with the employees who work for you.
  2. You as the coach or leader look disinterested in the meeting or practice as well: If you, as the leader, look disinterested or look like you are giving your employees or sports team busy work, they will soon pick up on this and respond in kind. Do not waste time with busy work. Your players or employees, if not stimulated will go else where. If the drills are put in place to start your practice and your team sees you as the leader chatting it up with some soccer mom or dad, they will respond in kind. The same can be said for the trainer at your corporate place of business. Ask an employee to do a task, but be seen playing with your Facebook account or “talking” to your boss, you send a direct signal to the employees about how much you value what you are asking them to do.
  3. Inconsistent Consistency: This goes far beyond practice what you preach as a leader. This goes to a steady stream of giving playing time to the player who is always late, while you bench other players for the same ‘crime’. Is this any different than the leader who continues to allow an employee to constantly miss meetings while other employees are “written up” for the same offense? Hard working players or employees who are really good at what they do, will see this and take measure to the credibility they now put in you as a leader or coach. Be aware of this practice It can be a green light to your players or employees leaving.
  4. Hubris by you: We all think we know best, we also most of us anyway, know we need to learn more. The problem is many times we forget that we should always be learning and looking for new ways to do things. This does not mean we deviate from what has made us successful, but rather we use those attributes as our foundation but build upon it. The I know better approach can to an employee or child on a sports team, quickly become a statement that sounds less like a resume of success and more like Al Bundy telling stories of high school fame. Quickly the young player or your employee may think to themselves, “Who cares.” They no longer find you interesting and look to other points of interest.
  5. Forgetting the middle: In my over 20 years in the corporate world, and my years as a division one softball and division three football coach in College, I have seen this regrettable mistake over and over. The coach or Manager, who devises a plan to maximize their top performer rather than developing an approach where learning and results from all can be fostered. Or the leader or coach who wants to show the world, how she or he can get results out of a certain player or employee that no one else could for what ever reason, that they ignore most of the needs of the team as a whole. The players and employees who show up on time, play with sprained ankles or come in to work every day even when they are less than 100% are the ones who silently work hard for you , and they some times are ignored or taken for granted. Remember, they do not quit a team as the title of this essay would lead you to believe. The truth is, when they see you have no benefit to them, THEY QUIT YOU!
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Darren points out why kids quit sports. He also notices that there are similarities with employees who quit jobs.

Written By: Darren Redmond

Disclaimer: We at Universal Digest bring information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Universal Digest, members, those who work with UD, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment. Use logical thinking and intuition to help determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is the goal of Universal Digest to elevate the human condition.

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Hands in the Community is changing lives for the better. This is a testament to elevating the human condition.


Hands in the Community is the hub of five main ministries under AMP Ministries to reach different niches of people. The other ministries include Biblical Counseling, Kids 4 the King, and Senior Care. HNC (Hands in the Community) is a 501(c)3 organization. Funding for projects is always an issue. At this time, HNC is in need of a Director for one ministry. Currently, there are thirty projects underway every month. Consequently, volunteers are always most welcome to help.

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Lester Moon, Founder, Executive Director of Hands in the Community in an exclusive interview.

Lester Moon is the Founder and Executive Director. Hands in the Community operates under AMP Ministries. He created HNC eleven years ago. The project volume is increasing. Projects have almost doubled from last year. That is good news and bad news. With growth comes needs for more funding and volunteers.


Today, I had the pleasure to interview a friend in the community. From the time Lester Moon approached the Visalia police chief with an idea to help the community, his efforts have been fruitful. The following is the latest video from October 3rd:

Lester shared two heart-felt stories in his video. Hands in the Community is not a food shelter. It is not a homeless shelter. HNC and its ministries are there to help others in the community. At the call center, requests are taken. Then, volunteers are assembled to help those requesting it. Active volunteers have ranged in ages from 13 to 81 years.


In the Hands in the Community Mission Statement, helping others is supported with Bible scripture. Among these precepts in the mission are helping the church in reaching out to the community, building relationships, giving hope, rapid response in loving their neighbors, reaching out to others, giving glory to the Lord, and loving one another. Please go to the ‘Get Involved’ menu to apply in a number of ways to volunteer.


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In love and giving we find our purpose.

In the HNC website, another area in the ‘About’ section is the FAC area where most asked questions are answered. These include answers to qualifications, volunteering, donating, community service, safety, and using their services. In the ‘Need Help’ menu button it is explained that when contacted their help begins immediately. Those interested can click on the ‘Donations’ section it is stated that they are tax-deductible.


When one clicks on the ‘Events’ menu there are a number of scheduled shows and performances where tickets can be purchased well into 2020. Cleto Rodriguez is a stand-up comedian who has opened for well-known performers as Paul Rodriguez, Linda Ronstadt, Toby Mac, and B. B. King. Mark Robinson is a comedian-magician who has opened at comedy clubs, TV commercials, Las Vegas, NBA half-times, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Also, he performs as Jeff Foxworthy’s opening act. Other events such as barbecues and the like are planned during the year.

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The next Comedy Blast is scheduled for February 28, 2020.

The next comedic and magic event is scheduled to play at Visalia First Assembly of God, which is a 2,600 seat auditorium on February 28, 2020. Tickets can be purchased in the Events section at Hands in the Community’s website here.

For those interested in what Hands in the Community have on schedule, please click the ‘Newsletter’ menu option to sign up with an email address.


Whether it is a fair, community outreach event, or another function, Hands in the Community with its volunteers is available to share its mission, as well as, show what they do to help people in various towns and cities in Tulare and Kings Counties.

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Volunteers in action greeting the community with what they do to help others

Above is just one of many testimonies that are found at the HNC website. At this time, hundreds of volunteer are devoting their time to foster help to those, without charge who otherwise would not have the hope of being able to pay for services. These services provided include so many domestic repairs such as painting and landscape cleanups.


Hands in the Community has a call center. From there, outreach to help others is planned and scheduled. After over ten years of service where Lester Moon who had performed services in the San Francisco city and bay area, he brought his expertise to central California. Specifically, he brought it to Visalia. After a number of meetings with city officials, he began Hands in the Community. Now, in its eleventh year, he and his team of Directors, Office Managers, and volunteers are busier than ever.

Here is how Hands in the Community can be reached: Office Phone Number: (559) 625-3822 Website: Please scroll down at the ‘Home’ section to donate, volunteer or sponsor.

The hours of operation for this ministry is as follows in the Pacific US Time Zone: Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Saturday-Sunday, Closed.


This has been a compelling article to complete. Because, how many times do we go through a work-a-day world without consideration for others? I dare say, it is most often. When do we think that all things are taken care of without our help? This is a fascinating thought for all to ponder. How much do you care? When do you consider giving instead of taking? Hands in the Community is operating to give to those who really need help. Otherwise, they may not get it. Yes, viewers it is happening right here in the United States, too.

Thank you for reading and viewing. Because, somewhere in our local area, someone is going to read this and be moved to act. This is my hope. I take this time with humility to publish this for all of you. And, if there is someone (or more than one) who needs help, please take the time to contact Hands in the Community.

Universal Digest is a proponent for community activity. It is part of elevating the human condition where we live. Whether it is local, regional, or global, help where it is possible is shared.

There is certainly not enough of it to go around for so many.

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As the ISS crew begins harvest of plant experiments, astronauts Shane Kimbrough, Thomas Pesquet and Peggy Whitson seemingly juggle apples and oranges floating in the micro-gravity environment inside the space station.

Plant harvest is underway aboard the International Space Station along with activation of numerous kids’ science experiments.

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As the ISS crew begins harvest of plant experiments, astronauts Shane Kimbrough, Thomas Pesquet and Peggy Whitson seemingly juggle apples and oranges floating in the micro-gravity environment inside the space station.

The crew is beginning to harvest plants today grown on the International Space Station that will be returned to Earth aboard the SpaceX Dragon. Also, a variety of student experiments submitted from schools across the United States were activated inside the orbital laboratory.

Dragon is due to return to Earth and splash down in the Pacific Ocean March 19. The resupply ship will carry back gear and science samples for analysis by NASA personnel. Plants that were grown on petri plates for the APEX-04 study will also be returned aboard Dragon. Astronaut Peggy Whitson harvested those plants today helping researchers study the molecular changes that plants experience when grown in space.

The following is a text excerpt from NASA:

Spaceflight causes several changes to animals and plants, and those that take place on a molecular level can affect how the organism grows without altering its outward appearance. Epigenetic change in Arabidopsis thaliana in response to spaceflight – differential cytosine DNA methylation of plants (APEX-04) studies molecular changes in thale cress seedlings grown in microgravity. Results provide new insight into the molecular biology underlying how plants grow differently in space.

Future scientists had their experiments activated today inside the NanoRacks commercial space research facility aboard the station. Students from five U.S. schools will be exploring ways to reduce infections, improve muscle injury treatments, grow plants on Mars, filter bacteria and solve common slippery surface problems.

Written By: Mark Garcia NASA

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for some of NASA’s projects and work. This article and some others were written by NASA and are mostly unedited. We do not claim credit, we simply want to make them more available to the general public.

Please note: At times some minor editing is published to accentuate the goals and aspirations of NASA and the overall, global space programs.

On occasion, editing to accentuate content and accurate historical recollections are provided in the article. This makes the overview easier to understand and more relevant.

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A St. Patrick’s Day parade encountering its own UFO visitation? Really? Yes. It did. Today, was a time of so much community involvement in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in Visalia, CA, the broadcasters of today’s event admitted they had seen a UFO. Mike Truesdell and his friends have done it again in purporting a continued community service presence by participating in the festive occasion. In a hastily reconstructed float from their previous, award-winning appearances in area town and city events since 2015 they managed to provide a crowd pleaser. This time, they accumulated more walkers and vehicle attendees than in those previous events.

It was a cool, clear day on Saturday, March 12, 2016, and the city streets were packed with spectators. As Mike Truesdell’s float and entourage began their drive down Main Street one heard the continued cheers and shouts of UFO’s in our midst. Even the announcers suddenly exclaimed they had just seen a UFO.

The following are some of the pictures taken during the parade:

The passion Mike has, from experience, as I have, is not limited to his continued caring about the human condition. He knows we are not alone. He knows we are all in the same situation; however, please view how many have gravitated to him over the years. His friends have endured the best and worst of times, yet they all continue to be jubilant and excited to give to the community in every way they can.

No matter what condition, infirmity due to accident, or negative life event may occur, Mike and his friends push forward. How many of you could really stand up to be counted in caring for others, as Mike Truesdell and his friends continue to do? My contention is I am honored and continually humbled to report in this fashion.

In fact, if one more person is enlightened to care about the kind and kindred spirits inhabiting Visalia, California, come on down because my being is touched, now and always.

Visalia and its population are unique, indeed, in their view of the human condition. Oh, yes, we are most fortunately blessed, as well.


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